Stay With Me


11. <3

It was Beau’s birthday and a bunch of us were going out for dinner to celebrate. Even though I had talked to Beau only a few times, I felt really lucky that I was included. I was beginning to feel more part of their group of friends, they were all so lovely and welcoming. He wasn’t having a big party this year because Kaitlyn was taking him to Sydney for three days the next morning, so they had to be up early. I didn’t mind though, it would be nice to see everyone over a dinner outing. I always loved going out and trying new restaurants and types of food. Italian was still my all time favourite though, I just couldn’t get past a good pizza.

I hadn’t heard from Luke since five days ago at Aaron’s. He hadn’t txt, called, or anything and I was beginning to worry that he wasn’t going to go through with his promise to break up with Lauren. He knew that I was going tonight, so I had just put his lack of communication down to him wanting to see and confirm it to me face to face rather than via phone. Well that was what I had been drastically hoping.

“This is it,” Tyla announced in a sing-song voice, as we pulled up to the restaurant. It wasn’t in town and I still didn’t know Melbourne that well, so I had been feeling very disorientated on the drive over. Drop me in the city and I’ll be fine, but out in the suburbs you’d find me wandering around like a lost puppy, therefore I was very grateful when Tyla offered to give me a ride. 

“Sweet as, I’m starving!” I stated, jumping out of the car quickly and looking at the restaurant before us. Tyla had told me that it was one of the best fine dining burger joints in the city. Don’t know how ‘fine dining’ and ‘burger’ goes together but I took his word for it.

We walked in to the venue together, the cool wind causing my skin to prickle. Tyla noticed and pulled me closer into him, his hand firmly on my waist in an effort to keep me warm. I had stupidly worn only a silk shirt and denim dungarees, and while I decided I looked very Alexa Chung-esque, I was bloody freezing. 

The restaurant was much warmer inside, but Tyla didn’t move his hand much to my confusion. I had made sure things cooled down between us but he was still a touchy person by nature, I had come to discover. 

“Hi, do you have a reservation?” The hostess greeted us.

“Yeah under the name Brooks.” Her finger ran up and down the names listed in the book laying on the podium in front of her.

“That’s great, right this way,” she lead us past tables full of families and couples until we were nearer the back of the restaurant.

“Just in the corner there,” The lady showed us, extending her hand to where we could see some of our friends seated. They were all joking around loudly, no wonder why they had been relegated to the back corner.

“Hello everybody!” Tyla said loudly, joining right in with the boys’ ruckus. 

My breathing hitched as I scanned the table. Everyone was here, Beau, Kaitlyn, Jai, James, Daniel, Aaron, Emma, Luke. Everyone including Lauren. She was seated next to Luke, her hand resting affectionately over his on the table. I couldn’t believe it. I had spent the last five days waiting in anticipation to hear from Luke only to find out he hadn’t broken up with her yet? Maybe I was being unrealistic, maybe Luke just hadn’t found the right moment? She looked pretty cosy next to him though.

I took a few deep breaths and walked round to Beau, saying hi to everyone as I walked past. As I walked past Luke I couldn’t help the flashbacks that flickered through my mind from the night at Aaron’s, causing a sly smile to form over my lips, much more flirtier than I had intended around his girlfriend. But then again I wasn’t expecting her to be here.

“Happy birthday Beau!” I cheered giving him a big hug. 

“Thanks Georgia, glad you could make it!” He grinned, taking my present from my outstretched hands and unwrapping it impatiently. It was hard to believe he was turning twenty the way he ripped the paper off like a five year old on christmas!

“It’s from me too bro! Happy birthday!” Tyla called out from the other end of the table where he had sat down next to Aaron.

“Yeah, it’s from both of us,” I confirmed, shuffling nervously. I always worried that people wouldn’t like what I gave them. Buying presents was such a hard thing to do.

“No way! I fucking love Coldplay! Thank you so much!” Beau exclaimed staring incredulously at the two Coldplay tickets that we had wrapped up in a box.

“It’s for you and Kaitlyn while you’re in Sydney. They play the day after tomorrow.” Luckily this girl at work had bought tickets but couldn’t make it to the show so I snatched them up and Tyla decided to chip in on the cost, too lazy to get his own present. In the end it was a steal, and a brilliant present, If I do say so myself.

Satisfied with Beau’s reaction I sat down in my seat between Jai and Tyla. Luke was right opposite me, staring with a jealous glint in his eyes.

“So you two did a combine present?” He asked looking between Tyla and I.

“It’s tough when you’re a poor student,” I joked. Well it wasn’t really a joke, I was a poor student. Although I still managed to find money when it came to going shopping.

“And you know me man, I’m always shit at presents. It was all Georgia,” Tyla added, nudging my shoulders with his body. I pushed him off me in mock disgust, poking my tongue at at him.

“Well I hope I get something that good when it’s my birthday,” Luke looked straight at me, knowing I would pick up on the connotations in his sentence.

I held his stare, the sexual tension between us becoming thick smog. I was surprised how oblivious Lauren was as she chatted to Daniel who was on her right, her arm still linked through Luke’s though.

“Oh I’m giving you something really special,” lust dripping off my words as I spoke. Tonight was going to be good.


Everyone was really enjoying themselves, all chatting and laughing and even singing at the table. I loved hanging out with these people because they were just so down to earth and chilled. And funny, you couldn’t forget how hilarious the boys were. Always cracking jokes or bad puns. Jai was made to put chips up his nostrils while James managed to eat his whole burger in under three minutes, leaving his stomach aching for the next half an hour.

The mood between Luke and I hadn’t changed. We would be having casual conversations with the others when Luke would catch my eye, slyly raising his eyebrows or giving me a quick wink. I was loving it. Apart from the fact that his girlfriend was all over him like a rash, constantly playing with his hair or linking her fingers through his. It was like she was marking her territory by constantly being in physical contact with him. It made me feel better that Luke wasn’t reciprocating the affection, looking seemingly uninterested in Lauren the whole night, and only occasionally giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“So Georgia, how’s the internship going?” Jai asked me before putting another two chips in his mouth. The food here was actually delicious. The chicken burger that I had ordered was one of the greatest things I had ever eaten.

“It’s so much fun! But I’ve only got one day left. This was my last week and then it’s back to uni.” It was true, it was my last week and I was going to miss it so much! I had learned so much from my experiences and was keen to try and get a permanent job there once I finished my degree.

“Really? Oh that sucks! We’ll go out for a drink tomorrow night to celebrate. Me and Tyla will take you out, won’t we Ty?” Jai asked a spaced out Tyla, who evidently had been paying no attention to anything that was going on around him.

“What? Oh yeah, that sounds good. Get on the piss before you start becoming a nun over your studies,” he teased, patting my knee.

“Excuse me, I am not ‘a nun over my studies’, I know how to balance my work and play thank you very much,” I spoke with as much sass as I could. I had the urge to click my fingers in a zig-zag formation but I resisted.

“Sure, sure,” Tyla mumbled, his hand was still on my knee and was slowly creeping up my thigh. Either Tyla was playing around, or things hadn’t cooled off as much as I had thought. I raised my eyebrows at him but he didn’t move his hand off my leg, just stopped from going any higher. I did my best to just ignore his hand and focus on what Jai was saying.

“You should bring your flat mate, what’s her name again?”

“Alice, but don’t get any ideas in that pretty little head of yours Jai. She’s too tall for you!” Alice and her model legs. Not fair.

“Oi! I wasn’t, just, you know,” He mumbled off at the end, loosing his sentence. That guilty look in his eye made me totally aware of what was going on.

“Haha, oh my god, you totally Facebook stalked her didn’t you!” I couldn’t help but laugh at the sheepish look on Jai’s face.

Luke had been listening to our conversation and took the opportunity to rip out Jai. Just like any good brother would.

“Facebook stalk? Are you 14?” Everyone cracked up at Luke’s insult especially Lauren who giggled loudly. She had been so lovely the other day and now she was acting utterly ridiculous. I had been wrong before though, she wasn’t dumb. Lauren was well aware that things were a bit off with her and Luke.

I gave Luke a sarcastic look, subtly shifting my eyes to Lauren. He smirked and rolled his eyes in response. We were getting quite good at communicating just by our facial expressions. Suddenly Luke gestured his head in the direction of the exit, mouthing ‘talk’ along with it. I nodded my head, understanding his silent message that he wanted to talk to me outside. I was a champion at charades.

“Just going to the bathroom,” I told nobody in particular, standing up and heading outside, not daring to look at Luke incase we aroused suspicion.

The wind had picked up from before, making me shiver crazily, I probably looked like I was having some sort of seizure. I rubbed my arms up and down before hearing the hum of voices from inside as someone opened the door. Turning, I saw Luke approaching me, not giving me time to say anything as he crashed his lips onto my own. He walked me backwards towards the wall so no one would be able to see us from inside, still kissing me fiercely. His tongue traced my bottom lip and I didn’t hesitate to grant him entrance, letting his it slide into my mouth and find my own.

“I’ve wanted to do that all night,” he breathed, resting his forehead on mine. 

“I thought you were breaking up with her?” I whispered, my chest still heaving from our kiss. This felt so wrong, kissing someone else’s boyfriend, but at the same time the thrill of potentially getting caught was exhilarating. 

“I know, I’m so sorry. This is the first time I’ve seen her since the night at Aaron’s. I was planning on breaking it off with her tonight. Then you’ll be mine,” he showered my neck in small kissed, making his way up my jaw line and finally to my mouth, where I wanted him the most. My hands tangled themselves in his hair, desperate to just feel him.

Luke broke away again, frustrating me. We didn’t have much time and all I wanted to do was kiss him.

“Someone needs to tell Tyla to stop touching you,” he said in mild anger.

“I could say the same about Lauren. She’s been latched on to you all night!” I started kissing behind his ear, correctly finding his sweet spot and making him moan. 

“That’s because she’s my girlfriend. You and Tyla aren’t anything. Are you?” He asked slowly, as if he was worried that something had suddenly happened between me and Tyla when in fact the only guy I had been thinking about was him.

“No,” I breathed as he kissed my neck again, “We have to go back in.”

“Shit. Okay. You go back in first, and I’ll follow in a minute. I love you,” he said, smacking my bum as I reluctantly headed back into the restaurant. “I’ll text you!”

Our little ‘conversation’, that was more of a make-out than anything, only fueled my desire for Luke. I hated how excited I felt ever since he said he would break up with Lauren tonight. I knew that I would be absolutely mortified if I ever found myself in her shoes, and I truly felt guilty for what we had been doing. My sense had disappeared in my feelings for Luke. As sad as it was, I knew I would be waiting impatiently for a text from him.

Boys definitely make our judgement cloudy.

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