Stay With Me


10. <3


“Guys, there’s four bedrooms, each sleeps two, me and Emma are off to bed!” Aaron announced, his arm wrapped around his girlfriend as she looked up at him affectionately. Those two were definitely eager to get upstairs.

I felt Tyla squeeze my knee, indicating that we would be sharing a room tonight. I didn’t mind, but I wasn’t go to let anything more than a kiss happen in that bed. 

It wasn’t because I didn’t like Tyla, nor because I wasn’t in the mood, because, man, was I ever. But since I had felt the spine tingling feeling of Luke’s breath hitting my face as he tried to kiss me earlier, or the way he had me trapped against the kitchen counter, I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him. 

“C’mon Jai, you’re sleeping with me tonight baby,” Daniel slurred, faking seduction. From what I had heard this evening, it wasn’t the first time that Jai and Daniel had shared a bed and had the odd spoon. They seemed quite the affectionate pair of friends. I think Daniel was just quite a touchy-feely person in general after watching him jump all over Beau or come up and bear hug me to keep me warm when the night got darker and the wind picked up.

Tyla stood up and reached his hand out for me to grab onto. It was things like this that made him such a chivalrous sweetheart. I couldn’t help but think of all the times Luke had acted like a gentleman towards me, opening my car door or winning me that bear at the carnival. God dammit, I couldn’t shake him from my thoughts.

“I guess it’s just you by yourself, man,” Tyla spoke to Luke, pulling me into his hips so we could walk down the hall with his hands on my arse. I guess he was still a guy.

“Doesn’t mind me,” Luke spoke calmly, still laying spread on the couch, “More room to spread out and no girls taking all the duvet!” He looked directly at me as he spoke, a glimmer in his eye, referring to the time he had woken up with absolutely no blanket and had been relegated to only a slither of the mattress.

“Oh man, too true!” Tyla empathized, knowing only too well what guys had to put up with upon sharing with a woman, “See you in the morning bro.”

“Night Tyla, night George,” he smiled a dopey, drunk smile. 

“Night Luke,” I reciprocated, more warmth to my voice than there had been earlier in the evening. Luke was trying at acting normal and friendly around me so I was doing the same. 

Tyla and I half wandered, half stumbled down the hallway to one of the bedrooms, exploding through the door in a fit of giggles. He gave me a massive hug, practically smothering me, before walking round to the other side of the bed, carelessly chucking the pillows onto the ground behind him.

I watched in anticipation as he began stripping off his clothes. I could just tell he had a killer body under there and I had already got a peak at his defined collar bones due to the low grey v-neck tee he had been wearing. 

“Well? You’re not going to sleep in your clothes are you?” Tyla had looked up and caught me staring, my eyes casting themselves up and down his, and I was correct, sculpted torso. He was now just in his boxers, whereas I hadn’t taken anything off, to caught up in watching a hot guy strip. It was like my own private show! 

“Course not,” I challenged, peeling off my new patterned blouse and denim cut offs. Thank god I had worn my nice matching set. I couldn’t think of anything worse than a guy seeing your granny panties, the ones that are oh so dowdy but oh so comfortable.

I quickly pulled back the covers and jumped into bed, feeling insecure and not wanting Tyla to get a long enough look. Only kissing, remember. He followed suit, but shuffled over towards me wrapping one of his strong arms around my back. I reached up to grab his hand that was lightly stroking my shoulder, holding onto it gently and intertwining my fingers as I looked up at him. His hazel eyes glistened down at me adoringly, and his lips curved up into a grin. I watched as his head slowly descended to my own, his eyes kept searching my face for an indication he should stop. But I stayed perfectly still, waiting for the inevitable moment when his lips touched mine. When they did, I couldn’t help but smile against him, enjoying the pure sweetness that Tyla was expressing into the kiss. I think we must have been on the same page, as a goodnight kiss was perfect right now. Innocent enough for friends to share, although had the potential to spark flames.

He pulled away after a few seconds, lifting a thumb to my cheek as he spoke.

“Neither of us are very sober and I don’t want to do anything that you might regret.” This guy. Oh, I couldn’t believe it. My heart just swelled with endearment. 

“Thanks Tyla,” I whispered.

He moved to turn off the light.

“Goodnight, gorgeous,” he whispered back, leaning over to peck me on the check. I swear, if there was an award for the cutest guy, he would win it.

“Night, handsome,” I joked back, causing us both to chuckle lightly, before calming down and drifting to sleep.

Trouble was, I couldn’t sleep. 

I looked over at Tyla who was out like a light. He sure did fall asleep fast, but then again he did have quite a bit to drink. I wasn’t surprised that it had effectively knocked him out. I crept out of bed to head to the bathroom, realizing that I hadn’t brushed my teeth. I didn’t have a toothbrush but I guess my finger would do just fine.

The door to the bathroom was slightly ajar and the light was on. From the sound of the tap turning on and off it seemed as though someone else was in there brushing their teeth. I knocked on the door out of courtesy.

“Come in,” a guys voice said, gurgling mid brush.

I entered the brightly lit room, my eyes stinging at the adjustment, finding that the voice belonged to Luke who was standing in front of the mirror, just in his boxers, brushing his teeth with one finger. He smiled at me in the reflection, white froth outlining the corners of his mouth.

“Hey. Mind if I join?” I asked. He took a step to the left so that I could join him around the basin. 

Squirting some toothpaste onto my finger, I matched Luke in a little finger tooth brushing. The fact that Luke was also using his finger made me feel a little bit less stupid about myself. We both just stood there, our fore fingers squeaking away at our teeth, our heads facing the mirror allowing our eyes to watch ourselves and each other. I met his gaze in the reflection and couldn’t help my lips stretch into a wide grin, some toothpaste froth spilling down my chin. I furiously wiped it away, quickly spitting into the sink because I could feel the laughter threatening in my throat.

I looked back in the mirror at Luke, grinning with embarrassment. A smile tugged at his own lips and he took his turn with the sink, spitting, before standing straight again. We both burst into laughter, our eyes not leaving each others through the bathroom mirror. 

As our giggles died down, his hand reached out from resting by his side to grab my own, and he squeezed gently.

“Meet me in my room in 15 minutes,” Luke spoke, still facing forward. Then he dropped my hand and left the bathroom. 

I stood in front of the mirror for a moment, shell shocked at Luke’s proposition. Did he really just invite me to his room? I grabbed a hand towel from the rail, wiping any remnants off my mouth and tip toed back into the room I was sharing with Tyla. I slipped back into bed, but the chance of actually sleeping now was even smaller than before.

My mind buzzed with thoughts. I honestly didn’t know what to do. Well I knew what I wanted to do, it had been on my mind all night, but I didn’t know what the right thing was. There was no doubt about it, I still had serious feelings for Luke Brooks, but he had a girlfriend, and what I was contemplating doing was going to constitute as him cheating. Then there was Tyla, lying peacefully next to me. I didn’t even know what was going on between us. Friends who have kissed a couple of times? It reminded me of what Luke and I used to have, but it didn’t seem as serious. What I had with Luke was indescribable. It was fun, it was weird, but I couldn’t get enough of him.

The changing of a red light caught my eye from my peripherals, and I turned to look at the glowing numbers on the alarm clock. 

1.30 AM

Shit? That meant it had been nearly forty minutes since I had seen Luke in the bathroom. My mind was still trying to weigh up the pros and cons of each decision, but I knew, I think I knew from the moment Luke asked me, that I was going to meet him.

I knocked quietly on his bedroom door. I had seen Aaron, Emma, Jai and Daniel go upstairs so this must have been his. Despite there being no answer, I pushed the door open and crept inside. I seemed to be doing a lot of creeping lately. I felt like some sort of spy.

Luke’s figure was curled up on his side at the edge of the bed. What a liar! Even when he had no one else in his bed he still slept on the far side. I walked towards it and hopped in the other side, sliding over to where Luke lay and tapped on his shoulder. I was here now, may as well make the most of it.

“Luke,” I whispered, trying to wake him. His head shot up startlingly, and he turned his body to see who it was that had so rudely woken him up. Once he saw my face, highlighted only by the moonlight shining through a gap in the curtains, his mouth stretched into the biggest smile that I had ever seen a sleepy person make.

“You came,” he breathed, the relief and excitement yelling at me despite his whisper.

“Yeah, you better make this worth it, Brooks.”

His lips crashed onto mine. I couldn’t describe the feeling of utter glee I felt being reunited with him again. I had missed his touch so much. The way he would rub small circles into my hip, like he was now. Or how he would sigh as one of my hands raked its way through his curly mat of hair, tugging and twirling a piece around my finger, like I did now. We were like moths to a flame.

“I want you Luke,” I whispered into his ear, making sure that my warm breath washed over the sweet spot behind his earlobe. He flipped me over, holding his body just above mine with those strong biceps of his, as he kissed all over my face and neck. In that next while I had never felt so loved or looked after. We were both making up for lost time.


As we lay together, Luke taking the role as big spoon, I knew I had made the right decision. As horrible as it sounded, I didn’t care about Lauren, well actually I did, but being with Luke seemed to take all my cares away. And now I was turning into a huge cheese ball. 

“Give me five days, baby. I’ll break up with Lauren and then we can be together. I love you,” Luke cooed into my ear. I had been waiting for him to finally say those words. To say that I meant enough to him that he would break up with his girlfriend. That we were finally going to give ourselves the chance we deserved. I hope he would explain it to Lauren, she seemed to have some sort of an idea from what I had overheard earlier. And Tyla? Well I’m sure Tyla would understand if we just kept as friends.

“Okay.” I flipped over to kiss him again. I couldn’t get enough of kissing him. I had missed though perfectly shaped lips far too much. “I should get back. We don’t want things to look suspicious.”

“No baby, don’t go! I don’t care what the others think!” Luke pleaded, clutching on to my hand in an attempt to not let me leave.

“Well I do. No one can know about this, about us, until you break up with Lauren. I don’t want to look like some whore that split up a relationship!”

“Baby,” He stroked the hand he still had a hold on, “Don’t say that! No one thinks you’re a whore. I’ll sort it out, I promise.” He set my hand free so I was able to slip my underwear back on and walk back to the door. As I went to leave I poked my head back inside his room, seeing him still sitting up watching my every move.

“I love you,” I told him. Then headed back to the room I shared with Tyla, finally able to fall asleep.


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