Beautiful Souls

Chrystal Winter's life is about to change forever. Fleeing from her dark past and her former self, she finds her self making a small but successful living in sunny LA. Whereupon, she meets the young, wild force of nature that is Ashton Irwin. Immediately drawn to one another but for what reasons? Chrystal's heart isn't the only thing she's desperate to keep secret...


17. Chapter 17

"So! How did it go?" Kelly screamed excitedly. Chrystal was sitting in front of her brightly lit mirror, and was just beginning to do her make up for tonight's performance. She shot Kelly a warning look in the mirror. She was standing behind Chrystal's seat, her arms crossed against her torso, waiting expectantly. Chrystal glanced around the large dressing room, they weren't alone. Sandra and Dawn, were chatting animatedly about shampoos and lip fillers. Kelly's loud question had sparked interest in Ava who was sitting about three meters away, pretending not to listen. Chrystal glanced over at her, meeting her soft green gaze. She watched as Ava quickly looked away and continued to arrange her long blonde hair. "Not now Kelly," Chrystal said quietly, applying blush to her face. Groaning, Kelly stomped off to her own mirror and flung herself down into her chair. 

Chrystal could still feel Ava's eyes upon her. She stopped applying her red lipstick and sighed loudly. "What is it Ava?" She looked at the girl beside her, who had now turned in her chair so her body was facing hers, her green eyes watching her carefully. "Nothing, you just look different... somehow," her voice had a sexy husky tone to it. Chrystal and Ava had never really seen eye to eye. Ava didn't trust Chrystal, and Chrystal knew she had every right not to. No one could trust her. When Chrystal first started working in Rouge, they had been friends, but Ava quickly sensed that Chrystal was hiding something and demanded to know. Obviously, Chrystal had told her there was nothing and ended the friendship between them. Chrystal knew Ava sensed a wrongness about her, and couldn't trust her. She was smarter than most people she met, and she was frightened that one day she might figure out her secret. She tried to stay away from the green eyed girl's scrutiny as much as she could. It saddened Chrystal, all she wanted was to live a normal life and make friends, be accepted for who she was. 

"You think?" Chrystal asked innocently. 
"Yeah, definitely... you look more glowy or something," Ava added, still looking at her. 
"The wonders of make up," Chrystal explained, giving a small smile, turning to face her reflection. 
"Hmmm..." Ava slid out her chair, Chrystal watched as she slowly left the room in her red silk robe. However, Ava did have a point. Chrystal looked at her reflection and hardly recognised herself. A soft glow seemed to radiate from her, and there was definitely something different about her eyes. They seemed happier somehow. The Ashton affect, she thought to herself, smiling. Watching her reflection smile secretly back at her. 

Her shift passed by in a happy daze, and everything felt easier. She hadn't smiled this much in forever. Her colleagues were suspicious of her all night. "What's got into you?" Jack had asked her. 
"Can't I be happy?" She beamed at him, half skipping away with a tray full of drinks. He narrowed his eyes and watched her bounce off. On the drive home, she had considered calling Ashton, but decided against it. He hadn't text her but she felt confident he would- and if he didn't, she certainly wouldn't text him. She was childish that way.
Suddenly, a deep feeling of wrongness filled her tummy. You shouldn't be doing this. You have to end this now. Chrystal felt sick, she hadn't imagined she'd ever fall for someone ever again. But she couldn't deny it anymore, she was completely and undeniably falling in love with him. 

She slowly came to halt outside her apartment, and shut the engine off. "What am I going to do?" She muttered desperately. She had 3 options. Option 1: Let this continue, and lie to Ashton about who she really was, most likely resulting in her shutting him out and just an overall  unsuccessful relationship. Option 2: Let this continue and tell Ashton everything, which would result in him thinking she was crazy, leaving her immediately and probably end with Chrystal being sectioned in a mental hospital. Option 3: Ending this now, saving them both a tremendous amount of pain and keeping her secrets safe. She groaned, hitting her head off the steering wheel. None of them were in Chrystal's favor. "I'm so stupid," she sighed sadly. Her heart was full of longing for someone she could never have. I wish I had never met him. 


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