Beautiful Souls

Chrystal Winter's life is about to change forever. Fleeing from her dark past and her former self, she finds her self making a small but successful living in sunny LA. Whereupon, she meets the young, wild force of nature that is Ashton Irwin. Immediately drawn to one another but for what reasons? Chrystal's heart isn't the only thing she's desperate to keep secret...


9. Chapter 9

Chrystal woke to her phone buzzing insistently. She groaned and felt around for it, her eyes still closed. Her head was pounding, she felt awful. She finally located the vibrating object and brought it to her ear. 

"Hello?" Her voice cracked slightly, it hurt to speak. 

"Hey Christie, can you come in early tonight? Sandra's called in and we're getting pumped, I'd really appreciate it babe." It was her boss, Kendra. Her voice was soft and pleading. She opened her eyes now, her room was pitch black, she briefly wondered what time it was. 

"Yeah, sure," She finally said.

"Aw thank you so much! You're a star! Hey- are you okay? You don't sound too hot?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, just had a big night last night."

"Aw okay sweetie, I'll see you soon!"

"Yeah, I'll be in as soon as I can Kendra, see ya."

"Bye honey!" Then the line went dead. 

Sighing, she pushed the covers off her and slowly sat up. The room seemed to spin for a moment, it took all her will power not to fold herself back into bed. Her bedside clock flashed 9:06. She wasn't supposed to start work till 12 but if she hurried, she could make it there by ten thirty. The ritual of washing and getting ready soothed her and cleared her head. Within half an hour, she was was so engrossed with the task of doing her make up, she had almost forgotten all her worries. She hummed as she worked away on her face, turning her face this way and that, to make sure everything was perfect. By 10 o'clock she was in her car and ready to go. 

She passed through the drive thru for a quick latte, and drank as she drove. The coffee buzzed through her veins, heating her up from the inside out. She sighed and relaxed into her seat, she smiled and even sang along with the radio. By the time she reached the club, she felt much better, chirpy even. She pulled up in the employees car park and entered through the back. The familiar scent of alcohol and cigarettes soothed her further. She smiled and greeted everyone warmly, feeling more at ease with every minute. Chrystal was a pole dancer. She had always been a dancer, it was something her mother greatly encouraged. From the age of of four she enrolled in ballet, and by the time she was 16, she had perfected more styles of dance than most professionals. 

Back in Scotland, she was a theatre performer. The stage was her home, that's where she felt she truly belonged. It wasn't until she moved to LA where she discovered her passion for Pole. Secretly, she had always loved erotic dance, but it wasn't something her mother would approve of. But here, in America, it was celebrated! It kept her fit and the pay was awesome, plus she got to work with Kelly- who was now striding towards her in a silver sparkly two piece which certainly never left a lot to the imagination. "Thank God you're here!" Kelly gushed, grabbing onto her arm and pulling her towards the dressing room. "Evening Angel," Jack said, pouring a sambuca shot and pushing it towards her. Jack was the club bartender, he was young and gorgeous and he always had a special smile for Chrystal. He'd always ask her out and she'd always say no. One of these days I'm going to say yes, she thought as she quickly necked the shot on passing. "Thanks Jack!" She called over her shoulder, as she disappeared into the dressing room.  

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