Stay With Me


2. <3


“C’mon Alice, just choose one quickly! He’s going to be here soon!” I moaned, while peering down at the different shoes on each of my feet.

I was standing with my hands on my hips in the centre of my bedroom, waiting impatiently for Alice to decide which shoe she thought best complimented my outfit. 

“Okay, okay. Go with the brown ones.”

“Sweet thanks. Oh, and could you please grab my leather jacket from the lounge? Thank god you’re here to help me get ready, I’m always so terrible at this.” I backed myself into the bed and sat down, quickly changing my shoes so I had a matching pair of brown ankle boots on my feet. Alice had been, ever so wisely, helping me get ready for my date with Luke tonight, since I’m so shockingly indecisive and can never make up my mind, changing outfits at least four times.

I was definitely looking forward to tonight’s date. I had texted Luke my address this morning, which then turned into an hour long text conversation about all sorts. As much as you can gather through text, Luke seemed like a funny, down to earth Aussie guy, much better than all of the previous idiots i’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of knowing.

I threw my jacket on, which Alice had deposited neatly onto my chair, and quickly doused myself in my favourite Jo Malone perfume, the one saved by this very occasion, before the doorbell rang. The loud echoing throughout our small apartment made both Alice and I pause momentarily before I gave myself one final primp and strode confidently towards the door.

“Have fun,” Alice whispered to me with a quick nudge, “You look great,” she reassured, before turning to head to her bedroom for some well deserved R&R.

“Hi Luke, good to see you again,” my eyes shamelessly scanned his body up and down. He was dressed smartly in dark jeans and a crimson sweater over top of a white polo shirt. His hair was wavily quaffed and had been pushed to the side in order to prevent the annoyance of bangs.

“Hello Georgia. It’s great to see you too,” Luke stepped forward to pull me into a hug, his musky aroma sweeping under my nose. He nearly smelt as good as he looked. “Let’s get going shall we?”

“Nice car,” I was surprised to see a sleek, new BMW parked in my driveway. I mean, Luke had dressed extremely well both times I had seen him, but he never had that whole snooty rich boy thing going on. Sexy car, sexy boy. This night was going well and it hadn’t even started.

“Thanks,” Luke replied as he opened the car door for me, “You look gorgeous by the way.” 

Damn. This guy had all the moves.

I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks and quickly fanned my face with my hands while I waited for Luke to get in the car.

“Thanks, you look quite good yourself. Now, where are you taking me?”

“Nope. That’s a surprise. But you look like the kinda girl who will enjoy it so don’t worry too much!” I sent Luke a quizzical glance at his observation

“Was that an insult or a compliment?”

“A compliment. Definitely a compliment,” he chuckled, emphasizing the ‘definitely’ to make sure I knew what he said was a good thing.

It wasn’t long later, after some polite chit chat about each other’s days, that we pulled up in front of a small Italian restaurant. I’m not sure if Luke was psychic, or it was just a lucky guess that Italian was my favourite type of food.

I smiled up at Luke as he gently took my hand while we walked into the restaurant. 

“Well, I guess you were right. I’m definitely the kinda girl who would enjoy some good Italian cuisine!”

“So Luke, what do you do?” I asked, before stabbing another delicious piece of pasta with my fork.

The date had been going really well so far. I found it easy to get on with Luke and we had been talking about anything and everything, never short of having a laugh. I had just finished telling him about my studies at Melbourne University, which he seemed genuinely interested in. It was nice to have a guy actually listen to what you were saying, rather than half heartedly nod their head in an attempt to get you into bed later. Naturally, I was curious to find out what Luke did for a living.

Luke jolted upright, coughing slightly on his food as a look of surprise and, was that… confusion, swept over his features.


“Um,” cough. “I, err,” cough, cough. “I film and edit, uh, videos for a, uh, small company.” He seemed slightly unsure as he spoke, fiddling with his cutlery to distract my attention from his stumbling words.

“Oh wow, that’s awesome,” I marveled. “I’ve always wanted to be able to make videos, but all of my attempts just turned out like bad documentaries on wildlife.” It was true. I had always been jealous of people that could edit and record film to convey a certain emotion or message. It was a skill I never had, so I decided to move onto writing.

“Well, I could always show you some of my special tips and tricks if you’d like?”

“Really? I’d love that! What kind of videos do you make?”

“Just, um, the usual. I’ve done a few music videos, but I mainly do like, uh, mini movies and stuff.” Luke shot me a dazzling smile. It was enough to make me forget about his rather vague answers. 

The rest of the date went really well. Every time I looked up at Luke after talking he always gave me a smile, reassuring me that he wasn’t getting to bored with my consistent drabble, and I was even surprised at how much Luke could talk himself. There’s that certain feeling you get when you connect with another human being, a feeling that I felt when I was with Luke. We kind of just clicked. He laughed at my pathetic attempts of being funny and I blushed every time he whipped out one of his smooth lines. As far as first dates go, this was great. The whole night I was silently thanking Alice for threatening me to go on this date.

Once we finished dinner Luke drove me back to my apartment and walked me up to my front door, commenting that he wanted to make sure I was safe. 

I fumbled with my keys, remembering vividly that scene from some movie, the name of which I have forgotten, where they say that if a girl fumbles with her keys, she wants you to kiss her. I wanted Luke to kiss me.

“Thank you for letting me take you out tonight George. I had a great time.” Luke took two steps forward so that his body was now only inches from my own. His warm breath fanned over my face with each exhale he released, and I could feel his strong gaze on me.

Finally adverting me head from looking down at the keys in my hand, I turned to look up at Luke, our noses nearly touching. I watched his eyes carefully, trying to anticipate what was going to happen next, yet they gave nothing away. Luke’s hand rested lightly on my cheek, trailing down to tilt my chin up, then pausing, ever so teasingly, while his other hand grasped my waist and closed the gap between us so that our bodies were now touching.

It felt like forever before his lips crashed down onto my own. My hands made their way into his hair, our lips still sponging together, before I opened my mouth to let our tongues battle each other.

We continued like this for a few moments, enjoying the feel of each others lips on our own, before I broke away, taking a step back so there was some space between us again. My mind and stomach were all jittery, I hadn’t experienced a kiss like that, one with actual meaning behind it, in a long time. It was refreshing, but scary at the same time.

“I’ll see you later Luke,” I smiled, looking up at him from beneath my lashes, before opening my door and walking through, leaving Luke still standing shell shocked outside my apartment.   

“So? How was it?” Alice jumped up from her seat on the sofa in our living room once she heard the clink of my heels walking down the hallway. I plopped myself down on the couch next to her, feeling euphorically exhausted. 

“He’s amazing,” I marveled, staring into space with a dreamy expression dawning my features. 

I think Alice could tell by my lack of conversation and total zone out look that the night had gone well because she let out a giddy laugh before pulling my into her side, rocking us back and forward in delight.

“I’m so happy it went well George! When you two are waiting at the aisle just remember you have me to thank!”

I laughed at Alice’s comment. She was right though, I had her pressuring me to thank for this night. But the thought of marriage, good god I had only been on a first date with the guy!

“Oh god Alice, we’ve only been out once!”


“So, I can’t exactly start thinking about marriage,” I chuckled and squeezed Alice in a hug, “now I’m going to bed, i’ll see you tomorrow you crazy marriage obsessed girl!”  I stood up, wandering tiredly out of the living room and heading for my bed.

“You haven’t even told me if you kissed him yet!” Alice shouted from her comfy spot still on the couch.

“Yes, Alice. And yes it was good. Very good.” I knew this would appease her for the night. 


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