Beautiful Souls

Chrystal Winter's life is about to change forever. Fleeing from her dark past and her former self, she finds her self making a small but successful living in sunny LA. Whereupon, she meets the young, wild force of nature that is Ashton Irwin. Immediately drawn to one another but for what reasons? Chrystal's heart isn't the only thing she's desperate to keep secret...


16. Chapter 16

The rest of their date went without a hitch, Chrystal was on her third glass of wine and her head was beginning to feel woozy and Ashton was getting even more attractive by the minute- as if that was even possible. "You better slow down on those," He said, quoting himself from their conversation at the bar which now seemed like an age ago. Chrystal threw her head back and laughed, "Mr Irwin. I'm a grown woman, I'll drink what I please." He too laughed and admired how beautiful she was. She seemed so carefree, so at ease with him. She was still smiling at him, tucking a thick lock of her dark hair behind her ear. "You're gorgeous," he blurted out unthinkingly. She giggled and the sound of it filled him with such happiness he couldn't help but fall harder and harder for her. "You're not too bad yourself," She said, downing what was left in her glass. They had emptied the bottle. Ashton was suddenly glad he'd got Todd to chauffeur tonight. 

Chrystal happened to look at her watch for the first time tonight. "Shit!" She muttered. It was almost ten o'clock, she was working at 12. "What's wrong?" Ashton asked, concern flickering across his face. Ever since their little bad moment earlier something had changed between them. He was being cautious, careful not to upset her. As if he knew she was hiding something. That was bad. This whole idea was a bad idea. How could she have been so silly. It was impossible for her to get close to someone without shutting down. There was too much secrets, too much she had to hide. Even if she did tell him, he'd never understand. "Chrystal, what's the matter?" the touch of his hand, snapped her back to reality. "I need to go now," she mumbled sadly. 
"Why?" he said, checking his watch, "It's only 10 o'clock. The night is young." He wiggled his golden eyebrows at him. She suppressed a giggle and shook her head. "I have to work," she explained. 
"Work! At this time?" He said in surprise. Chrystal just nodded, she couldn't tell him she was a pole dancer. Maybe I should?  Suddenly his eyes widened, "You're not a prostitute are you?" Chrystal's loud laugh filled the restaurant. 
"God no!" She half yelled, trying to compose herself. 
"What then? Tell me, my curiosity is unquenchable," he said dramatically, banging his fist on the table which caused Chrystal to only laugh more. He could listen to her laugh all day. 
"It's a secret," she whispered seductively. 
"Damn you and your secrets," Ashton whispered back. 

They bundled into the back seat of the Jag giggling, Chrystal really shouldn't drink. No more alcohol for you young lady, she sternly told herself. They sat close to each other not bother to fasten the seat belts. Ashton wrapped an arm around her and she nestled into his side and placed her head against his chest. Sighing, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the touch of his hand against her bare shoulder and inhaled the sweet scent of him. "I had a really nice night tonight," She said quietly. 
"Me too," he said, his chest rumbling beneath her as he spoke. She listened as she heard his heart beat and the air slowly fill and leave his lungs. She never wanted this moment to end. She'd happily lay here in his arms forever, if it meant not facing what had to come.The car journey was over far too soon when they reached Chrystal's apartment. He walked her to the door and took her hands. "Chrystal," He said, looking down at her with his beautiful eyes. 
"Ashton," she breathed. He gently placed his lips against her forehead before taking a step away from her. He held her at arms length and looked her up and down. "What?" Chrystal asked, self consciously.  He just shook his head.
"You're perfect," he said sincerely, "I just want you to know you can trust me Chrystal. I would never do anything to hurt you." She only looked at him with her big blue eyes. 
"That's not what I'm afraid of," she said, dropping her gaze to the ground, "You shouldn't trust me Ashton. I'm afraid I might hurt you." He took hold of her chin with his finger and thumb, and tilted her face to look up into his. 
"I'll take my chances," He said, looking down at her confidently. 

He kissed her forehead once more before slowly, stepping away. She didn't want him to leave; he didn't want to go. Biting into her bottom lip, she watched as he slowly backed away towards the car. He gave her one last smile and turned away from her. He took a step then stopped. "Fuck it," He said, turning back to face her. He strode towards her, placed a hand behind her head brought her mouth to his. She half gasped, but kissed him back urgently, tangling her fingers in his wild hair. His hands moved down to her waist pulling her more tightly to him. He kissed her forcefully and held nothing back. He pinned her against the door and traced her bottom of her lip with his tongue. Chrystal felt him harden against her, and she pushed her hips against him eagerly. He groaned and placed a large hand on her jaw, angling it so his mouth was now trailing down to her throat. She was literally melting in his arms, she was glad he had his body pinned tightly against hers. Her breathing was embarrassingly loud, but she didn't care. He moved his mouth back to hers, more gentle now, but the fire inside her hadn't stopped burning. He ran his hands down her body, to her bum, he squeezed it so hard she gave a small moan. He looked down at her, the lust she seen in his eyes was overpowering. She almost dragged him into her apartment there and then but her better nature reminded her she had to be at work very, very soon. Unwillingly, and not with much success, she tried to push him away. He pulled away groaning loudly. "Fuck Chrystal," He said hoarsely, "You will be the death of me." 
"I hope not," She said, her voice still shaking. He looked down at her and put about a foots space between them. Chrystal was still slouched against the door, unsure if her legs would steady her.

She felt extremely hyper sensitive. Just looking at him set off a deep pulsing from between her thighs. She pressed them tightly together, closing her eyes. "You okay?" He asked, his voice sounding thick and sexy. 
"I bet Todd seen all that," She giggled childishly. 
"I bet he did," He responded, his hands placed on his hips, taking deep breaths. She smiled, pleased that she had the same affect on him. "Go in now," he half growled, "before I change my mind and fuck you in the backseat, Todd watching or not." She bit her lip, and quickly obeyed him. Her legs shaking as she tumbled up the stairs to her apartment. She didn't look back. Once inside, she collapsed onto the couch, exhausted. Work's going to be a drag, she giggled wildly. Touching her lips, her throat, remembering where his lips had been. Curious, she pushed her hands into her jeans and felt the moisture before she'd even slid aside her pants. She was so wet, she half groaned, throwing her arm over her face. She decided a cold shower was completely and totally necessary. 

Half an hour later, she was considerably calmer and resembled more of a human being than the manifesting rage of female hormones. She dressed quickly and drove to work, thinking of nothing but Ashton and his mouth. 

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