New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


10. chapter 10

I woke up and Luke's arm was still around my waist and we were both still naked. I smiled and I turned to face him, I buried my head into his bare chest. I moaned as I turned, I still was a little sore from last night. I looked at Luke and he had a huge grin on his face.

'Good morning beautiful.' He says to me

'Good morning indeed. Last night was great.' I say

He giggled and then kissed my forehead.

'I love you.' He says to me

'I love you too!' I say before kissing him with so much love and passion.

We gaze into each others eyes for little while

'SHIT! I totally forgot I have to go and get my new guitar and I haven't got any of my school books for tomorrow. Can you come with me to get them?' I say

'Of course. And I didn't know that you played guitar!' Luke says

'Well I can and I'm pretty good too!' I say not being modest at all

We got up and got in the shower together. It was cute, his touch was so soft and gentle.

After the shower we got dressed while we were getting dressed Luke picked up the condom he threw on the floor last night

'Kat.. Come here. NOW!' Luke says, I could hear the shock in his voice

I walked over and I gasped because of what I saw. The condom had broken.

I acted like I'd forgotten about it, but really I hadn't.

We were on our way to my house. We walked out the front and Luke given me a huge hug

'What was that for' I ask

'For being amazing' he tells me

'For being amazing last night or just in general?' I say with the biggest smile on my face

'Both' he answered with the cutest laugh

I rolled my eyes 'come on lover boy, let's go.' I say

We hoped in the car and Luke put a CD on. When the music started to play I was really happy because it was Blink-182.

'I love Blink-182' I say

'Same they are like the greatest band.. EVER!' Luke said smiling

We listened to the music until we got back to my house. I opened the door with the spare key that was under the pot plant that we have near our front door. I grabbed Luke's hand and practically ran to my room.

I wasn't afraid to get changed in front of him, it's not like he hasn't seen it all before..

'Luke?' I asked

'Whats up baby' he asks

'Do you think I will get pregnant? I mean I am only 16.. I don't even know what to think' I say

'I-I don't know.. It wouldn't be so bad if you did though.. I mean like you have me, Mikey, Ashton, Calum, your family, my family. The amount of support will be incredible.' He says. He does have a point though. 'The only people who wont be happy are.. My fans but they have no control of what goes on in my personal life whatsoever.' He continued. I smiled at the ground, and Luke comes up to me and cups my face to look at his 'now what have I told you about hiding your smile? Huh' he asked

I just giggled. A tear went down my face. He looked at me and said

'Don't cry, you'll make me cry!'

I smiled and sniffled my nose as Luke wipes the tear off of my face with his thumb.

'No alcohol for you until we know for sure!' Luke says

It made me laugh. But I was scared.

We were talking for a while on my bed until my dad walked in. I jumped when he opened my door. My dad knew I was home because I texted him while Luke and I were talking, but he didn't know I had Luke here.

'Luke is coming to help me pick out a guitar. And he is coming to help me get my books.' I said

My dad just looked then we could hear Jye running down the stairs then into my room.

'Hey dad can I come to get Kats guitar with you?' He said while he was running to my room.

When he walked into my room he just stared at Luke.

'Oh hi.. I didn't know you had him here..' Jye said

'Me neither..' Dad said

'Can you please spend some time to get to know him today? He isn't a monster!' I said Luke grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. I smiled.

'I suppose I could get to know him.' Jye said 'I'm Jye' he said walking over to shake Luke's hand

'Luke' Luke says shaking Jye's hand

'Oh I know. Kat has told me about you.' Jye said

'So what do you say dad? You never know you may have plenty of things in common.' I say

He nods his head and shakes Luke's hand.

We go outside and hop in my dad's car. Luke and I sat in the back while my dad sat in the front with Jye.

'I need a new guitar too.' Luke says to me

I smile and I play with his hand. He kisses me on the lips and then dad interrupts.

'There will be none of that in my car..' He says

'Sorry dad.' I say laughing

About 5 minutes of an awkward drive to the guitar shop we finally stop. We got out the car and went inside. I looked around and my eyes lit up. I grabbed Luke's hand and took him over to the caustic guitar section, while dad and Jye stayed near the electric guitars.

Luke picked up a guitar and tuned it

'Luke what are you doing?' I ask

'You will see' he says

Luke's P.O.V

I picked up a guitar and started tuning it.

'Luke what are you doing?' Kat asked

'You will see' I say

I wanted to surprise her and sing her a song. I went through all of the songs in my head and I chose a song from Bruno Mars, it's an old song, just the way you are.

I start to strum the intro and I sing the song. While I was singing I was staring at Kat. She looked so happy and so beautiful. I can't believe she is mine. She was so engaged in my performance, when I finished the song she started to tear up. She got up off of the seat she was sitting on and I put the guitar down. She kissed me and it was a beautiful kiss, just like her but then I noticed that her dad and her brother was staring at us

'You dad and brother are staring' I say while she was still kissing me

'Good' she said

I smiled and continued to kiss her.


Sorry about the font size I have no idea how it happened.

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