Stay With Me


9. <3

“I’ll just go and check on him,” Lauren piped up, standing from her seat next to where Luke had just been sitting, and rushing after him.

I watched her scuttle into the house before shifting my eyes over to Jai who had also been watching Lauren and Luke. He must have felt my stare because he gaze flickered to mine. Finally having captured his attention, I raised my eyebrows in react to Luke’s childish exit, in which Jai simply nodded his head for me to follow after them, still casually playing the guitar. 

I waited a few moments, not wanting to make it seem obvious that I was joining the chase inside, before excusing myself from Tyla’s hold around my waist.

“I’m just going to go to the loo then get another drink,” I said smiling to appear like everything was normal. In fact I was hating myself for lying to him. It wasn’t as if it was a major lie, but I just disliked deception.

“Sure babe,” he replied quite dismissively, too entranced by the fact that Aaron had begun handing out another round of sausages. Boys and their food.

Even from the lounge I could hear Luke and Lauren’s voices, and it seemed as though they were having a bit of a heated discussion just through in the kitchen. 

“I still don’t get why you stormed off Luke? You’ve been acting strange all afternoon!” Lauren accused. I walked towards the door connecting the two rooms, and waited. If anyone came inside right now, it would blatantly look like I was spying, and I kind of was. 

“It’s nothing okay. She just- I just, I mean I just, I dunno,” he sighed in defeat, the slip up giving away what was really on his mind.

“She?” Lauren exclaimed, “It’s Georgia isn’t it? Did you two have something going on together?” My ears perked up at my name, interested to see what Luke was going to say back to this.

“I guess you could say that we went out for a while, but that doesn’t matter anymore. I’m with you now. It’s just weird seeing her again.” Ouch.

“Do you still have feelings for her though?” Lauren wasn’t the only one who wanted to know. My heart was racing in anticipation for his answer.

“Course not,” Double ouch. My stomach just dropped. It was so much harder to actually hear him say it. I could hear them kissing. Perfect.

“You head back out, I’m just going to grab myself another beer and i’ll see you outside in a minute.” Luke told her. 

I guess that was my queue, otherwise it would look highly suspicious, Lauren seeing me hard up against the door way as she walked back out to the garden. I quickly made it look like I was just entering the lounge as Lauren walked out, exchanging a small smile as we passed each other. Fair enough, I could understand why she may not like me. Regardless of what he just said to Lauren, I needed to talk to Luke. As much as it was going to be hard, we were fast gaining a lot of mutual friends, and we needed to not act so obviously tense and weird around everyone.

“Luke, we need to talk,” I announced as I sauntered into the kitchen, leaning against the counter next to Luke who was sipping his beer in deep thought.

“So you’re with Tyla now?” I guess I should be used to his blunt manner, but Luke’s question threw me slightly off guard.

“What? Er, I don’t know,” I stuttered, trying to gather my thoughts and make this as much about Luke as it is about me. “You’re allowed to try and move on, why can’t I?”

“Yeah, try,” Luke mumbled, his voice barely even audible. I didn’t want to think about that, and brushed his comment to one side.

“Listen, I just think that we need to act more normally around each other, especially when we’re all out with friends. I mean, after the scene you nearly caused I think I have a good enough reason.” We both stood in silence facing the wall in front of us, digesting my proposal.

“That’s another one of my close friends that you’ve hooked up with now,” Luke stated, refusing to even look at me, his head remaining straight on. Surely I was better to look at that a blank wall?

I was becoming frustrated at the fact Luke was still going on about me and Tyla, and avoiding what was truly important and the reason I was even talking to him. If it wasn’t for his ridiculous behaviour, things could have been fine between us tonight, and we could have deftly attempted being friends. I wanted to be his friend, if that meant not loosing him from my life altogether. To be honest, with Jai and I’s blossoming friendship, it would be hard if I hated his twin brother.

“Are you even listening to me,” I spat, turning my body so I was facing his profile. “We’re not together anymore, so who I kiss is none of your business.”

Luke just grunted and took another swig of his beer, still not relenting his stance. I huffed at him, preparing to give him another serve when he rapidly whipped around, his body moving to be in front of my own, trapping me against the counter with his strong arms.

“I should be the only one that you’re kissing,” he hissed. His eyes bored into mine, and I could see his own anger and frustration emerging.

“I don’t understand. One minute you’re telling me you falling in love with me, then you suddenly get a new girlfriend, and now you’re saying that you want me again?” His tongue shot out to lick his lips as his eyes made his way up and down my face and torso. I honestly had no idea if he was paying attention to my words or not and it was making me so angry.

“I’ve always wanted you Georgia,” he voice dripped with the lust evident in his eyes.

“Then why would you go and get another girlfriend?” The anger from me was replaced with desperation.

“Because you were angry with me, then you kissed Jai at the club and never replied to what I said. I felt like I needed to try and get over you. Have you never heard the saying, ‘the best way to get over someone is to get under somebody else’?” We both laughed, breaking the tension that had encapsulated us.

Our laughs settled down and Luke brought his thumb up to gently stroke my cheek, causing my insides to warm at the contact.

“I regret not telling you every single day. I just want to put all this behind us and go back to what we were before.” He said sincerely. That’s all I wanted to do too, though everything seemed to be against us. It was like the universe was trying to prevent us from ever being together.

“Me too,” I whispered. That was all Luke needed for him to begin leaning in. As much as I wanted to kiss him, it was wrong and I wasn’t going to let him make anymore stupid mistakes when it came to girls. I swerved my head, “Luke we can’t. You have a girlfriend and I’m not letting you cheat on her.” 

I pushed against his chest lightly, escaping his body’s confinements, “I’ll see you outside.”

Outside, everyone was happily chewing on the cooked food. I grabbed myself a few chicken kebabs on a plate and rejoined Tyla on our beanbag.

“You’re back,” he cheered, shuffling over to make some more room.

“Yeah, sorry.”

“It’s alright. Is everything okay?” He sounded genuinely concerned, it was so sweet. I smiled, nodding my head before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. I just didn’t feel right kissing him properly after what had happened with Luke, even though he had made it clear that while he wanted me, he wasn’t going to break up with his girlfriend. I guess a part of me just didn’t want to give up. 


Our discussion didn’t really have much effect because the tension between me and Luke for the rest of the night was still fairly evident. It was probably because Luke hardly took on board anything I had to say, instead attempting to grovel his way into my pants it seemed. I tried to ignore the awkwardness between us best I could, but every time I would look over at him, Luke would see me and quickly kiss Lauren or whisper in her ear causing her to laugh, then look at me for a reaction. He was definitely getting one, it hurt. Bad. 

By the end of the night it was just me, Tyla, Luke, Jai, Daniel, Aaron, and his girlfriend Emma left. Everyone else had slowly trickled out, leaving us to finish all the alcohol, a challenge we had no trouble completing. I was surprised when Lauren left without Luke, and me and Jai exchanged more questioning glances between us. I hadn’t had a chance to tell him what had gone down in the kitchen although I could tell his was itching to hear it. Jai was becoming, alongside Alice, the one I was telling all my Luke drama to. It was good though, because Jai probably knew Luke the best and was a direct link to him, available to always give me and update of what’s been happening. He was easy to confide in and I felt like I could trust him and his advice.

“Babe,” Tyla slurred, the alcohol definitely taking its toll, “Do you want me to drop you home now?” 

I looked at my watch seeing that it was nearly midnight. My mouth dropped, unable to believe how late it had gotten. Just as I was about to reply, Aaron must have overheard, well Tyla is quite a loud drunk speaker, and spoke up.

“Nope, Tyla there’s no way I’m letting you drive,” he scanned the small crowd of us, “Actually that goes for the lot of you. Just stay the night at mine, there’s plenty of beds.” He was right, the house was massive. I had got lost just trying to find the nearest bathroom.

Everyone seemed to agree with this arrangement, apart from Emma who let out a small whine, obviously expecting to have the place just to her and Aaron for the night. Whoops, sorry Emma.

“This is good. Means there’s more of you to help me tidy up in the morning,” Aaron cheered. By himself I might add. 

I looked across at Luke who was talking to Daniel, wondering how he was reacting to the thought of us all staying the night together. Me and him, no Lauren, Tyla and I. As our eyes meet I swear I saw him give me a look that meant trouble was about to go down tonight.


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