Bad Girls

Rayna is an All-American Girl.
Except for the fact that she got kicked out of three private schools, knows all the police officers in the local overnight jail by name, and can pick a lock in twenty seconds or less (seriously, time her.)
Her parents are sick and tired of her when she comes home with a tattoo, and her to a reform school.
In Australia.
Upon her dramatic arrival, she meets 3 boys, a bitch, a best friend, and a boy that will change her life forever.
On top of all that, she gets arrested. Bad Girls are Good Girls that got caught.
<<The boys are not famous, but they are bestfriends>>


1. Which Celebrity plays who?

All characters will be listed here, if more are added, they will be added to intro as well.


Luke Hemmings- Luke asdfghjkl

Ashton Irwin- Ash/Ashton

Calum Hood- Cal

Michael Clifford- Mikey/Mike/Michael/McDonna

Megan Fox- Clea/she-bitch/or any other insulting names I think of.

Lily Collins- Marissa(bestfriend)/Mar/Mari

Kian Lawley- Mark/Markey

Emily Osment- Roxi

This is basically an overview of the characters so that when you read them you can have a great visual of what each person looks like. Yes, Rayna is being played by me, but for fear of ruining your eyes forever, i am using a different picture of a girl with similar features. Yes, I am half black, half white so if you have something against Luke being with a black girl (even though all my friends tell me i am the whitest black person they've ever met) then gtf, because i'm black and proud, lightskin and proud, and in this story, a badass and proud. 

Love, Rayna. 


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