New places, new people

Look I am no good at blurbs so you will just have to read and find out for yourself!


1. chapter 1

Once we were all packed my brother, Jye, and I got in the car with my parents we left Adelaide and were on our way to the airport. My brother is 19 and I am 16. We don't usually move the last time we moved I was 4 and we only moved from Victoria to Adelaide.

'Bzz' my phone vibrated

I got a message from my friend Shannon,

'Amy and I are coming to the airport to see you off, we will miss you so much but we are coming to Sydney soon for the concert for Amy's birthday. Love you so much see you soon! 😄 - Shan'

I am going to miss them so much they have been my friends since I moved to Adelaide. It's going to be so hard to say goodbye.

My brother looked at me and pulled a face

'Can you not!' I snapped

'Wow someone's in a bad mood' he replied

I gave him some daggers

'Jye leave Katrina alone she is leaving her bestest friends' my father said

I poked my tongue out and went on the Nova 91.9 app I had on my phone and I listened to the radio.

'Kat, honey could you please put the radio on loudspeaker?' My mother said looking at me through the review mirror

Our car radio doesn't work so we just listen to it on our phones.

I turned the radio on loudspeaker and there was an ad on so we waited patiently for some good music to come on.

'Yes black widow is on' my brother shouted

He is obsessed with that song he sings it all the time, I think that he thinks that it annoys me but I don't mind the song.

We all sang along the song until it stopped, thanks to Jye we all know every single lyric. After that song they were announcing the top 40. We used to live far away from the airport so on the way there we sat through the whole top 40..

When we got near the end of the top 40 they played one of my mothers favourite songs and personally I don't even know who sings it nor do I care but it is a good song.

All we could hear was my mum screaming to the lyrics, acting like a teenage girl 'I wish that I could wake up with amnesia, and forget about the stupid little things' we couldn't even hear the actual singers just here and a bit of the beat.

'Mum please be quiet so we can enjoy the music!' I yelled so she could hear me.

She stopped as soon as the chorus finished.

'Kat, when do you want to get your guitar on the way or in Sydney?' My dad asked

I just shrugged my shoulders remembering all that I am leaving behind.

'You will make new friends soon' my mother said.

I nodded I could feel a tear going down my cheek, I wipe it off as soon as I felt it, I hate to cry. I know that there will be a lot of tears when I leave my bestest friends later on.

We stop into Mc. Donald's and I get a happy meal and my brother gets the large Big Mac meal.

'PIG!!' I said quite loudly

'Hahaha' he said with a mouth full of burger

'Thats my boy!' My dad yelled

'You should really learn some manners!' My mother said I nodded and looked at him with my eyes slightly squinted and a pouted mouth.

My mother and I have a really close relationship, don't get me wrong I have a close relationship with my dad and brother too but my mum is like another best friend.

'Well we are almost there' my dad said

'Mum can I borrow your phone I just ran out of credit?' I asked

'What for?' She replied

'To text Amy or Shan were to meet us.' I say

She handed it to me and I snatched it from her hand. She gave me some daggers and then she laughed.

I texted Amy telling them that I was nearly at the airport and to meet us at the chocolate place. She texted back 'yeah ok will see you there for our last happy memory until the concert! 😄 xx'

I think that Jye knew that I was about to cry because he asked

'Wow, you're really going to miss them, aren't you?'

I just looked at him then after I looked towards my dad's seat and answered

'What do you think? These people who you think are just my friends, are more then friends to me. They are sisters to me' a tear went down my face. 'Look I love Adelaide and I don't won't to leave, the people and the places are so nice. I-I just don't want to leave.'

There was an awkward silence until we got to the airport car park.

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