Taken H.S

"Who are you?" I ask.

"You're worst nightmare." He states clearly.

I suck at blurbs but this is a Harry Styles fanfiction. Enjoy.


5. Chapter 5

Rae's pov*

I woke up hours ago. It's almost 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Harry is nowhere to be seen. I'm just sat in the living room. I could escape but I need to figure out the layout of the place. I've tried looking out windows and doors but Harry always closes them. I stand up and walk into my room and lay down. I start to doze off a bit until I hear the front door open. I pretend to sleep to see if he'll believe it. He opens my door and I can hear him walk towards me. The bed dips down and Harry rests his hand on my bare thigh.

"Rae, wake up. I brought you food." He says. I open my eyes slowly at the thought of food and sit up.

"What'd you bring?" I ask.

"Taco Bell, it's my favorite fast food." He says.

"Mine too!" I say and grab the bag. We eat together while laughing. It almost feels as if we're friends. Then I realize he took me away from my family. I continue playing nice until I'm done.

"Well I have to head into my study. You just relax, shower if you'd like," he says. "I bought you some clothes today.." He says while smiling. I nod and he walks out. I look through the bags of clothing, it's actually my style. That's weird, and my size. I grab a pair of over the knee socks, undergarments, and an oversized grey sweater. I walk into the bathroom and scrub yesterday away. I rinse out the shampoo from my hair and step out. I dry off and put the clothes on. I throw my hair into a bun and look at my appearance, not bad Rae.

"You are only allowed to wear that ever.." Harry says teasingly as he walks into the bathroom. I smile and look at my feet. I walk past him and back into my room.

"Harry," I call for him. He walks in and looks at me. "Will you ever let me go?" I ask. He glares at me and pulls me towards him.

"Look here sweetheart, you are never leaving,ever. You're mine. Understand?" He asks and squeezes my wrists harder.

"Yes.." I say my voice cracking. He suddenly let's go and looks at me sadly.

"I'm-I'm sorry." He says and walks away. Not only leaving me confused but grateful.


I wake up with a jolt. "Fuck." I whisper as I rub my under my nose. I rush into the bathroom and wipe at the blood leaving my nose. I soon feel like I'm going to throw up. I rush towards the toilet and vomit up blood. "No, no" I say hoping it isn't happening again.

"Rae?" Harry asks. I look up at him. "Oh my god..what's going on?" He asks.

"Nothing, I'm fine. Promise." I say lying.

"Don't lie Rae. What's happening to you?" Harry asks worriedly.

"N-nothing." I say before I pass out.

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