Taken H.S

"Who are you?" I ask.

"You're worst nightmare." He states clearly.

I suck at blurbs but this is a Harry Styles fanfiction. Enjoy.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter three

Harry's pov*

I sat in my room just thinking of her. Rae, she's beautiful. Brown hair, she's got these blue eyes that are so light, but towards the pupil they become a dark blue. She's a bit pale, but not to much. It is winter. She's got a cute little nose, and her voice is amazing. I don't want her to think I'm going to hurt her. I don't hurt things I care about. I've been watching Rae for three months, I figured tonight was the best option. She was alone, left her mom, she just looked so fragile.

I stand up and walk towards her room, I open the door and smile.

"No..no.." I hear her mutter.

"Rae?" I ask.

"No!" She shouts. I rush towards her.

"Rae, Rae. Wake up!" I shout. I shake her a little more and finally her eyes shoot open. She looks relieved and scared. Probably of me. What surprises me is the hug I receive. She starts sobbing, I rub her back.

"It, it was so terrible." She cries.

"Shhh, I won't let anyone or anything hurt you." I whisper. She squeezes me tightly.

"Please...please." I hear her whisper. At first I thought it was a plea to leave. She was just making sure I meant it.


Rae's pov*

I just sat there in Harry's arms. I don't care at the moment if he's a stranger, who kidnapped me. I needed a hug, he was there. I breath in his cologne and then roll out of his embrace. He's sleeping, maybe he should try that more often. I walk around the house looking for the kitchen. 'Haha success!' I think to my self. I see the window and walk over to it. All I see is the woods, for miles. I immediately give up on running away. I turn around and walk towards the fridge. I reach for some fruit.

"What are you doing?" Harry asks directly behind me. I jump and drop the strawberries and they tumble on the floor.

"I was hungry.." I say. He laughs.

"I'm surprised you haven't tried running." He says.

"Still planning on my escape." I mumble under my breath. He grips my hips and throws me onto the counter.

"What did you say?" Harry says as he tightens his grip.

"N-nothing." I say while closing my eyes and praying to just not get hurt. He must of noticed my fear because he just laughed and walked away. I got up and started cleaning up the mess I made. I ate the strawberries that didn't fall out. I put the leftovers in the fridge again.

"Rae.." Harry says. I stop and turn around. "Do you have a phone?" He asks. Shit, I left it at home.

"I do.." I say. He walk towards me.

"Give it to me." He says demandingly.

"I don't have it, I left it at my...house." I say sadly. He lifts my chin up and looks in my eyes.

"Good for you.." He then grips my ass. I let out a gasp. "Not there, is it here?" He asks. I grab his hand before he can feel me up any further.

"It's not on me, it's at my house.." I say my tone more confident.

"Well, if I find you with it later there will be punishment." He says while rubbing my back. I nod and he walks away. I walk around the house looking for 'my room' I eventually find it and walk inside.

"Uh, do you have some clothes for me?" I ask. He walks in the room and hands me some clothes. I take them and walk towards the bed. I start lifting my sweater and look towards Harry who's just smirking at me. Fuck it. I slip my shirt off and replace it with his. I pull down my jeans and slip on some shorts. I look back at him to see his eyes darkened. I mentally role my eyes, I have to find a way out somehow. Harry checks me out one last time before leaving me to my own thoughts.

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