New places, new people

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11. chapter 11

Luke's P.O.V

Kat bought the guitar that I played just the way you on. And I bought the one that she liked the most.

On the way back to the car Kats dad tugged on my shoulder

'Look you may be a nice guy and I have no right to say you aren't. But if you hurt my angel, I will hurt you. Do we have that clear young man?' He said to me

'I would never, ever hurt your angel. You know why?' I asked

'Why?' He responded

'Because she is my angel to. I promise to you that nothing bad will ever happen to her as long as I have her in my arms.' I say

'Good answer boy. I like you' he says

I smiled and sighed in relief.

When we got back to Kat's house I asked her if she would like to come to Calum's with me. But she said 'no because she knows that we need to practise and she doesn't want to be a distraction' I was cool with it but I still wanted her there.

I walked to Calum's with my new guitar. I knocked on his door and there was an immediate answer

'Your not Ashton' Calum said laughing

'Sorry to disappoint you.' I say also laughing. He let me in.

'Nice guitar man!' Calum told me

'Thanks, Kat picked it out.' I say

'Does Kat play?' Calum asked

'Yeah apparently she is pretty good, but I haven't heard her play yet.' I say

'Oh yeah. How do you not have a hangover from last night?'

'I only had one drink. Same with Kat' I say

'Really? Speaking of last night. Where did you go, we were looking for you guys everywhere.' Calum says jumping on the couch

'Oh Kat and I went back to mine.' I say sitting across from him

'You could have told someone you know? Wait did you guys, you know.. Have sex?' He asked

'Well I don't know if she would like you to know, but between you and me.' I say leaning over and looking around to see if anyone was there 'we did and she is amazing' I continued

'Good job, I think we all got laid last night then.' Calum said

Can we go and practise?' I ask

'If we have to' he says slowly getting off the couch the lazy prick.

We go into the garage and Michael was crashed out on the floor.

'I swear I didn't know about this.' Calum says laughing with his hand on his mouth.

I just laughed. 'Amnesia?' I asked

'What about Ashton?' Calum asks drawing on Mikeys face

I guess we can wait.' I say.

After about 5 minutes Michael woke up because of a loud bang on the door.

'That would be Ashton.' Calum says walking to the door of the garage.

I looked at Mikeys face and just laughed

'What?' He asked

'Look in the mirror..' I say continuing to laugh.

He got up and looked at this mini mirror that Calum has to check his hair. Calum and Ashton walked through the door as soon as he checked himself out in the mirror.

'CALUM!' He shouted

'Shit...' Calum said running back the way he came.

Michael and Calum were running around the house until Calum's mum stopped them and she gave Michael a flannel to wash the ink off of his face and Calum's mum had a word with him about the amount of noise he has been making.

When they came back into the garage I couldn't help but laugh. We practised until I got a text from Kat to come over. So we rehearsed about 5 songs then I left.

I walked to Kats house and she was waiting out the front.

'Do you have your car here?' She asked

'Yeah. Why?' I asked

'I forgot to get books for school tomorrow..' She said with her beautiful smile

'Well let's go, the shops are going to shut soon.' I say leading her to my car.

We hoped in and drove off. Soon we were there, we walked into Kmart, and we got her books. Then we went to BigW and got her stationary and her pencil case. We left about 10 minutes before the shops closed, she held my hand before we walked out.

'So you hear that?' She asked me

'Hear what?' I say back to her

Then I hear girls screaming.

'That!' She says

I looked behind us to see a big group of teenage girls running towards us. It was too late to put my hoodie and glasses on so I held her hand tightly and ran.

She was dragging behind me so I stopped and picked her up bridal style. I could hear her wheezing because of her asthma. I opened the passenger side door of my car and put her down gently. Then once she was in I closed the door and ran to my side, I opened the door got my keys and drove off. The fans were following us until I made a sudden turn.

'We lost them' I say

She doesn't say anything because she is still trying to catch her breath. But she put her thumb up.

We arrive back to Kats house. And she lets me in and her mum was cooking dinner.

'Hello deary. Oh I see you have that guy here, what is his name... Luke, that's right. Do you want to stay for dinner? We have plenty of food.' Her mum asks me

I looked at Kat and she shook her head slightly, but I wanted to stay for dinner so I nodded.

'Let me just text my mum.' I say

Her mum smiled and I walked off and Kat followed

'What do you think your doing?' She asked

'Staying for dinner' I say with a smirk.


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