Taken H.S

"Who are you?" I ask.

"You're worst nightmare." He states clearly.

I suck at blurbs but this is a Harry Styles fanfiction. Enjoy.


6. Chapter 6

Rae's pov*

I woke up to a bright room, that I assume was the hospital. I groan at the excruciating pain in my head. I see a head jerk up and I look over to see Harry. He looks pissed, and relieved. I try and sit up mor but he pushes me back down.

"I-I'm sorry." I say. He shakes his head and looks me in the eyes.

"What the hell was that? Huh?" He asks angrily. I close my eyes as a man walks in.

"Miss?" He asks. I look up. "May I speak with you personally?" He asks. He seems to be my doctor.

"Anything you have to say to her you say to me." Harry says. The doctor nods.

"Well miss Rae Styles," he pauses and looks at me. I look at Harry confused, he just wears a sly smirk. "You seem to have another brain tumor." He says. I tense up.

"I thought it was gone." I say sadly.

"Afraid not, Rae it was small and we couldn't see it, but now it's grown." He says. I can see Harry in the corner of my eye looking at me. I ignore him.

"When do we start medicating me?" I ask. My doctor takes a breath and smiles.

"We'll start testing as soon as possible," he looks at Harry. "I'll leave you two alone.." The doctor says and leaves.

"Cancer?" Harry asks as his voice cracks.

"I had it two years ago, I thought it disappeared after treatment but.." I say and look down.

"Look at me Rae," Harry pauses as I look up. "You'll get through this and nothing is going to happen." He says and kisses my head.

I fake a smile and nod, not believing a single word. I know this time I'll most likely die. I can feel it in my bones..


One month later


It's been a month of being kidnapped, and sick. I've only been to the hospital four times. I've stopped responding to treatment so I'm giving up. Harry is taking it harder than what I expected. I don't sleep in my room anymore though, I sleep in his. He's not that bad, I really need to see my brother though. I open my eyes to see Harry peacefully sleeping. I smile and sit up. I turn to get out of bed successfully this time! I walk into the kitchen and start my way to the fridge.

"It's not nice to leave someone all alone.." Harry says from behind me. I smile and turn around, but Harry's eyes are cold. He grabs my arm and drags me towards the front door.

I'm then thrown out into the negative degree weather in just shorts and a T-shirt! I bang on the door and try to open it..I would try getting out of this hell but, I'd die trying. I walk off the porch and into the deep woods. Minutes turn into hours, and I'm still walking. My feet feel as if their frozen solid to the ground and I can't feel my fingers. I collapse into the ground and just lay there, freezing and helpless.

"Rae? What the hell are you doing out here in this cold?" Harry's voice booms from behind me. I look at him as if he's crazy.

"You threw me out, for no damn reason!" I shout back breathing roughly. He looks confused and then his eyes go wide.

"Just c'mon we gotta get you warmed up babe.." He says. I am utterly confused. He helps me up and carries me bridal style back into the warm house after a few minutes. He sets me down on the couch and leaves me alone.

He soon comes back and picks me up again, we're in the bathroom and I'm placed in a hot bath. "Tha-ank you.." I choke out a he's leaving.

"I need to attend to some business really quick, I'll be back down in 10 minutes." He says. There's something off. One day I get cold-hearted-groping Harry, and the next I get caring, sweet, and loving Harry! I need answers, and I'm determined to find them.

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