Crazy For U

2 girls named Danielle and Emily run away from home. Once they got there they saw 2 boys that looked familiar. Who are they?


1. Leaving

        Danielle POV
 It was 2:30 pm and my mum was out so I was stuck with my abusive stepfather Mat. He hit me , he would choke me, He throws beer cans, play station controllers , cigarette butts and once a lawn chair at me. I have never told my mum because he told me he would kill me if I did. I had this planed out for  or my escape. I t seems like I'm trying to escape from prison not from my flat anyways, so my plan was to save all my money which I did I saved 22 THOUSAND ,I'll leave at 6am and go to my friend M.C. (a.k.a. Emily) house because she wanted to come to, so we bought 2 plane tickets to London, England and we would stay there. 

       So the next morning I left at 6 am I went into the living room and was hoping that Mat was not  there, but he was. "i knew I should have made a plan be." I said to my self but a little to loudly. I heard foot steps coming into the hallway. It was Mat. So I buried my head into my legs and after half a second i lifted my head and realized my leg was bleeding. Why didn't I feel it??     




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