Stay With Me


14. <3 The Last Chapter

“Georgia you look gorgeous, stop stressing!” Luke spoke as he came up behind me, his figure appearing in the mirror in front of us where I was fiddling with my hair and makeup.

I was still so nervous about meeting Luke’s mum tonight and he had dropped the bombshell that his Nonno and Nonna would also be there for dinner, causing my nerves to increase even more. Luke was doing his best to remain calm at my state, even though he had spent the better part of the afternoon reassuring me that everyone would love me and things would go fine. As much as I wanted to believe Luke and tried to believe him, I just couldn’t. Until the dinner was over and done with, these nerves probably wouldn’t go away.

The way that Luke was running his fingers ever so lightly up and down my arms was distracting me from my preening, causing me to give up and turn around, facing him.

“Okay, let’s just go.” I needed to remember to have a peppermint for my nerves in the car.

“Gorgeous,” Luke stated before kissing my lips briefly, much to my annoyance since I had just applied some lipstick. I pulled away and looked back into the mirror, checking to make sure that Luke hadn’t messed my lips up too much. As I turned back to him, I couldn’t help but laugh at his now tinted fuchsia pink lips.

“That colour suits you,” I laughed, earning a confused look. Luke stepped up to the mirror trying to figure out what I was laughing at. I could tell the second he saw what it was as he let out a strangled gasp and quickly began scrubbing at his lips with his fingers, trying to rid them of my lipstick remnants.

“You’re lucky I love you. C’mon let’s get in the car.”

I grabbed my bag from the bed and followed Luke out of my apartment to his car. He hadn’t even gone back to grab a change of clothes or anything since he had been at mine, so he was still dressed in his skinny jeans, shirt and jumper. Although we did end up showering together in an attempt to freshen up for meeting his family.

Luckily I found a mint in my bag to calm my nerves, and spent the whole car ride sucking, probably noisily, on that. Luke was singing along to the radio, turning to look at me every few lines and get my to join in. At first I was reluctant, too focused on how this night would pan out, but by the time Luke pulled into his driveway, we were both screaming the lyrics. It wasn’t until he turned the car off and we were enveloped in silence that I realized we had arrived.

“Well, this is it! Judging by the cars on the street, it looks like everyone else is already here.”

“We’re not late are we?” I asked shocked. The last thing I wanted was to keep his family waiting and have me look like a rude and pretentious bitch. My god I have to stop overreacting.

“No, of course not! Look it’s 7.00pm, we’re right on time. Babe, look at me,” Luke grabbed my face in his large hands and turned it so I was staring in his eyes. Instantly they seemed to calm me down. “Relax. I love you, therefore my family will love you. You have nothing to worry about.” His voice was so soothing and calm I felt like I was on the verge of hypnosis.


“That’s my girl. I hope mum made pasta!” Luke exclaimed, opening his door and jumping out. I did the same, grabbing my bag and walking round to Luke before we headed towards the door. Luke opened the door, and we entered into a small hallway area with a door frame at the end from which I could see and hear people. Must be the living area, I guessed. My guess was right as Luke led us through into a larger open kitchen and dining space. It had a lovely homely feel, with plush couches and various rugs and coffee tables.

“Aye! The lovebirds are here!” Jai’s voice resonated throughout the room, bringing everyone’s attention onto us. Luke reveled in it, pulling me forwards towards where his family were all seated around the dining table and kitchen. We approached a tanned woman with long dark hair, who I assumed to be the boys mum. Her welcoming smile instantly made me relax, and I began to think that tonight was going to go alright like Luke said, after all.

“Hey Mum,” he kissed her briefly on the cheek, “This is Georgia.” Gina stepped forward and wrapped me with her arms in a hug.

“Hey babe, I’m Gina, Luke’s mum. It’s so good to finally meet you. You wouldn’t believe how much I hear, not only Luke, but the others boys talk about you!” She laughed, giving me another big smile. I glanced back up at Luke in regards to her statement, who just shrugged in reply, a guilty smirk on his face.

“It’s lovely to meet you too, Gina.” Luke placed his hand on my back and steered me around to the elderly couple sitting at the dining table.

“Hi Nonna and Nonno, this is my girlfriend Georgia,” he introduced me, and I leant down to hug each of them, getting big kisses from both!

“It’s lovely to meet you Georgia. What a gorgeous girl you’ve got yourself Luke,” His Nonna smiled, grasping my hand and shaking it a bit. It reminded me of one of my elderly relative who used to do the same thing.

“Oh I know,” Luke replied, kissing my cheek sweetly.

Jai who had previously been standing off to the side watching all the interactions, took his turn, but instead of the nice introductions, Jai came bounding up behind me and picking me up in a hug.

“Hi George! How’s Alice?” Not only was I laughing to cover my embarrassment at Jai retardedly lifting me up in front of his whole family, but that Alice was the first thing he said to me. Besides hello, but that doesn’t count.

“Jai you crazy boy, put me down and I’ll tell you all about Alice!” I successfully bargained. Jai carefully lowered me to the ground and gave me a small kiss on the cheek. This family was very affectionate; it was endearing and sweet to see. My family had never really been into the whole hugging and kissing thing, so it was a nice change.

Before I could get a chance to say anything more to Jai about Alice, Beau loudly entered the door, screaming and twirling.


“Beau! Why are you screaming like that?” His Nonno called out. I was doing my best to suppress my laughter but when I heard Luke, beside me, let out a chuckle I new it would be all right to let it out myself, erupting into a fit of giggles. Beau was so crazy and hilarious.

“Sorry guys, I’ve gotta go eat now,” I heard Beau speak quietly, “but JAI KEEK WAR. THIS IS NOT OVER!” That guy could go from a whisper to a deafening scream in less than two seconds I bet!

“Beau?” Gina questioned her son, a chuckle to her voice. She seemed like such a cool and relaxed mother. Yet again, so much unlike mine sometimes.

“Sorry was making a quick keek. Jai, you better answer.”

“You’re still going on about a keek war you tried to start with me a year ago?” Jai asked astonishingly.

“Yes.” Beau simple replied, diverting his attention to Luke and I resting against the kitchen counter. “Hey Georgia, Luke! Good to finally see you both.”

“Hi Beau! What’s keek?” I asked, both trying to change the subject and genuinely quizzical. I could see Luke beside me curtly shaking his head at Beau, signally to not say anything. I think we both thought that the least his family new about the up and downs of our relationship, the better.

“You don’t know what keek is? What have you been living under for the past year George?” I laughed and simple shrugged my shoulders. “Well it’s pretty much just a vlogging site where you make 36seconds videos.”

“Oh, sounds cool! Why 36 seconds?” It was a weird and very exact number. Why not 30 seconds or a minute?

“BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY WANTED OKAY!” Beau exclaimed in typical fashion.

“You don’t know do you?” I asked, seeing right through his screaming mechanism.

“No,” He replied quietly, his tone admitting his defeat.

“Okay kids, dinner! Georgia, I hope you like pasta,” Gina joke with me. Pfft, of course I like pasta.

“I definitely do, it’s my favourite food!” I laughed, sitting into the chair that Luke had pulled out for me, next to his Nonna, in full gentleman fashion.

“Well prepare to have your socks knocked off, my dear. Gina makes the most marvelous pasta!” Nonna warned me, grabbing my hand again on the table.

The meal was every bit as delicious as Nonna had described it, and I had found myself greedily asking for seconds. Luke’s family were all so lovely and welcoming, and seemed actually interested in getting to know me. I had delved into a great conversation with his Nonno and Nonna about Italy and the places I wanted to visit in Europe. Gina was excited when she heard I had interned at Vogue and mentioned that she had seen a lovely chic trench coat in this month’s edition, “under this awesome feature on the top five coats for the season,” she had said. My mouth dropped and Luke had to inform her that it I had actually written that article.

“Omg! Babe that is so cool! Now you totally have to take me shopping sometime,” Gina gushed. I agreed, but was still a bit shell shocked that someone had actually read my article and taken advice and wanted to buy something that I had featured in my small article. 

Luke squeezed my hand under the table, thankfully in a more loving and intimate fashion than his dear grandmother had.

“I told you she would love you. They all do,” He whispered against my ear, my skin tingling from his warm breath and the words registering in my brain. His family did like me, and I was having such a good time getting to know them myself.


By the end of the night I was exhausted. It wasn’t like I was struggling to keep up conversation with anyone, on the contrary the conversation flowed between us all brilliantly, but it was more the fact that Luke and his family were just so energetic and could go on for hours. Luke had spotted me yawning sneakily a couple of times and checked the time, alarmed, himself, to see that it was already 11pm.

“Oh wow, it’s getting quite late. I think I should take Georgia home now,” Luke announced, standing up from his comfy seat of the couch and turning to pull me up as well. I stood up groggily, giving myself a quick second to bring myself back to order from my tiredness, and headed over to say my goodbyes to Nonna and Nonno.

“Goodnight,” I kissed them both on each cheek, in true European fashion, and gave them a big hug. They had been the cutest tonight and were actually so funny, cracking jokes at the boys, especially Beaus, expense.

“G’night love, make sure our Luke is treating you right. A gorgeous girl like you, he could be getting ahead of himself.” Luke’s Nonno lectured, giving me a wink. His wife playfully slapped him on the arm.

“That’s right, us women hold all the power! Night love,” They stood together and waved, then proceeded to turn back to each other and banter a bit more. It was so cool to see a couple having been together so long but still be full of banter and wit, and love. It was quite inspiring to tell the truth.

Next Gina came up to me and pulled me into another hug.

“I’m so happy Luke has finally brought you home! You’re welcome here anytime, okay? Even if it’s at some ungodly hour or just because you get hungry and can’t be bothered cooking!” I don’t think Gina realized the true extent of what she was offering, with me such a lazy yet hungry person.

“I will, thank you so much Gina.”

“No worries babe. Oh, and don’t think I’ve forgotten about our shopping date!” She pause for a second, looking over to Luke. “You’re good for him, I can tell that you guys really connect.”

“He’s very special,” I admired, watching Luke kiss and hug his grandparents goodbye, seeing his face light up when he laughed at another one of his Nonno’s jokes, and then even more when he looked over at me staring.

“Night Mum,” Luke came up and kissed Gina on the cheek, interrupting our little session. “Ready to go babe?”

“Yeah, goodbye everyone,” I said, waving to Jai and Beau on the couch who were too lazy to move. They waved back and called out their goodbyes, not hesitating to give Luke and hard time about some progressive events later tonight.

The car ride home was quiet, with the radio only turned on low volume this time. Luke had one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand holding onto mine the whole way home. Nothing was said between us until we reached my front door. In all honesty, I was just far too tired to function. Not to mention I had to be up for uni in the morning, and get myself back into my routine.

“Thanks for today Luke, and tonight. It was really nice to meet your mum and your grandparents. They’re honestly hilarious!”

“Nah, thank you babe. And I don’t see what you were so worried about! I was right, my family loved you!” He leant down and kissed me. His lips were soft and warm, and his gentle pressure was making my eyelids lull. “You’re exhausted, I can tell. But before I go, I wanted to ask you something.”

“Go on.” Despite my tiredness, I was intrigued.

“Well the boys and I have to go to Sydney this weekend, and I wanted to know if you would like to join me?” He asked, a hand caressing my hair as his eyes searched mine.

It took me a few seconds to process what he had asked me. Go away with him and the boys to Sydney for a weekend? He didn’t have to ask me twice, I was in.

“Hell yeah! That sounds great. I’ve never been to Sydney,” I was nearly mumbling with exhaustion.

“Okay awesome!” He kissed he again, this time more excitedly. “Go to sleep now babe, I won’t stay because I know you have uni in the morning, but I’ll see you later!”

“Okay, night Luke.” He helped me unlock my door, sensing that I would have difficulty getting the key in with tired eyes in the dark, and then let me go, heading back out to his car. 

“I love you!” I heard him yell as I went to shut my door. My dummy. He had probably woken up all the neighbors, not to mention Alice. Never mind, I was going straight to sleep. 


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