Stay With Me


12. <3

I had been checking my phone religiously all day. As sad as that is. So far though, there had been nothing, yet again, from Luke. 

“C’mon Georgia! Are you nearly ready?” Alice poked her head out of her bedroom into our hallway hustling me along.

“Yeah! I’ve just got to grab my jacket!” I yelled back, grabbing my beige blazer from the couch. Once I had slipped my arms into the sleeves, I automatically searched for my phone in my handbag, wanting to see if Luke had txt me in the last minute.

1 New Message

Yes! Finally, took that boy long enough! I opened the message, immediately feeling guilty at the disappointment that washed over me.

Jai Brooks

Leaving now, be at bar in 10. See you soon! x

Dammit, wrong twin. Jai and Tyla, unlike their friend, had kept their word and were taking me and Alice out for drinks tonight. A celebration for the end of my internship at Vogue Australia. Well it wasn’t really a celebration that it was over, more like a ‘well done,’ ‘congrats on the successful internship,’ occasion. Either way I didn’t mind. 

“Okay, let’s go then,” Alice strutted out of her room, her long legs on show in a loose, silk playsuit. The rust colour complimented her envious tanned skin, and her hair had been pulled back into a sleek topknot, showing off her high cheekbones. Yeah, I was feeling like the ugly best friend in my navy slip dress with lace detailing. I was used to Alice always looking amazing, so my confidence wasn’t knocked too much. Just a tiny bit.


We arrived at the bar, and what do you know, mens’ heads turned as Alice walked through to where we could see Jai and Tyla downing a beer each.

“Hey guys,” I greeted, kissing them both on the cheek. “This is Alice. Alice, Tyla and Jai,” I introduced everyone and sat at the bar, ordering myself a drink.

“I’ve heard good things about you,” Jai smooth talked, causing Alice to blush. She never did truly get how hot she was. 

“Jai, stop!” I laughed at what was, and I could tell, going to be the beginnings of a long night of attempted flirtation. “She’s got a boyfriend remember.”

“I’m just being friendly!” He countered, his eyes not leaving Alice’s. Oh god.

I watched Tyla join me at the bar on the next stool, gesturing at the waiter for another drink.

“So how’s it going babe?” He asked, accepting his beer from the man and taking a large swig. 

“Alright, how about you?”

“Good, good. You look gorgeous tonight, by the way,” I could feel my cheeks flush red at his compliment, and I was assured I was in fact blushing at the smirk on Tyla’s face.

“Thanks Tyla, you look good too,” There was no harm in being truthful. He did looks great in a plain black t-shirt and navy jeans. Not to mention the big patterned cardigan he was wearing looked super comfortable.

We were distracted from our mini conversation by Jai, who, with drink in hand, was preparing a toast.

“Now, we’re all here to celebrate Georgia’s internship at Vogue these holidays, and hope that now she’ll be back at uni, she won’t hide like a hermit under her studies and we’ll still see her! Cheers!”

“Cheers!” Alice and Tyla joined in. I couldn’t due to the fact I was laughing so much. What on earth was that?

“Jai that was the worst toast in the world!” I said between laughter, struggling to keep myself under control. “I am not a hermit with my studies!”

“Good, because you can expect many more nights like this in the future!” Jai set his drink down and pulled me up from my seat, dragging me over by the pool table and leaving Alice and Tyla over by the bar to chat. “Let’s dance!” He hollered, shaking his hips and arms like a lunatic. This was definitely crazier dancing than I had seen him do at the club.

“How much did you have to drink before we got here?” I asked with a laugh. The way he was spastically moving along to the music, which wasn’t even that loud seeing we were in a bar not a club, was hilarious. When he began thrusting I couldn’t suppress it any longer and let out probably the loudest and most embarrassing cackle I had ever made. It made Jai stop dancing and stare at me, and I swore I could feel the eyes of basically everyone else on me also, before he too just burst out laughing, grabbing my hands and forcing me to dance. I had already made a huge fool of myself, what more was a little dancing?


Eventually Tyla and Alice had come over and we were all dancing like utter retards until our feet ached and we wanted another drink. Tyla did do a mean shopping trolley, I must say. Unsurprisingly, Jai had tried to use the dancing as a means to touch Alice, holding her hands, her hips and at one point I swear I saw him slap her arse, to which she just giggled and nudged him away. It was quite clear that he was off his face, but man did it make for some quality entertainment.

We were back sitting at the bar, laughing and joking. Alice got on with the boys really well, but that wasn’t a shock. I felt my lips getting a bit dry and reached for my bag that was hanging over my stool, to apply some more lip balm. Those Baby-Lips are incredible. As I opened my bag I realized that I hadn’t checked my phone in the two and a half hours that we had been here. The boys, and Alice, had been doing a good job and keeping me distracted from Luke and my impatience to find out whether we could be together for real yet.

My phone flashed with a new message, only from a couple minuted ago. Perfect timing. I nudged Alice, who was sitting on the stool next to me, in excitement. She knew just how eager I had been to hear from Luke and grinned at me while I opened the message.

Luke Brooks

Sorry babe, we aren’t going to work out. I can’t do this anymore. Take care, x

It felt like my whole world had come crashing down around me. The broad smile that had previously been on my face had instantly disappeared and was replaced with a quivering frown. Alice saw the change in my expression and peered her head to read the txt.

“Oh god George. I’m so sorry hun,” she consoled me, getting off her chair to pull me into a hug. I couldn’t help the tears and a few escaped down my cheeks, my hand quickly coming up to wipe them away.

“George, what’s wrong?” Jai asked concerned, seeing Alice and I’s tight hug with her rocking me back and forward as I let out pathetic sniffles. Just when I thought everything was going to go right. Luke had promised me, he promised, that he would break up with Lauren and then we could be together. But now it was me that he dumped? Obviously he hadn’t planned on breaking up with her or getting with me at all. Just wanted a quick lay that night at Aaron’s and got it through his manipulative words. Prick.

“Luke broke it off,” Alice whispered, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to say the words myself. It would mean it was real.

“What?” Jai exclaimed standing up and coming over to us, rubbing my back soothingly. “I don’t get it,” he said, and Alice showed him the txt off my phone for proof.

“Oh babe. It’s his loss, you know any guy would be lucky to be with a girl like you.” Tyla’s words were comforting but it still didn’t explain why Luke had called everything off between us. If I was such a great girl then why didn’t he want me?

“I honestly don’t get it. He was like, crazy about you. And to do it by txt as well? I think this calls for a round of shots!” Jai gave my back a final rub and went up to order some recovery alcohol. 

I pulled away from Alice’s hug, wiping my eyes and coughing weakly, clearing my throat incase any words eventually decided to come out. Jai came back with the shots and handed them out. We all downed them, the harsh burn against my throat felt sickly satisfying and I wanted some more.

“Another one,” I croaked, and Jai went to collect some more obligingly. Everyone could tell how upset I was and everyone could understand my want to wash the pain away with alcohol. Even though it was never a good idea.

We had complete another two rounds of shots as a group but I was still going on my fourth. Instead of my mood picking up and the alcohol making the pain dissipate, all I felt was a gaping whole pulsing inside of me and begging to be filled.

“Okay that’s enough,” Tyla unclenched my hand from what would have been my fifth serve of straight vodka. “I think that I should get you home.”

“Noo,” I slurred, the whole still aching. The only time it felt like it was contracting and getting smaller was when I felt the liquids swish down my throat.

“I agree darling, you’re a mess and need to sleep. Staying out any longer won’t do anything to help,” Alice shared some of her wise words, the only one catching my attention was sleep. Sleep sounded good right now.

“I’ll call us a taxi and wait with her until she falls asleep,” Tyla pulled out his cell phone to dial a taxi, knowing that it wouldn’t be safe for him to drive, let alone me. Every one of us was over the driving limit.

“You sure? I can go if you want?” Alice asked Tyla, but he just shook his head before giving over our whereabouts to the taxi company.

“It’s no problem, the taxi will be here in a minute so we may as well head outside now. I’ll see you guys later, don’t do anything naughty, Alice does have a boyfriend!” Tyla teased Jai, while Alice just blushed as she helped me into my coat and secured my bag over my shoulder.

“Course not man! We were thinking me might go grab a snack though. Catch you later,” Jai said looking over to Alice for confirmation. She seemed happy with the plan.

“Yeah. Thanks Tyla. There should be a spare key under the mat if Georgia can’t find hers. And for some reason I don’t think she’ll be able to find it.”

“Okay, okay, enough teasing, I’m still here. Not dead! Bye Alice, bye Jai,” I spoke, regaining my proper voice back. I clutched on to Tyla, my hands linking together around his waist under his cardigan, as well walked outside to the taxi, Tyla stabilizing me from falling.


Once we got back to my house, (Alice had been right, Tyla had to use the spare key) Tyla had cradled me in his arms and carried me through the flat, dropping my bag somewhere in the hallway, and to my room and setting me down on my bed. I laid there, body heavy and eyes shut, cold at the loss of contact from Tyla as I felt him let me go and move away from the bed.

“Which drawer for pajamas?” he asked softly, aware that if he spoke any louder it would sound like a yell to my ringing ears.

“Second,” I managed to get out, a barely coherent mumble but Tyla understood as he came back to the bed with a t-shirt and shorts in his hand. He lift my hips up so that he could hitch my dress above them, making it easier to take off.

“Okay sit up for me babe,” he instructed, helping my up with one hand on my spine, the other on my shoulder to steady me. He slid my arms free from my blazer. Discarding them onto the floor, Tyla turned back to me and lifted my arms vertically, peeling my dress over my body, and quickly replacing it by my big pajama top in a way so I knew he was helping my change in the most innocent form. Next, he pulled my shorts up my thighs, I met his hands at the top of my legs, grabbing the fabric from him to pull them over my bum myself.

With my pajamas now on, I crawled to the top of my bed to snuggle under the covers, feeling Tyla tuck me in and kiss my forehead.

“Is there anything else you need?”

“Stay. Please. I need you,” I whispered, wanting nothing more than his skin against mine and the feeling that someone loved me. I watched him nod and then take his own clothes off before lifting back the sheets and crawling into bed with me, scooting over so that he engulfed me in his arms. I kissed him, a sudden surge of energy sparking in the me from my desire not to be alone tonight. I couldn’t be alone tonight. 

I continued kissing him, moving to his neck and his bare chest. Tyla rolled over me, his forearms resting beside my head as it was his turn to kiss down my throat and to my collarbones.

“Are you sure?”

“Please Tyla,” the desperation in my voice audible. He wasted no time taking off my shorts which he had only just put on.


I woke to the sound of Alice dropping something in the kitchen. Rubbing my eyes, I stretched, looking down at Tyla who was still sleeping soundly. My head was pounding but I remembered everything that happened last night. Oh what a night.

I got out of bed to find out what Alice had dropped, she was quite a klutz so it really could have been anything. I was distracted by my bag, laying strewn on the floor and went to check my phone. To my surprise there were numerous txts and calls, most of them from Luke but a couple from Jai. Not wanting to see what else Luke could say to break my heart further I opened the message from Jai.

You need to call Luke!!! He made a mistake!

What? Luke made a mistake? I was so confused, and all the thinking was making my head hurt even more. I decided to read some of the messages Luke had sent me. I checked the time and they began only ten minutes after the txt I had got from him at the bar.

Fuck, no. That wasn’t meant for you!!

Babe I’m so sorry! That was meant for Lauren, not you. I don’t want us to be over.

Please answer me! I’m so sorry!

Georgia, I don’t want to lose you again. Please pickup the phone. I love you!

It was a simple mistake, I’m so sorry. Just please pickup baby. I can explain.

Baby, please.

My heart was racing with joy. Luke didn’t want us to be over. He sent the message to the wrong girl. I was so relieved and ecstatic that my hands were shaking as I rang Luke’s number. I needed him to tell me it was true. I needed to hear his voice, to hear him say it.

“Georgia! I’ve been trying to get you all night! I’m so sorry baby, let me explain!” Luke’s voice sounded desperate as he pleaded me down the phone.

“I was so scared,” My voice was barely a whisper as my emotions got the better of me.

“I know baby, I’m so sorry! I never meant to send you that txt. It was for Lauren.”

“I know that now.”

“And I know it looks bad that I did it through txt, but I couldn’t get hold of her all night so I just sent the message and then I felt so bad so I went to her flat and did it in person. I’m sorry.” He exhaled loudly after his mini monologue. 

“So you did it? You’re single?”

“I’m single, but not for long. I love you.” I can’t describe how much I loved to hear him say those words.

“I love you too.” I could tell both of us were just standing on the phone, smiling into space. It was such a relief to have cleared the air, for everything to be good between us. Shit. Tyla was lying in my bed. “I’ve got to do a few things but come over later. I need to see you!” I had to now sort things out with Tyla. That was going to be fun.

“You have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now.”

“I think I do.” I can also remember vividly some of the kisses I shared with Tyla last night too. 

“Bye baby. I’ll see you soon. I love you!” I hung up the phone smiling in a daze. A daze that was soon shattered by the reminder of the wonderful boy in my bed. I hated doing this.

I walked back into my bedroom, having completely forgotten about whatever Alice’s kitchen incident was. Tyla was already up and had pulled on his jeans, his sculpted torso still on show for me to see.

“Morning,” I smiled, walking towards him and giving him a brief kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” he asked, rubbing my arm, up and down, as I sat next to him on the bed.

“Pretty shit. Erm, I think we need to talk about last night.” I didn’t dare look Tyla in the eyes, cowardly keeping my gaze downcast, fixed on my blazer that was crumpled on the floor.

“Yeah. I think I know what you’re going to say.” He had stopped stroking my arm, instead his hands moved to his lap where he habitually picked at his nails.

“Last night was great. But it was a mistake. It can’t happen again.”

“I know.” His sullen voice was killing me. 

“I talked to Luke this morning. The whole thing was a mistake, he had sent the txt to me instead of Lauren.” I explained, hoping that it would make the situation better, but I think it just made me out to be a bigger bitch. 

“I understand, Georgia,” full name, ouch. “You were upset and drunk and I was there and could fill the temporary gap. I’ve been there myself believe it or not.” I looked at him for the first time, his lips had turned up into a small smile. Maybe things were going to end up better than I had expected. “Don’t give me that look like you don’t believe me! She broke my heart, so I slept with like three different girls in one weekend to heal the pain.”

“Oh my god! You manslut!” I laughed, sweet caring Tyla, three girls in one weekend. You would have never guessed!

“So we’re good? We had our night of fun, now back to being friends.” He stuck his hand out for me to shake, but that was ridiculous. I pulled him into a hug instead whispering thank you’s in his ear.

“Can I ask you for something though?”

“Depends what it is? I mean, after last night’s request,” That smug look made me unable to resist giving his a small whack on the arm.

“No! Just, please don’t tell Luke.”

“You’re not going to tell him?” I couldn’t. It would just make things even more complicated. I wasn’t going to spoil everything by telling Luke something he didn’t need to know.

“I don’t think it’s necessary that he knows. It would just make things worse again. Please Ty?”

“Okay. I promise I won’t tell him.”

“Thank you. For everything. You’re truly fucking amazing Tyla.” And he was. He had been such a good friend, briefly such a good ‘more than a friend’, he had understood about the Luke situation and was always there for me. I loved this kid. As a friend of course.

With that issue dealt with, I was ready to see Luke. The Last Chapter is coming soon

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