Stay With Me


8. <3


Jai and Tyla had done a good job at cheering me up, but nothing was really going to make up for the fact that Luke had given up on us and gotten a new girlfriend. I was completely baffled. How does someone go from saying that they’re falling in love with one person and then two weeks later be dating somebody else? All I wanted to do was cry, and I could physically feel my heart breaking. The only thing that was stopping me from going to Luke and screaming at him “why,” was the fact that I had partially caused this. I shouldn’t have messed Luke around so much and just tried to work out the whole lying thing together. Maybe then it would have been  me he was calling his girlfriend, not some other girl.

Jai and Tyla had reassured me that they were there for me, and I was beginning to see them as really good friends. Tyla had been quite flirty with me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder in ‘comfort’, always cracking jokes with me, and then kissing my cheek, might I say dangerously close to my lips, when we went to leave. 

“I honestly can’t believe he has a new girlfriend!” Alice exclaimed, swirling her wine around in its glass before taking another sip.

“Neither can I. It’s all my fault, if I hadn’t of dropped my bloody phone in the sink, I would have been able to contact him earlier,” I felt like I was on the verge of tears.

“Oh honey,” Alice cuddled into me, “It’s just been a shit series of events with you two, hasn’t it?” I nodded feebly. The thing was I couldn’t shake the fact that were so good for each other. Those first few weeks that we started hanging out were amazing.

“I’m surprised that his number was the only form of contact that you had with him. Like he never took you back to his house?” Alice asked concerned.

“No, I’m pretty sure the reason he never took me back to his, was because apparently his house is always surrounded by teenage girls. That would have given it away, the whole famous thing.”

My phoned buzzed loudly on the coffee table. I reached over to grab it, seeing the name ‘Tyla’ lit up on the screen. I wonder what he wanted? We had all exchanged phone numbers at lunch but I hadn’t spoken to him since. 

Hey George, how are you going? A few friends are having a BBQ tomorrow, did you wanna go with me? xx

“Who is it George?” Alice tried peering her head over my shoulder to get a peek at the text.

“It’s Tyla,” I stated incredulously, “He’s asking if I want to go to some barbeque with him.”

“Well are you going to go?”

“Should I? I mean, he’s friends with Luke, he could be there. I wouldn’t want things to be awkward,” And I bet he’d bring his new girlfriend as well. Not sure how I would handle seeing them together. I’d probably just spend the evening singing ‘That Should Be Me’ in my head, because I’m such a sad case.

“Go! Who cares if he’s there. You’ve gotta show him that you’re strong and the whole thing is not affecting you-”

“But it kinda is,” I cut Alice off.

“So? And from what you’ve told me, Tyla’s cute. And he seems interested in you. This could be a good distraction.” 

Alice was right. Maybe going to this BBQ with Tyla would be good for me. He was nice, funny, and not to mention super good looking, with his sandy brown hair and killer tan. It could work. Plus, if Luke was there, it would be a good opportunity to check out his new girlfriend. I mean, c’mon, I have to see if she’s prettier than me or not.

I quickly texted Tyla back my reply,

Sure, sounds cool. You can pick me up ;) x


“I’m really glad you came, George,” Tyla smiled down at me as we walked around and through the back gate of his friend Aaron’s place.

“So am I. It will be nice to get to know a few more people here in Melbourne.”

“Oh you’ll like these guys. They’re a hoot!” Tyla exclaimed, laughing. 

I enjoyed watching his face light up as all his friends cheered “Tyla,” upon seeing him arrive. It made me grin seeing him happy. He just had that effect on people, his good moods rubbed off on you.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” He shook a few hands and slapped a few backs greeting all his friends. I only recognised a few people; Jai, Daniel, James and Beau from the Janoskian photo shoot at Vogue, but there weren’t heaps of other people anyways. 

Tyla introduced me to Aaron, who was hosting the BBQ.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Georgia,” Aaron greeted me. I gave him a puzzled look, what did he mean by ‘finally meet you’?

I guess he picked up on my expression, or could just read my mind, and continued.

“I heard a lot about you from the twins. You went out with Luke for a while didn’t you?”

“No, we, erm, just hung out together for a bit,” I smiled, trying not to make the situation awkward. I had been here like two minutes and was already being asked about Luke. 

“Oh that’s cool. Well I’m gonna put some more sausies on the barbie. Speak later man,” He gestured to Tyla then walked back inside to grab some more sausages.

We spotted Jai sitting down on one of the many outdoor beanbags, with James and Daniel next to him, and headed over to join them.

“Tyla! Georgia! How are you?” Jai shouted, jumping up and pulling each of us into a hug. What a cutie. I laughed at the bow tie Jai was sporting around his checkered shirt. The photo shoot must have really influenced him.

I sat myself down, ending up wedged between Jai and Tyla. We all chatted for a while and the afternoon was going good so far. The boys told me about the Janoskians, which actually seemed really cool. They had put smiles on a lot of peoples faces with their pranks and short mockumentaries. I learnt that Daniel’s nickname was Skip, which he revealed to me in an interesting charades-esque manner, by skipping all around the lawn. Skip was so funny and had us all in fits of laughter. I also chatted to Beau again and met his girlfriend Kaitlyn. Apparently they had been good family friends for a while and then a lot of the fans started telling them that they should go out and they did. They were so cute together and Kaitlyn was really the sweetest girl. We shared fashion tips and she offered to take me to some great boutique shops that she new of hidden around Melbourne.

“I’ll go and get us some more drinks,” Tyla stood up, heading into the kitchen. He was being really flirty and affectionate with me, making it quite obvious that he liked me, but I didn’t mind. I was enjoying the attention, even though at the back of my mind there was the constant wish that it was Luke instead.

“Ay! Luke! Lauren! You made it!” Skip hollered. All of our heads whipped around in the direction of the gate to see Luke and what must have been his girlfriend walking in, hand in hand. Ouch. It actually hurt seeing Luke with another girl. This was going to be much harder than I thought.

Luke did the rounds, greeting everyone and introducing them to his new girlfriend Lauren. Finally he made his way down to me. Unsurprisingly, my heart was racing as he looked at me, but I tried my very best to breath steadily as to not give anything away. I was going to be the bigger person here, say hi and act friendly.

“Hi Luke,” I put on my best attempt at a convincing smile.

“Hey Georgia,” he replied, awkwardly giving me some sort of one armed hug, his other arm still linked with his girlfriends. I pulled away and turned to her, smiling so I wouldn’t reveal the hostility I actually felt towards her.

“Erm, this is my girlfriend Lauren,” Luke spoke. Man this must have been strange for him. It was strange for me. “Lauren, this is Georgia.”

“Hi, Georgia. It’s really nice to meet you,” Dammit this girl seemed nice. Not to mention she was gorgeous with big blue eyes and long brown hair. She dressed well also, sporting a chic floral blouse over some white 7/8 pants.


I played along, acting happy and cracking jokes, but I was really having trouble holding back from crying. This made me want to cry, and that made me feel rather pathetic. Luke didn’t even introduce me as his friend, I was just, ‘Georgia.’ And the way he said it, like it was venom on his tongue. Way to make someone feel good, Luke. 

I skulled my drink, pushing all of my Luke drama to one side in my brain. I was here, having a good time (for the most part), meeting new people, and Tyla McHottie had his hand on my knee. Wait what? I looked down, seeing him drawing small circles on my hot skin. It was past 5pm and the sun was still blaring.

“Well did you know you’re an angel? Who forgot how to fly,” Tyla’s warm breath hit my earlobe as he sang along to the song Jai was playing on guitar.

I giggled. I mean who wouldn’t when someone sings cheesy Justin Bieber lyrics into your ear? I was definitely a suck for a cheese.

“Did you know that it breaks my heart every time to see you cry!” I sang back over dramatically, adding in my own interpretive dance moves. The whole ‘finger is a tear running down my cheek’ featured. Tyla let out a loud laugh, his hands reaching over to tickle me.

“Oi! You cheeky shit!” He teased, still tickling me mercilessly. 

“Stop! Stop! I’m not a shit!” I pleaded, squirming indignantly in one of the outdoor beanbags that Tyla and I were sharing. Finally he stopped tickling me, although his hands didn’t leave my body, instead they delicately traced their way down to my hips, pulling me closer to him even though we were practically sitting on each other.

“Yes you are,” his face was dangerously close to mine that I could see every pore on his flawless skin. His hazel eyes were alternating from boring into my own, and watching my lips. His tongue flickered out, wetting his lips, so I wasn’t all that surprised when he closed the gap between us. His lips were soft, making the kiss sweet even though I could taste the alcohol on his breath when he opened his mouth. 

I pulled away, smiling cheekily at him as I patted his knee. I felt him nudge me and we both broke out into laughter. Tyla was nice, and was proving a good distraction. It was just a bonus that he was a really good kisser. If Luke could try and move on, then so could I.

With Luke running through my mind, I decided to look over at him. He was seated opposite from us, his own arm wrapped around Lauren’s shoulders as we all watched the exclusive jam session that Jai was putting on for us, with the occasional addition from Beau. I was met with a cold glare, and I could see him biting the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from saying anything. Luke stood up abruptly, and stormed over towards the house, jaw set tight. The bitter expression that he gave me as he walked past, let me know that he had seen Tyla kiss me, and was not happy about it. 

Well too bad, Luke. 


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