I Grew Up With You 2 (Taylor Caniff & O2L FanFiction)

Kat Mabian had a very dark past. Which set rules for her not to date. But when O2L goes on tour with the Sunsation group, Sam Pottorff sets quiet the impression on Kat. But Kat will have to do things that she has sworn never to do.
But what about Mitzilyn Mathers & Taylor Caniff? Will Taylor crawl to the ends of the earth to get Mitzi back? Or will he let her suffer with no one? *Please read first book for the before story of Mitzi and Taylor Caniff*


2. Chapter 2: Meeting O2L

~~~ Kat's P.O.V ~

Once we were at the airport, we got our bags and waited outside. A limo showed up a minute after.
A driver stepped out and walked towards us.
"Are you apart of the Sunsation Tour?" The driver said.
"Uh. Yeah. Is this for us?" Roxi asked.
"Yes m'am." She said.
Roxi instantly got a grin on her face.
"SAWEEEET." Riley said as she looked at its sides.
The driver held the door open. Right when we were about to get in, a group of guys walked out.
"Oh mah lawd. ITS O2l!!" Olivia yelled.
All six of them looked over at us. I smacked my face with my hand in disappointment. They're gonna think we're frigging fan girls.
"Is that Five Reckless?!" The one with white hair on the sides of his head with blue on top, he also had a strong jaw line.
Oh ya, that's the name of our band, Five Reckless. I guess this the first time you heard it.
Olivia ran towards them and hugged the same guy who yelled our name.
"I feel pretty stupid that I don't know who they are." I said to Riley. She started laughing.
They walked over to us. One of them caught my eye. He had short purple hair. He was drinking Arizona Ice Tea and was kinda short. About my height. He had big pink cheeks. He had a black rip ring. His eyes were a perfect shade of brown for his eyes.
Hmf. My eyes were extremely bright blue. Like Nash's and Mitzi's.
But overall he was really cute. No. Kat, don't fall for him. He was staring at me. The whole time sense they walked out the doors.
I leaned against the limo. My clothes lit up in the sun light. I wore my shirt that said selfie and the definition under it, with my white high waisted sailor shorts. And a bunch of infinity bracelets and a ring that had the shape of a belt. And my hipster glasses.
He kept staring at me. Then he kinda bit his lip. Oh god. It was somewhat attractive. I had to look down to make my heart stop racing.
Kat don't! He looks like a bad influence. Don't look at him. You never know what he's like. He might be a molester for all you know. But why the hell would a teenage molester be internet famous? He might not be bad. After all you can't judge a book by its cover. Especially this book that keeps staring at me.
"Hi." I heard.
I looked up and there he was. A foot in front of me. I jumped and bounced back and hit the limo. Dammit. My hands grabbed the limo.
"Oh, sorry! Are you okay?" He said taking his hands out of his pockets, looking like he was gonna try and catch me.
"Y-yeah. I'm fine. I'm a stupid clutz anyway. But thanks." I smirked.
"Your not stupid. Or a clutz. I do the same thing when I see a cute girl." He smiled. Did he just call me cute? His smile seemed like it. All I know is that his lip ring just made him more attractive by the second.
"Thanks." I said.
He smiled. After a few seconds, we went silent.
"Oh. Um, I'm Sam Pottorff. Call me Sam." He said with a twinkle in his eye.
My mouth dropped open. I quickly closed it before he noticed. He stuck his hand out to shake hands.
"I'm Kat Mabian......and dying to know more about you." I grabbed his hand and shook it. He laughed. His laugh was so cute. It made me smile.
"Cute. I've seen some of your music videos. They're really good. I listen to your band ALL the time." He said.
"Aww. Thanks. I'm sorry I haven't heard of you guys before!" I apologized.
"Oh don't worry. I'm guessing you do now!" He giggled.
"Yeah. I usually play video games and hang out with friends all the time sooo." I laughed. He laughed as well.
"Your different." He said with a wink.
"I am?" I smiled.
"Yeah. Your not like those other snotty stuck up girls I see all over the place. You're like your own person, who doesn't care one bit about what other people think." Sam explained smiling.
"Wow. No one has ever said that about me before." I said.
"Seriously? I'm sure people have." He said.
"Well ya but in tweets and they're always like, 'your so different from other chicks. That's so cool and your pretty hot.' That's what I hear 24/7.
"Well, they're not kidding about the 'pretty hot' part." Sam smiled big.
I smiled just like him. So big that my cheeks were gonna fall off.
"Shut up, your making me blush." I laughed.
I looked into his eyes and he looked deep into mine. When I looked into his eye, it's like everything disappeared. It was just him. He was so sweet and kind. Not to mention smooth. And his cheeks made everything about him ten times more adorable.
"Okay! Let's get going!" Roxi said.
We all got in the limo and we drove off the most luxurious hotel in San Fransico.

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