Stay With Me


4. <3


“Hello Georgia speaking,” I answered my cell, using my ‘professional phone’ voice. It had been vibrating loudly from the depths of my handbag, since I had forgotten to take it back out once I returned from my lunch break at work.

“Hello Georgia speaking, it’s Luke,” he mimicked.

“Oh Luke, hi! And don’t mock me, I’m at work, it could have been anyone calling,” I heard Luke laugh heartily down the line.

“You have caller ID silly!” I rolled my eyes, letting out a small huff. “Anyways, I wanted to call to see how you’re job is going and to check that you’re not too upset at my absence,” It was my turn to laugh.

“Oh don’t flatter yourself, buddy. You never know I could have a number of boys on the go now you’re away.”

“Tell me you’re kidding,” his voice sounded more subdued and serious, like he was actually worried I might have found someone else in the short space of three days.

“Of course I’m kidding you muppet!” Suddenly there was a huge roar of what sounded like teenage girls screaming, coming from down the phone. “Where are you? Who’s screaming?” 

“Oh, erm, yeah. I’m in the centre of Sydney and, um, Reece, er, Mastin is here. Yeah.”

“Oh wow, that’s awesome. I love me a bit of Reece!”

The screams seemed to be getting louder, or closer, where Luke was.

“Hey babe, I better go, but i’ll see you friday,” Luke hastily spoke, sounding quite distracted.

“Er, yeah sure. See you then. Bye Luke.” I hung up, feeling a mixture of content and confusion. Content that Luke had called me to make sure I was missing him too much, in his, what I was finding out to be, typical egotistical way, yet confused at his sudden departure. I didn’t know Reece was playing in Sydney.

“Please tell me where you’re taking me!” I whined at Luke, making sure he saw my pout as his eyes quickly flickered to my face with a smirk. He was currently driving us to the secret location for the date tonight. It was only 8pm but it was already quite dark out, making me wonder even harder as to where on earth we could be going.

“Nuh uh. We’re here anyway, so you can quit you’re whining beautiful.” 

It wasn’t only Luke’s suave words that caused my heart to stop, but we had just pulled up in front of the most magnificent carnival I had ever seen. Fairy lights traced above the pathways which lead you towards numerous lit up rides and stalls. As I stepped out of the car, still in awe of what I seeing before me, I could smell buttery popcorn and hear a hum of people accompanied with some gypsy sounding music.

“Didn’t do too badly did I?” Luke asked in a cocky voice, obviously proud of the awed expression that had yet to leave my face.

“How on earth did you find out about this place?” I wasted no time standing around waiting for an answer, instead forcing Luke to walk and talk as I dragged us towards the nearest bunch of stalls. 

“They only come once every few years. My mum brought me and my brothers when we were little and I always wanted to come back. Luckily I just saw a flyer, and, yeah, here we are.”

“Well it’s perfect. I haven’t been to a carnival in years!” I was so excited, I did a corny twirl. Cringe, I know. 

Luke grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a quick kiss.

“Where to first, beautiful?” His eyes shone in the under the moon light, resembling deep pools of chocolate. I scanned our surroundings for a second before my eyes locked on a particularly bright display just to our left. It was one of those old fashion throw the ring on the cup games, where if you were successful you could choose from one of the twenty large stuffed animals that lined the top shelf.

“That one,” I pointed to Luke, who laughed at my choice.

“I see where this is going. You want me to win you one of those giant teddy bears don’t you?” I nodded in agreement, a huge shit-eating grin on my face. “Okay let’s do it,” Luke announced, striding over to where the teddy bear awaited me.

Typically, the ring game was too easy for Luke, and he won me the giant bear in one round, not even missing once. As the lady handed him the toy, and him in turn handed it to me, he had on the cockiest face I had ever seen, obviously proud of his blatant skills. His eyes revealed his sincerity though, making sure that I knew although he could show off, he was happy he had won it for me.

I made Luke carry the bear on his shoulders as we spent the next hour wandering around the carnival, playing all sorts of fair games, and munching on popcorn. We turned the corner, coming face to face with the giant ferris wheel, it’s lights all lit up reminiscent of the London Eye on a clear night. All I had to do was look up at Luke for him to know exactly what I was thinking. We were going on it.

“Two tickets please,” Luke handed over sufficient coins to the man and we climbed into the next compartment.

It was a cosy fit, with me, Luke, and the bear all together, but I moved the bear to the end so that I could shift closer to Luke. His arm naturally wrapped itself around my shoulders as I snuggled up against his warm body. He smelt so good, and we just seemed to fit together.

“I’m really glad you brought me here tonight. How was Sydney?” I stared out at the Melbourne city skyline as we moved up the wheel, my hand absent-mindedly tracing patterns across Luke’s chest.

“It was great. We got what we went for done, and it was a successful trip.”

“I’m glad. Wow, what a beautiful view,” I mused. I had always loved seeing cities lit up at night. The lights were always so breathtaking and I felt that you could really get a gauge for how majestic a place can be when you see it on display during the night.

“Yeah you are,” he replied, tilting my chin up so that I was looking straight at him.

“You’re lucky I fall for your cheesy lines,” I breathed, feeling the sexual tension between us grow rapidly.

Without out hesitation, Luke hungrily closed the gap between us, kissing me hard. The passion in his kiss was evident, eliciting feelings I hadn’t felt in a while. He pulled me closer into him, my legs sliding up onto his own so that I was sitting sideways in his lap. I returned the same amount of passion, mixing my fingers in his curly locks and pressing my body tight against his so that nothing could pass between us. In that moment he was all I wanted.

I broke the kiss, trailing my lips along his jawline and up to his ear, letting my breath wash over it before I spoke.

“Let’s go back to mine.”

I groaned, stretching my arm across the other side of the mattress where it was cool. Wait. That wasn’t right. I sat up, looking down at the empty space in which Luke’s body had occupied during the night. 

The sudden aroma of bacon and maple syrup wafted through my bedroom door, causing me to get out of bed and make my way into the kitchen.

“I thought you might need a big breakfast to regain your strength after last night,” Luke welcomed me, pulling out a chair at the small dining table before setting a full plate of bacon, eggs, hash browns, and sausages down before me.

“Oh ho, aren’t we proud this morning?” I teased, pulling Luke’s head down to give him a quick morning kiss, before digging in to my breakfast. He just brushed off my comment with a smirk. We both new what the other was thinking.

“God, this is so good!” I muffled, mid bite. “Who knew you could cook!”

“I am part Italian, it’s in the DNA,” he countered, sitting himself down in the seat next to me. “What have you got planned for this week?”

“My internship at Vogue has been extended to include the uni holidays, so I start there full time for three weeks on Monday!” I was so excited, my dream job was finally getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.

Luke shared in my enthusiasm, “That’s great babe!” He paused, grabbing my hand across the table, looking sincerely into my eyes.

“I really like you Georgia, you know that, don’t you?” I nodded my head, watching his thumb as it stroked the back of my hand. I really hoped this wasn’t heading in the direction I feared it would be.

“I really like you too Luke.”


“That’s good,” he breathed, relieved, leaning back in his seat and letting go of my hand. “I just wanted to make sure that the feelings were mutual and we were on the same page.”

“Wait, so you’re not going to leave me now that we’ve, you know, had sex,” I stated bluntly. I was surprised with what Luke was saying. Normally, the guys I had been out with would string you along until you let them into your bed, and then the next day they’d be gone and you would never hear from them again.

“No! Of course not!” Luke exclaimed, seemingly shocked at my assumption. “Give me more credit than that! I would never do that, George.”

“Okay, that’s good. Because I like where this is all going.”

“Me too.”

We sat there, just smiling at each other like a scene out of a love sick movie. I felt so happy in that moment, relishing in the fact that Luke was different to the other dick head guys that are out there, and he, like me, wasn’t keen for this to end anytime soon. I have a lot to thank Alice for. 

Luke’s phone buzzed loudly on the kitchen counter, interrupting our little moment.

“Dammit,” I heard him mutter under his breath as he read the message. “I’m really sorry but I’ve got to head into work,” he relayed reluctantly.

“But it’s Saturday?” People didn’t normally work on a Saturday, did they?

“Yeah I know, and I’m sorry, but they want some last minute editing done before the stuff gets sent away on Monday.”

Luke walked over to me. I stood up so that he could pull me into a hug before grabbing his jacket and keys, and heading to the door.

“Hope it goes well, see you later!” I called out, watching him shut it behind him.

Not two minutes later, Alice came barging in the apartment.

“Was that Luke I just saw leaving?” She exclaimed, amusement shrouding her tone.

“Why you would be correct Alice. And before you ask, yes he stayed the night. But we can save the details for later.”

“Okay, but I’m not letting you get away with not telling me! Anyway, I have to show you this hilarious video on YouTube that these girls from class were showing me yesterday. It’s this bunch of Aussie boys who do pranks, like awkward things in public,” she spoke quickly, evidently excited about what she was about to show me. That was Alice for you, when she found something that impressed her, she would go on about it until you were just as impressed as she was.

We sat down on the couch with Alice’s laptop on our knees, as she started up the video.

“Okay this is kind of an old one, but it’s a classic!”

Awkward Train Situations - The Janoskians

The clip started, and from what I gathered, it involved a group of boys singing and making things incredibly awkward while on a train. Original, I guess, yet it was funny.

“Holy shit pause it!” I practically yelled.

“Okay, okay, what’s wrong? Fallen in love with one of the hot twins have we?” She laughed, thinking I was getting really into it.

“Omg, no way.” It couldn’t be. Even though he looked younger and his hair was slightly different, it was definitely him.

“Wait, George, what’s wrong?” She asked, more seriously this time.

“I can’t believe it. That’s Luke.” 

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