Taken H.S

"Who are you?" I ask.

"You're worst nightmare." He states clearly.

I suck at blurbs but this is a Harry Styles fanfiction. Enjoy.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter four

Rae's pov*

I have a pretty good plan, I can't wait to use it. I sit in bed and look at a small clock, it's 2:00 in the morning. I slide out of my bed and walk to what I presume is the bathroom. I do my lady business and walk towards the mirror. I touch my face, tracing over a scar on my lip. I then look at my tired eyes, they don't shine like they used too. I remember when my father would take me to New York every summer. I lived there until I was ten, then my parents split and my dad has been overseas for two years now. I miss him so much, I wish he could find me. I let the tears fall down my face while I thought about Kyle and how my life is shit.

"No..no!" I say while closing my eyes and shaking my head. I went into full blown panic attack gasping for air. I kept crying until two arms wrapped around me and held me tightly.

"Shh it's okay. Your okay.." He says while kissing my forehead.

"No he doesn't have anyone! H-he- he's going to hate me!" I scream.

"No you'll be fi-" he tries.

"No! Don't lie to me..Kyle needs someone. He has no one!" I sob once again. "I was all he had..." I say. I start gasping for air again until I feel lips on mine. I don kiss back even though I want to. He pulls away a few seconds later.

"There, breath." He says. I breath and just look at him.

"Why me?" I ask.

"Rae you're not only beautiful, but you're smart, and most of all..you're mine." He says. His voice demanding. I look at him in shock as he helps me up.

"What?" I ask scared.

"No one else's. Now go to bed." He says calmly.

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