Stay With Me


6. <3


The music thumped loudly throughout the club, enough so, that I could even feel the heavy bass resonating in my chest. The place was packed tight with sweaty bodies grinding up on one another. I guess going out on a Tuesday night wasn’t such a foreign concept as I had once thought.

“We’ll have another set of shots please,” Alice called out to the bartender. 

This was probably our third set of shots for the night. After the weekend I had had, Alice and I decided that tonight we were going to let loose and not worry about guy drama. The thing was, I couldn’t get what happened with Luke off my mind. Had I made the right decision or not? That very question had kept me up all night.

“Shit, that’s strong,” I commented hoarsely, slamming the glass back on the bench after swiftly downing the contents. I turned my back to the bar, taking in the whole atmosphere of this club. It was supposed to be one of the hottest in town, one of Alice’s classmates had insisted she visit, so coupled with my woes, here we were.

As I scanned the room absentmindedly, I was met with a pair of dark eyes staring intently at me, trying to make out who I was. Even in my current state, as I gave the figure the once over I immediately recognized Luke, practically glaring at me from the other side of the club as he now recognized me also.

“C’mon, let’s get back out on the dance floor.” I dragged Alice behind me, my gaze still fixated on Luke, whose own eyes hadn’t left mine either. I was about to show him just was he was going to miss out on.

We made our way on the floor, slowly joining in with the other bodies grooving around us. I swayed my hips rhythmically, running my hands up my sides and into the air. I was thankful for the alcohol in my system, otherwise I wouldn’t have been so confident with the whole ‘sexy’ dance thing. 

Suddenly I felt a pair of hands grasp my waist, followed by a body pressing itself up against me, causing us to move to the music together as a unit. I embraced the fact their was some horny guy attached to me, carefully grinding myself into his crotch and letting my head fall back against his chest. 

The guy leant down to whisper in my ear, “So sexy, girl.” What an eloquent creature I had behind me. I smiled dopily at his compliment and looked back over to where Luke was standing seeing him watching me intently, this time with a harsher gaze than before. My stupid plan seemed to be working.

The intense lights and close proximity of bodies made my thirst urgently need to be quenched. I turned around so I was facing my dance partner, glancing briefly at his face, not too bad, before leaning up to his ear.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” I whispered, although it was more like a shout that sounded like a whisper in the deafening club. It didn’t matter though, I had no intention in going back to him. I only had eyes for Luke. 

As I wandered back over to get another drink I spotted Alice happily dancing the tongue dance with some fit looking guy. Good job Alice, at least she could let loose. Sipping my drink I looked over to where Luke was but he was gone. I frantically scoured the room again, in search for his figure. In the dark distance I could barely make out the shadow of Luke’s profile amongst the sea of bodies. I skulled the rest of my wine and made a bee line in his direction, determined to see him and dance with him, to dangle in front of his face what he had screwed up. I knew it was me that had told him I wanted space, but with the alcohol making my head spin, my better judgement had inevitably been clouded. And there was no Alice to restraint me.

I danced my way through the thick crowd, saving polite ‘excuse me’s’ for a time when people would actually hear me, resorting to a small shove if someone was being totally stubborn. 

Finally I found myself behind Luke. I took a deep breath before tapping on his shoulder and striking a small pose, my head tilted to the side in a drunken attempt to look sexy. He whipped around, and I was met with that gorgeous face that I had gotten to know so well over the past few weeks. Luke gave me a sly smile before pulling me into him by my waist and moving us along with the music. I failed to notice the lack of lip piercing or small dot on his nose under the flashing party lights, and happily fell into his grip, moving my hips generously.

“Hey baby,” I smirk into his ear, enjoying the feel of being back in Luke’s arms. We danced together for a while before I felt his grip tightened around me, and his face leant down so that his lips made contact with my own. Strangely, there were none of the usual fireworks erupting in my mind, nor did my stomach get butterflies as we kissed. Must be the alcohol.

“Georgia?” Someone called my name, causing me to pull away from Luke’s kiss and hold and identify the person.

“Luke? Wait, what?” I flipped my head back and forth between the Luke I had just been kissing and the Luke that was now also standing in front of me, a shocked expression all over his face.

“I know I’m drunk but how are there two of you?” I was so confused, my head still looking back and forth between both guys.

“I’m not Luke, I’m Jai, his twin,” the guy who I had just been kissing spoke up. Oh dear god. This was not good.

My head flipped back to the actual Luke and I reached out to grab his hand and apologize, but he took a small step back from me, shaking his head in disbelief.

“I can’t believe this,” he mumbled before abruptly swiveling on his feet and walking out in the direction of the exit.

Shit, oh no. This was so not good. I had just hooked up with Luke’s brother. His freaking twin brother. Now I don’t know all that much about the ‘bro-code’ but I was pretty sure that what I had just done was up there on the no-go list. Crap.

“Look, I’m really sorry, I thought you were Luke and I just..” I rambled at Jai who shared my uneasy expression.

“It’s no problem, mistakes happen,” he cut me off. Jai gave me a reassuring smile.

“I’m going to go after him, uh, bye,” I called, already half way out of the dance floor. Once I was free from the mob of people I rushed in the direction I saw Luke head, managing a run even in a pair of my highest heels.

As I pushed the heavy doors open and felt the rush of fresh air against my skin, I spotted Luke, hailing a cab a little way to the left of where I was standing, my chest heaving.


“Luke, wait!” I called out, half tottering, half running down the road to catch up with him. I watched him as his head whipped around in recognition of his name. Our eyes met and he stopped, allowing the taxi to drive ahead without stopping.

“Luke, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know, I thought it was you,” I told him, my breath still labored from my quick exit as I made my way towards him.

“Are we over Georgia? Or are we on a break? Because, frankly, I’m confused.” He asked, voice loud and jaw set tight. He had completely swept aside my apology, but he was right. What were we? Had I just cheated or not?

“We can’t exactly be over Luke. We were never anything to begin with.” I argued.

“Well we were more than just two people hooking up!” He cried, his hands being thrown up in the air in exasperation.

“I don’t know okay! I’m sorry.” I cast my gaze down, unable to look Luke in the eyes. I felt so guilty about kissing his brother. I felt so guilty about this whole situation. 

Luke had obviously had a few too many to drink also, because I hadn’t seen him so worked up before, his jaw tight, his eyebrows frowning hard causing lines in his forehead, and the muscles in his arms were visibly contracting and releasing. It wasn’t threatening and I wasn’t scared, I could tell he was more frustrated and mildly hurt than anything.

“Well tell me, did you ever want it to be anything more?” He took a step towards me. I could see the exhaustion in his face, this, the alcohol, the club, it was all wearing him out. It was wearing me out too. I just wanted this to be resolved and to be back with Luke, but it seemed like so many things were preventing me from doing that. 

“Of course I did,” I spoke gently, “But things seem so complicated now I just-”

“Things were never complicated until yesterday,” He cut me off, just like his twin had done earlier inside the club.

“That’s because you lied to me Luke! I felt like you couldn’t trust me. But regardless if you had told me or not, your job is going to make any relationship so much harder.”

“I know and I’m sorry! I’m trying to fix things, I’m trying to give you your space like you asked for. But then I go out and see you dancing all over numerous guys and then hooking up with my brother? If you wanted out, all you had to do was say.”

“I don’t want out Luke. I want in. I just-”

“Why are you always so uncertain?” Luke let out a frustrated groan, facing away to run his hands through his hair and then turning back to face me again. “I’m falling in love with you Georgia. But it seems as though you have some things you need to sort out before you could ever feel the same.”

The whole world seemed to stand still in the moment. Once those words left his lips I could feel my heart speed up, vividly thumping against my rib cage that I briefly wondered if he could see it. I was too engulfed in trying to digest what he had just said to me to notice Luke getting into a cab and speeding off down the road, impossible for me to catch him this time.

Luke had admitted he was falling in love with me. Why was it so hard for me to admit the same?

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