Stay With Me


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You know that feeling you get when you think someone is either watching you or standing right behind you? The sudden paranoia that takes control of your body for a short moment, before you either turn around to relieve yourself from the unknowing, or the feeling evaporates all together and you decide it was all in your head. That was exactly what I was feeling at this exact moment. 

I was seated at one of the tables in the sushi bar, just off from the main food court in one of Melbourne’s many shopping malls, enjoying my teriyaki chicken sushi before I headed back off to work at the Vogue Australia publishing office situated around the corner. My only break, and time to think to myself, in the long eight hour work day was being interrupted by the unnerving feeling that somebody was right behind me. But who, if there was anyone at all, would be so creepily close up behind me, Georgia Smith, a university student interning at a fashion magazine? It’s not like I knew anyone here. I wasn’t some mall ratting teenager who spent the majority of their time sitting seedily in the food court with half of my school in the tables around me, I was 18 for goodness sake!

Before I could decide to man up and turn around, giving whoever was behind me a polite ‘fuck off’, I felt a small tap on my left shoulder. Maybe I did know who they were after all. Whipping my head around in my seat, half a piece of sushi still stuffed in my mouth, my eyes flickered up to the gorgeous guy waiting apprehensively in front of me. The guy was dressed in a navy Fred Perry crew neck sweater, and some taupe Tommy Hilfiger shorts, a tuft of brown hair peeking out from under a grey woolen beanie. What can I say, I have a good knowledge of fashion and brands, it’s very much needed for my job!

I raised my eyebrows in annoyance, waiting for the guy to start speaking while I hurriedly finished chewing my food.

“Um, yeah, hi,” he stuttered, running his hand up and down his opposite arm, trying distract himself from the laughter that was begging to escape from what he had, in my aspect, unknowingly, just down behind me. “I was wondering if I could have your number?”

I just sat stunned for a short while, trying to process the fact that this seriously attractive guy was asking for my number. He must have thought I was waiting for him to say something else because he suddenly extended his arm to me to shake.

“Oh, yeah sorry. I’m Luke.”

“Georgia. Give me a second,” Finally normal brain functioning returned to me and I reached into my handbag to find a pen. Normally I wouldn’t just give a random stranger my phone number, but there was something about this Luke guy who looked awfully familiar. Maybe I had met him at a party or something. Nothing about him was screaming ‘danger, do not give this man you’re number’ so, why not?

After I had scribbled down my number onto the napkin and given it to him, he gave me a smile, folding the material neatly and carefully inserting into his pocket.

“Thanks, babe,” with a wink he turned, a headed back out of the sushi bar, leaving me to finish eating my sushi in a daze of shock and anticipation over what had just happened.

Luke’s POV

That may have been one of the most rewarding dares I have done to date. Beau and James had embarrassingly enough, dared me to go up behind a girl and pretend to hump her, then ask her for her number. Now, being a Janoskian, you can’t say no to a solid dare like that, so I unashamedly took on the challenge.

As I was scouring the food court, looking for my unassuming victim, I saw a pair of long tanned legs stride effortlessly over to a table in the sushi bar opposite from us. Hot damn. I followed the legs up to find a very satisfactory chest, framed by the ends of chestnut brown hair, then scanned my eyes higher further to reveal plump lips and piercing blue eyes. This girl was hot. 

“Hey Beau, guys. I’ve found my victim,” I reached my hand out in her direction, watching as their heads followed my arm like an arrow, approving smirks turning up their lips. 

“Go hard or go home, I see,” Jai exclaimed giving me a push in her direction. 

“Doubt you’ll complete the second half of the dare now!” Beau laughed, referring to the chances of me getting this girls’ number.

“Well boys, watch and learn,” I replied cockily. If I could get this girl’s number, I would earn serious bro points. It’s not like she would turn me down, I am Luke Brooks for that matter. The Janoskians were pretty big in Australia and we were getting heaps of recognition over in America and Europe as well, I doubt she wouldn’t know who I was.

“Jesus, mate! Definitely filming this!” James laughed as he turned on the camera. 

I marched confidently over to where the girl was seated, slowing down as I approached her, not wanting her to notice I was there until after I had finished humping the back of her chair.

Five minutes later I was back over to where the boys were standing, with a huge grin on my face.

“And that’s how you get things done!” I pulled out the napkin from my pocket to an eruption of cheering and hollering from my rowdy friends. 

“God, how did you, what on earth, man!” Skip seemed to be in disbelief, causing me just to grin even wider.

“So Luke, when are you going to text her?” Beau had his arm slung around my shoulder, as we walked through the mall, finished with our prank pulling for the day.

“Well, I thought I’d leave it a few hours at the least. Keep her waiting.”

“Shit Luke. Get in there mate! Just….” with James’ announcement, he bent over bowing at my achievement, the rest of the guys following suit, before more hands were slapped around my back and we headed home to edit todays footage and muck around some more. 

Undoubtedly, I would be texting Georgia later tonight, she was so gorgeous even with a mouth full of sushi. For some reason though, I got the vibe that she didn’t know who I was. That or she was in disbelief because she knew who I was. Secretly, I hoped for the first case though. It would be nice to get to know someone without having to worry if they liked me for me or because I’m Luke from the Janoskians.

Georgia’s POV

Later that evening as I was tiding up my desk, preparing to leave work for the day, I heard my phone buzz violently on the glass counter. A message from an unknown number showed up on my screen. Admittedly I had been waiting for a text or a call from an unknown number ever since Luke had approached me in the mall. I crossed my fingers before opening the message, desperately hoping it was him.

Hey babe, it’s Luke.x 

Yes! I did a tiny celebratory dance in my head, thankfully not out loud, as I wasn’t the only person in the room and that would have made for a very awkward situation. Deciding not to be too enthusiastic, I packed the remainder of my things into my handbag before opening the message to reply once I had stepped into the elevator. 

Hey Luke! Didn’t expect you to txt so soon ;) x

There. That was my pathetic attempt at trying to be flirty and cool via text message. Before the elevator dinged, my phone buzzed again in my hand.

Couldn’t leave a gorgeous girl like you hanging ;) xx

Upon reading his text, a huge smile spread across my face. This Luke guy, who I had thought was utterly gorgeous, found me gorgeous too? My excitement must have been evident on my face as I heard a familiar chuckle from in front of me.

“Hey, George. What’s got you so happy?” My best friend Alice asked, joining me in the lift as we descended down to the ground floor. Alice had been my best friend since high school and we had both moved over to Melbourne from New Zealand to study at the university. It just so happened that we both landed internships at one of the main publishing houses in Melbourne. Compared to my shorter frame, Alice was tall and tan, with long dark hair and incredible cheek bones. We were like polar opposites but we worked well as a pair, Alice was like the gorgeous model and I was like the quirky photographer.

“Oh nothing. Just this guy I met at lunch who asked for my number,” I said with a quick smiling glance towards Alice before diverting my attention back to my phone to construct another reply.

Well aren’t you the charmer ;) x

“Who is this boy, George?” Her long slender arms wrapped around my shoulders and squeezed my side into hers in excitement. Alice was always excited to hear about other people’s good news and achievements. Rarely did she ever get jealous or resentful. It was one of her qualities I most admired.

I slid my phone back into my handbag before turning to Alice.

“His name’s Luke. He came up to me at the sushi bar in the mall and just asked for my number. He was hot and looked somewhat familiar so I gave it to him,” Alice’s face as stretched into a wide beam, sharing the always rewarding feeling of having someone ask for your number.

“That is so cute! Don’t push this one away this time, you need a boy!” 

We both laughed at my lack of a love life in the past few months. It wasn’t that I was hiding away from guys and a boyfriend, I was just more happy with the occasional one nighter. Since I was so busy with uni and work, and most of the boys I met just weren’t boyfriend material, there wasn’t really much point in wasting my time on something that was going nowhere. 

“We’ll see, I guess. I’m not betting on anything too much, he did seem a bit cocky but who knows. We’re just texting for now!” Just as I gave Alice a small slap on the arm for teasing me about my attitude towards guys, I felt my phone vibrate yet again from inside my bag.

You haven’t even scratched the surface yet babe ;) How about I take you out to dinner tomorrow? xx

“Oh ho ho, looked who just got asked out!” Alice screeched, reading my text from over my shoulder.

“Shut up,” yet again I gave Alice a well deserving slap on the arm while she giggled to herself, fumbling with the car keys.

“You better say yes, or I’ll do something bad to you!”

“Ha! Like what? Alice you wouldn’t hurt a fly. You’re the least scary person I’ve met!”

“I’ll smash your favourite bottle of Jo Malone perfume.”

I whipped my head around at her in disbelief. No way would she touch my Jo Malone, “You wouldn’t,” I said, giving her a death glare.

“Oh but I would!” I slid into the car tight lipped, and Alice began reversing with a satisfying smirk written across her lips.

“Fine,” I huffed in defeat, pulling my phone out and texting an obliging reply to Luke.

Sure. x

Only moments later a reply was received. This Luke guy was definitely quick to text back!

Sweet, I’ll pick you up at 8. Txt me your address in the morning babe xx

How vary chivalrous of him, although it had been a while since I’d been out on a proper date, so the thought of tomorrow night did seem enticing. And if worse came to worse, and Luke turned out to be some cocky arsehole, we could just get desert to takeaway and be done, if you know what I mean.

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