Collide and whatever

Chloe is a tumblr girl that sings and plays guitar. When she goes to a music/video festival and bumps into Ashton Irwin and his friends, everything changes. She *collides* interests with him but they are unsure of what the actually feel.



Chloe grabbed her mint green hoodie and a grey beanie. She was about to leave for a music festival. She curled a few strands of her dirty blonde hair and put the beanie on. She got a text from her friend Georgia, another tumblr girl.

GEORGIA: The tour bus is right outside your house. come on 💕😘😂

Chloe grabbed a S'mores Poptart she had laying on the table and head out the door with her phone and poptart in hand. She got on the tour bus to find a bunch of youtubers and famous tumblr girls. She smiled at Connor Franta and he smiled back and winked. She saw Lia and JC talking and laughing. Chloe then saw her bestfriend Georgia. Chloe sat on the seat across from Georgia and started to listen to a bunch of Carrie Underwood. For some reason, she was obsessed. "Hey." said Trevor, getting up on his knees on his seat to turn around to talk to Chloe. "Hi." said Chloe, giving a little smirk. She didnt want to flirt because she doesnt want to be

in a relationship and she didnt want her fans to think she was so she mind her own business and checked her twitter. 5SOS were performing at the Music festival a couple acts before her. She didnt mind them. She actually had a bit of a crush on Calum, the bassist. But it wasnt anything that she would want to be serious. She just liked his music style. When the bus stopped, there were so many fans outside of the bus. A lot of them wore 5SOS tees so they were probably mistaking Chloe's bus as 5SOSs'. She grabbed her bag and was still listening to Carrie Underwood. Undo It came on so she paused it because she disliked that song. She got off the bus and a lot of people were screaming her name and asking for pictures. She blushed and waved but didnt have time to take pictures. A lot of people were crying. Chloe walked into the backstage area and went down the hallway of dressing rooms. There were a lot. She heard a bunch of laughs, that sounded australian-like, behind her so she turned around..

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