Beautiful Souls

Chrystal Winter's life is about to change forever. Fleeing from her dark past and her former self, she finds her self making a small but successful living in sunny LA. Whereupon, she meets the young, wild force of nature that is Ashton Irwin. Immediately drawn to one another but for what reasons? Chrystal's heart isn't the only thing she's desperate to keep secret...


6. Chapter 6

And that's exactly what she did. Chrystal's phone read 01:58 and the effects of the alcohol were really kicking in. She was laughing louder and dancing- a lot. She spent most the night with Kelly and some guy who's name she forgot. He kept putting his hand on her thigh and slurring in her ear. She was drunk, but not that drunk.

Ashton hadn't spoke to her since the bar. She frowned and searched the packed club with whatever her blurry vision could offer. Nothing. Yet she had the odd feeling that he was watching her, somehow, somewhere.

Frustrated, she pushed herself off her seat and stumbled to the bathroom. She tripped once and a short, dark haired man held her up. "Woah there pretty lady," he smiled at her. She only shook her head and carried on her way. She had no time for pretty men with nice smiles, she already had enough on her plate with the mysterious Ashton. Finally, she reached the safety of the cubicle and flung herself into the toilet seat. "I shouldn't have took those shots," she moaned, holding her heavy head in her hands. Just then she noticed something white sticking out from her purse. She shakily pulled it out and looked down on sheer disbelief. Surely not. It was Ashton's number card. How the hell did that get in here!? Suddenly she had an idea.

She sniggered to herself as she punched in the numbers written on the card into her iPhone. I'll show him, she thought as she placed her phone to her ear and waited. He picked up on the 5th ring.

"Hello, Ashton Irwin." He was still in the club, she could tell.

"Helllooo you," she slurred, giggling stupidly.

"Who's this?"


"Sorry, I can't hear you. 2 secs..." The line was just club noise and then nothing.

"Hi sorry, who is this?"

"It's Chryst-" she never managed to get her full name out before he cut her off.

"Oh Miss. Winters you okay? You sound... Funny"

"I'm drunk, stupid!" She giggled hysterically. The phone was silent for a while before he spoke.

"Where are you?" He demanded.

"Don't be nosey."

"Chrystal, where are you? Tell me right now." She rolled her eyes before she answered.

"I'm in the little girl's room,Mr. Nosey! Now you tell me why you keep popping up everywhere!" She said, suddenly confused. "I don't even know why I called you, you're stupid card was in my bag and you're annoying me so I thought I'd tell you. That you're annoying... And it's annoying." She finished off proudly, thinking she made a good point. The line was loud again but he didn't talk. Good, she made her point. She was ridiculously pleased with her self. The line went quiet again and he finally spoke. "I'm extremely sorry you feel that way," he said, he sounded cocky. No no, he wasn't supposed to be cocky. "Yeah, I bet that upsets you," she said. She really had no idea where this conversation was going.

"Perhaps you'd like to open the door and we can talk about it." This time Chrystal fell silent and a light knock came from the other side of the door.

"Perhaps not," she said, hanging up, suddenly terrified. Oh god, what was I thinking, she thought desperately.

"Chrystal, open the door," his voice said softly from the other side. He didn't sound angry, just tired. Slowly she slid the lock back and he pushed open the door. He was looking down at her, his eyes were laughing at her- again. She suddenly didn't know what to say.

"Cat caught your tongue?" He asked, the faintest smile on his lips. He offered her his hand and she took it, straightening herself upright. With her heels on her eyes came in level with the base of his throat. It was a nice throat, she briefly thought to herself.

She tried to walk past him and stumbled right into the sink. Great. Smooth. He wrapped one large hand around her waist, to steady her. "I'm okay really, I'm just drunk," she tried to say, shooting a fleeting look at him in the mirror. His eyes were fixed intently on her face. "I hear you find me annoying," he said, his voice was low and rough. He had gotten closer. She looked at him in the mirror again. He hadn't taken his eyes off her. There bodies were almost touching but not quite. Her breath hitched looking at him, he was beautiful. "Mmmmm," was all she could manage. He pulled her against his body and brought his mouth her ear. "I couldn't imagine why," he whispered, sending shivers all down her body. She was slumped against his body now. He held up almost all her weight. He could do anything to her right now and she didn't care, she wanted him. She had never wanted someone so badly in all her life.

Slowly, he ran his hand down along her waist, down to her hips and he suddenly stopped. Her own eyes looked frantic and her breathing was erratic but she didn't want him to stop. He smiled at her in the mirror and pulled her around to face him. "Now what are we going to do with you?" He chuckled darkly, his breath smelled of mint and alcohol, it was intoxicating. She wanted to taste it. With his index finger he traced her face from her temple to her jaw, where he tilted her face up to look deep into her jewel blue eyes. He was so close, she closed her eyes and waited for him to kiss her. And waited but it didn't come. Frowning, she opened her eyes and looked at him puzzled. "You're drunk, Chrystal," he said softly, pushing her unruly hair back from her face.

"I am not," she said, hiccuping.

"Besides, you'd probably throw up on me." And with those words, she felt the vomit rise in her throat. She wildly stumbled for the cubicle, she barely made it before the hot burning bile escaped her mouth. She vomited twice- three times, while Ashton held back her hair. "Dammit Chrystal," he muttered, rubbing her back.

Once the heaving retching stopped, she slumped against Ashton, exhausted. He took her to the sink and made her was out her mouth. "I'm taking you home," he said, firmly. She was about to protest but he was already whisking her out the toilets towards the exit. He half carried out the club and hailed down a taxi in 2 minutes. Impressive, she thought. They bundled into the taxi together. She collapsed against him, she didn't care. She was just too tired, and besides he smelled wonderful. The last thing she remembered was thinking how attractive Ashton's jaw was and she was dead to the world.

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