Stay With Me


7. <3


It had been two weeks since I had talked to Luke that night at the club, and as much as I had wanted to contact him, something always had to prevent me from doing so. The first week I had been flat out busy at work, trying to submit some good pieces to the editor and keep up my ‘so far so good’ profile in my internship. Then the next week, I had accidently dropped my phone in the sink, effectively killing it along with Luke’s number and sole method of contacting him. The odds just didn’t seem to be in my favour.

What Luke had told me that night really struck a chord. He was right, I had been fairly uncertain about my feelings and what I wanted, but it wasn’t because I didn’t like Luke, it was because I was scared. Scared of being in a relationship, scared of being let down or letting him down, scared of falling in love. I couldn’t believe that I had been so stupid to hook up with his twin brother, and even though I was drunk and my judgement was evidently clouded, that was no excuse for what I had done. I had just added another dimension of problems to the situation. But after I had gone home and cried myself to sleep that night, I knew it meant that I felt the same. I wanted to make it right with Luke, and I wanted to be with him, I just didn’t know how to find him to make it work.

I was woken from my reverie but a startling knock at my door.

“Georgia, hi, can I come in?” It was Chloe from the Teen Vogue department. I only knew this because I had met her in one of the meetings I had sat in.

“Yeah of course,” I stood up and made my way around the desk to greet her with a friendly hug.

“I was just wondering if you would like to come down and help out with the photo shoot that we are having today. Get a feel for what it’s like, experience, all that jazz,” she laughed. 

“Yeah! Of course!” I replied excitedly. Working on a photo shoot was always something that I had wanted to do one day, and now I was finally going to get my chance! 

“Awesome, so let’s head down now, the shoot should be starting soon, and we need to introduce you to our models for the day as you will be helping dress them,” Chloe said, standing up and heading towards the door, gesturing me to follow.

I quickly grabbed my bag, not exactly sure what I would need and followed Chloe out my office. On the way down to the shoot, Chloe told me the basic outline of what would be happening and how everything would run, and then we just chatted a bit, making small talk and catching up with each other. Walking through the doors of the studio, we entered into a room full of what seem like organized chaos. There were people rushing back and forth with lights and shades, clothes on racks were being pushed around the room and someone who appeared to be the photographer was bellowing out loud instructions to various people. I loved it.

“Okay, listen up everybody!” Chloe called out. She was running the shoot today, and despite the visioned mess, she knew everything was under control and ready to go. “I’m going to bring the guys in now, so let’s go team!” A massive cheer erupted around the room, everyone expressing just how much they enjoyed their job and how excited they were to be here. It was such a cool atmosphere to work in, and I found myself getting completely swept up and cheering too.

I realized that I had no idea who we were shooting today, but before I could ask anybody, the doors banged open widely and Chloe walked back through, and just my luck, the Janoskians were right behind her. My eyes instantly searched for him and I watched Luke as he walked in. He was wearing a plain grey sweater and jeans and his hair was left curled and messy, just the way I liked it. I could feel my heart beating faster, I hadn’t seen him in so long yet he could still make my heart race. 

Chloe led the boys towards were I was standing somewhat cemented to the ground trying to get over my initial shock of seeing Luke again. I really wanted to talk to him but I wasn’t sure how he was going to react seeing me again. I watched as his eyes found mine and his jaw dropped slightly. No smile, no wave. He turned his lips up briefly out of politeness, then diverted his eyes again.

“Guys, this is Georgia, one of our interns at Vogue. Her and the other girls are going to be helping style and dress you,” Chloe introduced me, seemingly unaware of the awkward tension that was lingering in the air between me and Luke like a bad smell.

“Hi Georgia, it’s nice to meet you, I’m James,” he greeted me with a handshake. 

Next Daniel and Beau introduced themselves to me, Beau kept looking at me strangely as if he recognized me from somewhere. He looked towards Luke who was scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, waiting his turn to ‘meet’ me, and quietly mouthed, “Oh,” when Luke nodded his head quickly. Well Beau obviously now knew who I was and had put the pieces together. 

Next was Jai, who I had met at the club. He remembered me and pulled me in for a quick hug. I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that Jai wasn’t going to act weird around me after the other night, and made a mental note to make sure that I was helping out him with his clothes. Maybe I could ask him about Luke and get a bit of inside knowledge.

Finally I turned to look at Luke. He had been watching my interaction with Jai carefully, but his face showed no emotion.

“Hi, Georgia,” I remained stiff as he hugged me quickly, my whole body reacting as our skin came into contact. The smell of his familiar cologne made my breath hitch in my throat, leaving me unable to make a sound.

“Okay guys, the girls will take you to get ready. See you back out here in about ten minutes,” with that Chloe left us to it, as me and the other four girls who I hadn’t realized were behind me, led each boy over to their assigned rack of clothes. I could feel Luke’s stare as I called Jai over, but I didn’t want to do anything now. If I was going to talk to him, it wasn’t going to be in front of work people.

“How have you been? It’s nice to see you again,” Jai asked me as I handed him a plain white v-neck to change into.

“Busy. This internship has kept me working hard, but it’s so much fun. I mean look at what I get to do today!” Jai chuckled at my enthusiasm. “How have you been?”

“Yeah, pretty good. We’ve filmed a few more videos and MTV have renewed our show for another season so that’s good news!” I turned my head as he changed his top, my eyes straining not to sneak a look at the thought that because him and Luke are twins they would have similar bodies.

“Wow, that’s brilliant. Erm, how’s Luke?” I think Jai and I had both been waiting for this topic to come up.

“I’m going to be honest with you, he’s been better. He’s been putting up a front though and being quite secretive, he won’t let anybody know how he really feels. I think you should talk to him Georgia.”

“I know, and I feel so bad about that night, no offense or anything.”

“None taken,” Jai laughed again. I handed him a pale blue bow tie to put around his neck.

“He told me I needed to sort out what I want, and I’ve done that now. I feel like he doesn’t want to talk me though,” My lips automatically pulled into a frown at the thought of Luke not wanting to see me, as I fixed up Jai’s bow tie, tilting it a bit so it looked a bit cooler.

“Just talk to him. We don’t have anything on immediately after this, so do it then,” Jai gave me a reassuring smile before gesturing me to turn around while he changed into some pink checkered shorts.

I turned back around to find Jai had struck a pose, his thumb and fore finger making a ‘v’ under his chin, while his other hand was propped on his hip, causing me to laugh heartily.

“Let me just spray your hair and then you’re done,” I said between giggles. I quickly sprayed Jai’s hair with some hairspray. Unlike Luke, his had been straightened and was a tad longer. I ran my fingers through it adding a bit of body and swept his fringe to one side. I couldn’t help but wish it was Luke standing here, and that it was his curly locks that my fingers were working themselves in, just like I had done so often before.

“Am I done?” Jai asked, putting on a cute little voice.

“Yes, now go and take some sexy photos!” I joked. I felt at ease with Jai, and got on well with him. It reminded me of how well me and Luke got on. Luke, Luke, Luke. That’s all I could seem to think of.

After tidying up my area, I wandered over to the photographer, standing behind him and next to Chloe, in the perfect position so that I was able to watch the boys in action and then see the results up on the computer at the same time. The photos were turning out fantastically. We had gone for a kind of summer nerd chic look, quite hipster you could say, but with a nerdy twist. Bow ties, suspenders, and shirts were the focus. It reminded me of old One Direction photos, all five boys in their preppy gear. 

I laughed loudly as I saw Jai pull that same pose as he had earlier for the camera. All of the boys turned in my direction, laughing along at Jai’s silliness, including Luke. I met his gaze and as our eyes locked on one another I felt my heart lurch in my stomach. Something as simple as a look from him still had such an effect. Who had I been kidding? My feelings for Luke were definitely more than just ‘liking’ him. 

I smiled at him, and nearly danced on the spot when he returned the smile. We stood there, silently eye fucking each other until the photographer called his name. I giggled, knowing it was my fault he was now being told to pay attention and look at the camera. At least he wasn’t being hostile towards me anymore.

Unfortunately throughout the rest of the shoot, Luke kept avoiding meeting my gaze again. I caught him looking at me a few times which made me smirk, but other than our first moment, there was nothing. I was beginning to worry about what our conversation might entail afterwards.

“Okay guys, that’s a wrap!” Chloe called out, and yet again the room was filled with celebratory cheers, this time the five deep voices of the Janoskian boys and their wooting was included. I went up and thanked Chloe for letting me join in today before rushing out after the boys to catch Luke before he left. I managed to make my way through all the people so that I was right behind him. I took a breath, watching the way his back muscles moved as he walked before grabbing his arm to get his attention. The butterflies in my stomach were swarming at full speed, this was it.

“Luke, hi. Erm, can I talk to you?” My voice was nervous and shaky. I hoped I didn’t sound like too much of a pathetic twat.

“Yeah okay.” We stood just watching each other while we waited for the hallway to clear.

“I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry for what happened at the club. I’ve sorted out what I feel and I’ve really missed you, Luke. I’m so sorry that I haven’t contacted you, my phone fell in the sink and I didn’t have you number written down anywhere else and -” I was cut off by Luke’s hands grasping my flailing pair as I spoke, and holding them between us.

“I’ve got a girlfriend,” he shot out fast, eyes clasp shut as he spoke. I dropped my hands from his, shocked. I couldn’t bloody believe it. I looked down, suddenly fascinated with the hem of my shirt.

“I thought when you didn’t contact me that it meant you didn’t feel the same, so I tried to ‘move on’. I’m so sorry,” for the first time since we started speaking, Luke looked directly at me. The guilt was written all over his face. 

I didn’t know what to do. My mind felt like it was whirling at a thousand miles an hour as the thoughts zoomed through my head. I could feel tears beginning to form and I new that soon they would be tumbling down cheeks. I had to leave, now.

“Okay,” I managed to mumble out, before pushing past Luke and hastily heading down the corridor, sniffing a few times. Once I got around the corner I paused, taking a deep breath and wiping the tears from my eyes, checking my thumbs to make sure no mascara had smudged.

“Georgia, hey! Did you talk to Luke?” Jai and his friend who I hadn’t seen earlier were approaching me.

“Erm yeah, and it didn’t go too well. Why would you tell me to talk to him if you knew he had a new girlfriend?” A slightly accusing tone to my voice.

Both Jai and his friend looked at each other quizzically. 

“What the? I had no idea, Georgia. I’m so sorry. Hey why don’t you come for lunch with me and Tyla, we’ll cheer you up won’t we Ty?” he nudged his friend, attempting to lighten the glum mood that I had set over us.

“We’ll have you laughing in no time,” Tyla reassured me, wearing a sincere grin on his face. He was tall, dark and handsome, not to mention had a killer tan going on. A little time in the company of a very attractive guy could definitely help lift my spirits.

“Sounds good. Lead the way boys!” 

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