Beautiful Souls

Chrystal Winter's life is about to change forever. Fleeing from her dark past and her former self, she finds her self making a small but successful living in sunny LA. Whereupon, she meets the young, wild force of nature that is Ashton Irwin. Immediately drawn to one another but for what reasons? Chrystal's heart isn't the only thing she's desperate to keep secret...


22. Chapter 22

Finally, the music stopped and Chrystal could finally get the hell off this small stage. She took a small rushed bow and rushed off stage. She felt uncomfortable. She could still feel his eyes practically burning into her. Earlier, during her perfromance, she felt the strangest urge to look to the very corner of the room and that was when she had laid eyes on him. It was only for a moment, but it felt like a moment too long all the same. She couldn't help but shake the unhinging feeling that she knew him somehow. But that was impossible, she'd never seen the man in her life. 

Kendra beamed at her as she stood facing her. "You were fabulous!" Chrystal barely managed a small, grateful smile. He was approaching her, she wasn't looking at him but she could feel him come closer somehow. Her body was trying to turn and face the direction he was in, she ground her teeth and planted her feet firmly in the ground, locking her body in place. "Hello," His voice was low and he had an odd, interesting accent, the sound of it  made her head turn automatically towards him. She couldn't have ignored him if she tried. "Hi," Chrystal said shortly, her tone icy, making it clear she didn't want to talk to him. He smiled a little at her hostility, and Chrystal noticed he wore a black lip ring on his bottom lip. He had a beautiful mouth, she quickly looked up at him, not wanting to be looking or thinking about his mouth anymore. He was very tall, much taller than Ashton, she noted. The icy hostitlity she had been building against him seemed to melt away as she looked into his eyes. His eyes were blue. Not the ordinary sky blue, not blue like Jack's or blue like hers. His eyes were blue like the sea, crystal clear blue- shimmering and crashing and churning. Looking into his eyes, she could hear the waves falling against the shore and she was drowning in them. And the strangest feeling washed over her. When she looked at him, she felt like she was somehow seeing herself. 

She slowly shook head, dropping her gaze and breaking the small trance she just found herself in. Embarrassed, she turned to face Kendra, who was no longer there. What? How long had she been standing there staring into his eyes like a bloody idiot. She almost groaned. She looked at him again but not for too long. He had thick blond hair which was disheveled looking, yet he looked as if he'd just stepped off an advert for hair gel. He was smiling at her politely. He wore all black, it was a shocking contrast against his pale skin. He looked slight in comparison to other men she'd seen but she could see the muscles stand out quite clearly in his long forearms. He had the lightest dusting of hair across his arms and he looked very young. Almost too young. 

"What's your name?" He asked, his voice was soft but she could hear the curiosity burning behind it.
"Angel," She said simply. He rolled her eyes at her. Rude. 
"Your real name," he said mockingly. Chrystal clenched her jaw. It quite simply was none of his business. She gave him her sweetest smile and repeated her first answer. He shook his head and laughed. 
"Fine then Angel," He said, drawing out her name. She didn't know why, but she wanted to hit him. He was fucking irritating. She narrowed her eyes and turned away from him. "Can I have a drink?" He asked, looking at her back. She turned around and smiled sweetly at him. "Sure," she said through her clenched teeth, "What can I get you?" 
"A beer please."
"Any preferences?" She asked frustrated. 
"Just make sure it's cold," he said shrugging. 
"Please, have a seat, I'll bring it over," she said, successfully managing to escape from him curious gaze. 

Chrystal brought the drink to his table, he thanked her and then she left. She still had one more dance to finish off the night. She was now suddenly nervous, this dance involved the pole and her wearing a lot less clothes than she was right now. It usually didn't bother her, but with that weird guy watching in the corner, she felt nervously sick. She had made sure to stay away from that corner booth, and she focused her attentions on the other men, making sure to smile widely and be very polite. The men here were all very young like she suspected. The youngest probably being 21. There was a lovely Asian looking boy there, who she found was called Calum, he kept touching her bottom and she had to keep slapping his hand away playfully. She didn't mind, she could handle young boys like these. About two am, Chrystal went to change for her final dance. She pulled her hair out of the the tight bun which was starting to hurt, and let her dark hair fall wildly to the middle of her back. She wore her silver diamond two piece, which was strapless and it's sparkles bounced light around the room. When the stage lights hit, it really was quite dazzling. 

The whole Geisha act had been dropped, this dance was sexy and had one purpose; to drive all men mad. She stood on the stage, her back to the audience. When the lights came up, she smiled as she heard the wolf whistles and appreciative remarks. The music started and she gave it her all.She felt his eyes upon her the whole time, but she din't care. This was her home, this is where she felt most at ease. She made her way off the stage and danced her way to Calum's table. He gulped nervously and threw not so subtle nudges at the boys sitting close to him. Smiling, she seductively crawled on top on their table. She stood up and danced there for short time, the men below her gaped up at her speechless. She giggled and winked at Calum. He appeared to blush and covered his mouth with his hand. Never taking his eyes from her. She jumped down and made her way to the other booth, and danced there for short time. The boys at this table were much more rowdier and braver- stuffing notes down the front of her bra. She laughed and made her way to his table. He stared at her with a stony expression, he certainly wasn't enjoying himself. Smiling, she sat on the edge of his table in front of him and lounged back. Giving the three boys there quite a view. His expression remained unchanged, his brilliant blue eyes looked darkly down at her. She winked at the red haired boy beside him, earning a loud laugh before pulling herself up slowly and deliberately. He never once looked at her body, he looked only at her eyes. She stood in front of him deliberately, commanding his attention. He snorted and then looked away. He looked away. The adrenalin had long over took Chrystal's body, so she was acting strangely out of character. She ran her finger tips along his chest, and she watched as he sucked in a deep breath, he still refused to look at her. The tips of her fingers seemed to tingle from where she touched him, it made her chest tighten and she too sucked in a deep breath. She snapped her hand back quickly, regretting touching him almost instantly, she danced back to the stage without waiting to see the blond haired boys response. 

She threw herself back into her dance with renewed vigor, and finished with a very complicated pole routine. Her heart was pounding, and she was slick with sweat when she finally finished. The applause she received, made her chest feel like it would explode from happiness. She smiled properly at the small crowd for the first time tonight. She caught sight of Kelly who was trying tell her something, she was staring at her and motioning her head to the corner booth and making weird symbols with her hands. Chrystal shrugged and Kelly hit her head with the palm of her hand, exasperated. She made her way back stage, to freshen up and thirstily gulped down some water. She smiled breathlessly at Nick who offered her a small thumbs up. She was about to find Kelly, when she caught sight of Jack, waving her over frantically. She smiled at him and half ran in his direction. "What's up?" She asked, popping the P and then end. Jack was staring over at the corner booth with a concerned look on his face. "That boy," he said pointing to the blond boy, "has been asking everyone for your name. He asked me and I told him to piss off, but just watch him. I dont like him at all, he's weird." Jack was staring at him suspiciously. Chrystal laughed and placed and hand on his firm forearm. "I know, I don't like him either. Thanks for telling me," she said, kissing his cheek. His expression softened, and he went back to his bar muttering to himself. 

The rest of the night passed quickly, she never managed to find out what Kelly had been trying to say. It was probably nothing important anyway. The blond haired boy hadn't looked at her since. It was three am and Chrystal was exhausted, she needed to sit down. She made her way to the bar, Jack wasn't there. She was glad, she needed some quiet time. The rest of the club was empty except from her small party, but even then there was only five of them left. She sat down at one of the high stools and sipped on her juice, sighing quietly. "What's your name?" a voice said softly from behind her. She rolled her eyes and placed her glass on the mahogany bar. 
"I've already told you," she said, she was very tired. 
"No. You haven't," his voice was quiet and serious. She swiveled her stool to face him. His blue eyes were tired. 
"Yes, I have." He closed his eyes for a second, and she watched his jaw clench tightly, he was frustrated. She didn't care, she wasn't telling him her name. She got off her stool and was about to leave when his cold hand grabbed her arm. "Hey!" she protested, trying to pull away. He was close, and he looked down at her pleadingly. His eyes seemed to hold her in place, stopping her struggling. "Please, just your name," he said, his voice barely audible. She stared up at him for a long time, she suddenly found herself wanting to tell him. The touch of his hand against her skin made her head feel cloudy, she couldn't concentrate properly. Just tell him, you know you want to. Chrystal shook her head and pulled away from him. When they touched, she felt like all the secrets she had been concealing were about to spill from her mouth. She bit down on her bottom lip and ran from him. Leaving him staring after astonished. She left the club and drove home, not caring about finishing her shift. She just needed to get away from that boy and his probing blue eyes. She couldn't believe she was going to tell him her real name, her secrets! Her body ached from tiredness, she slept like the dead that night. She could still feel his cool gaze upon her, even in her dreams. 


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