Stay With Me


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*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

Somebody was knocking loudly at the door.  Hopefully it was the postman with those shoes that I ordered off ASOS last week, I thought to myself as I got up to open the door. 

It was Saturday morning, luckily I had been up for a while and managed to get myself all ready for the day. Alice was out for her morning run, so I had the apartment to myself for the morning, like I do each Saturday, as an opportunity to finish any work I had or to just laze around. Luke had called me a few times since our date, and we had chatted on the phone for what seemed like hours at one point. He was just so easy to talk to and was great to have a laugh with. First and foremost, Luke was becoming a really good friend. The last time we spoke he had said something about us hanging out this weekend but we never made any formal plans. I guess i’ll text him later about that, because I really did want to see him again. And kiss him again. Yes please!

“I’m coming! Who is it?” I hollered out as I walked towards the door. This person was a very persistent door knocker!

I pulled back the door to see Luke standing in front of me with two starbucks in his hands and a huge smile across his face.

“Surprise!” Luke grinned before handing me one of the drinks in his hand. “This one’s for you, white chocolate mocha frappachino right? No cream.” He asked with a smirk, knowing he got my order exactly right. This guy really knows how to win over his women.

“Wow, thanks Luke! It’s good to see you,” I embraced him, taking in his musky scent, as I pulled him into me. I guess I wouldn’t have to text him now seeing that he was standing right in front of me.

“You too Georgia. I was thinking that we could hang out today, maybe go and walk around the city centre. If you want to that is?” Luke looked at me with nervous eyes, as if he was unsure whether I would agree to spend a day out with him or not.

“That sounds great Luke, let me just grab my bag.” Relief washed over his face, and he let out the breath that he had been holding. This would be a good opportunity to get to know Luke better, just the two of us hanging out, wandering around the amazing city that is Melbourne.

Twenty minutes later Luke and I found ourselves wandering aimlessly around Federation Square. I was purely enjoying being in his company, watching all the over excited tourists snapping pictures of each other in front of certain buildings. Luke had kept me laughing the whole way into town with his crazy renditions of Justin Bieber songs, singing at the top of his voice even though we were surrounded by heaps of people. 

As I turned my head to look at one of the magnificent gothic style buildings that scattered the city, I saw Luke staring down at me, watching as I hopelessly sucked the straw of my empty starbucks.

“Shall we get another round? Because I’m sorry to break it to you babe but I don’t think there’s anything left in your cup,” Luke smirked at me, amused as I spun the straw around the bottom of the cup with my mouth, trying desperately to find some more liquid.

“Okay! But this time it’s my shout!”

With new purpose to our travels, we headed towards the nearest Starbucks, which lucky for me wasn’t to far away. We made a quick detour past a rubbish bin where I reluctantly let my empty cup go, Luke cackling with laughter. An air of silence came over us once our laughter had died down, and I was suddenly aware of how close we were walking when I felt the back of Luke’s hand brush mine. I didn’t pull away, instead just smiled to myself, keeping my head towards the ground. Luke must have seen because his long slender fingers grasped my own lightly, sending butterflies straight to the pit of my stomach. I rarely felt this way about anybody. Actually, I had never had butterflies before from someone simply holding my hand.

When we arrived at Starbucks the small shop was packed, mostly with teenage girls, but there was the odd older person or family sitting at one of the many tables that crowded the shop. I felt Luke let go of my hand as I went to stand in the long queue, the loss of contact causing me to frown and  look back over to Luke, seeing him scanning the coffee shop with a shocked expression, eyebrows raised and mouth slightly agape. 

“C’mon Luke, what do you want?” His eyes flickered to me when I addressed him, but then instantly back over to the packs of girls that littered the tables and queue. 

“Nah, i’ve just remembered this awesome place around the corner from here. We should go there instead,” Luke turned to leave, I watched him confused for a brief second before following him out.

“What, okay?” The confusion was evident in my voice. What on earth caused him to act so strange was beyond me. Maybe he saw someone he didn’t want to see. Realization dawned on me. Maybe he had spotted an ex? There sure where plenty of girls that looked around our age in Starbucks, and no one wants to introduce their ex to their…whatever me and Luke were. ‘Person i’ve hung out with a few time and kissed’? 

“This place better be good, Brooks, I was looking forward to that drink!” I teased, trying to distract from the previous situation and get back to the natural flirty banter we had.

“Trust me, you’ll love it.”

“I trust you,” upon speaking those three words, Luke paused, turning to face me, and gently kissing me on the cheek. I was blissfully unaware of the guilt that my words had stirred up inside of Luke.

“It is actually really nice in here! I think you could go as far to say that I may like it better than Starbucks.”

Luke had lead me down a small side street and we had ended up in a dinky wee cafe. The place was small and not very busy, but it had a great cosy atmosphere that I could imagine myself getting lost in. Not to mention, the coffee they made was brilliant. 

Luke’s mouth formed an ‘o’ shape and he playfully nudged my side. We were seated in a small love sofa at the back of the room, so contact with one another was easily accessible. 

“Have I cured the addict of her addiction?” Teasing me about my love for Starbucks? Tsk, Tsk.

“Only by making me addicted to something else! How did you even find this place?”

“Dunno, I just stumbled into it one day and kinda fell in love with it. The mood and the way it’s tucked away from the busy streets is what made it one of my favourite places to come in Melbourne. I come here to escape.”

I felt my heart warm at the fact Luke was willing to share one of his most treasured and secretive places with me. I admired his gorgeous features as he gazed around the cafe, seemingly lost in his own little world. My hands reached up to cup his strong jaw line, before I pulled his lips down to press against my own. The kiss was sweet, an attempt from me to thank him for showing me his special place. An attempt I think that succeeded because when he pulled away he stoked my cheek with him thumb, smiling.

We stayed in the cafe for a while longer, just chatting, getting to know each other better. I learnt that Luke had a twin and an older brother, and that his father left him when he was younger. I told him how my dad moved away when I was twelve, so I guess you could say we bonded over the whole ‘daddy issue’ thing. 

As we left the side street in which the cafe was located, Luke pulled his hat firmly on his head, followed by a pair of wayfarers to cover his eyes. 

“Got your disguise all sorted there babe?” I joke, earning an awkward laugh from Luke, like I had caught him out on something.

“Oh an asian store!” Luke yelled, changing the subject, “I love these places ‘cuz you never know what you’re gonna find inside!”

We rushed into the store like excited school children, both subconsciously making a bee-line for the dress up section. Numerous photos were taken of each other posing while wearing crazy glasses and strange hats, feather boas and those fish net gloves. We were laughing so hard that the owner of the store came over and asked us to leave. 

We stumbled out the door, both still laughing manically, not noticing that we were about to bump right into some people. 

“Oh sorry!” I said, the collision sobering me up from my fit of giggles.

I looked at who we had crashed in to. Two boys about my age, both with nicely styled brown hair but one of them had two studs in his lips, and an eye brow piercing. The lip studs reminded me of Luke’s own lip piercing, which in turn reminded me of how soft his lips felt against my own. Due to my minor day dream, I missed the recognition of Luke and the two boys, missing their names and much of what they were saying until I heard my own name be mentioned.

“Yeah this is Georgia,” Luke introduced me to the two boys who each pulled into a welcoming hug. 

“Nice to meet you guys,” I replied, smiling at the boys and at how Luke seemed to have really nice friends, unlike some of the other guys I had dated.

“So Luke,” the boy with the piercings turned his attention back to him, “We still filming tomorrow afternoon?” Oh he must work with Luke.

“Yeah, i’ll see you then. We’ve gotta get going, catch you later boys,” Luke called out as we began to wander down the street. 

“Nice to meet you,” I said, following Luke. I glanced down at my watch, the time reading a little before four. “Walk me home?” I asked, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes, even though I was sure he would, being such a gentleman and all.

“Of course, beautiful.” Three words. It was simply as easy as that and I could feel my stomach flip. I liked this boy far too much, far too fast, but for some reason I didn’t care. Luke was so much fun to be around and after our deep and meaningful at the cafe, the connection I had initially felt between us seem to cement itself. I was going to take Alice’s advice and not let him go. Well, try not to anyway. The question was whether he wanted me back?

“What are you filming tomorrow?” I asked, swinging our hands back and forth together as we stroll causally down the street.

“Oh, um, just some bits and pieces for work,” Luke’s answer was quite vague but I just brushed it off. Maybe he wasn’t allowed to mention anything, and I didn’t want to push the matter so I just left it, focusing straight ahead. 

Luke noticed my subtle change in mood and didn’t hesitate to pull me into a kiss. We stood there, in the middle of the footpath, just kissing for a few minutes. I didn’t care who saw us or what they thought, my mind was totally consumed by Luke and his lips as they worked on mine. I opened my mouth to let Luke’s pressing tongue inside, instantly swirling it around against my own. Before anything became heated, I pulled away, and we resumed walking the last small distance to my apartment. 

Walking up the steps to my door, his lips gently covered my own yet again, before Luke grabed my hands in his, delicately playing with my fingers.

“I can’t see you much this week sorry George. I’m going to Sydney for work.”

My heart sank a tad at the thought of not seeing Luke for a whole week. Not good. Maybe the short time apart will be good for me to put everything in perspective. 

“But i’ll be back Friday, so can I take you out in the evening?” 

“Okay that sounds nice. Where are you going to take me?” I smiled coyly, my best effort to get some information out of Luke seeing as I hate surprises so much, even though the last place he took me was amazing.

“Nope. Not telling. But it’s not gonna be like last time.”

“You’re lucky I like you Luke Brooks.” 

Luke’s face morphed into a huge grin, and he stepped towards me so that our bodies were touching. I could feel his warm breath fan against my ear before he whispered, “Not as much as I like you,” He lingered at my ear for a moment then pulled away and curtly walked back down the steps and onto the street, giving me a wave and a dazzling smile as he disappeared down the road.


I guess my question had been answered.


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