Faye Alexander has moved to Bloomfeild with her mother, hoping this will be the finale time they move. She meets Addison Rose, an animal lover with a healing heart, Isabelle Garmer, a popular girl who is thought to have a heart of stone, Rani Lakes, a quite girl with heart the size of a watermelon, and finally Yasimine Keller, a girl with a thousand crushes and a heart that needs love. When these girls find out they're apart of an ancient order of girls, will they be able to stop the darkness thats coming?


1. You are now entering Bloomfeild

  I stare out the window. Trees, bushes, more trees. "Uh." I sigh. "Faye?" I turn to my mom. I've always looked up to her. She's a beautiful five foot tall woman with auburn hair, just like mine. But She has goldish eyes, I have these purplish eyes that remind me of those pictures of the galaxy we looked at back at my old school. Another odd thing is my one light purple streak that runs through the auburn. I look out again and see a green sign, You are now entering Bloomfeild. Oh great.

  My mom wakes me up early. "Faye, it's time for your first day of seventh grade." I open my eyes. My bedroom is in the attic. My mattress is on the floor because our furniture hasn't arrived yet. I stare at the strange window, it's shaped sorta like a butterfly. "Faye!" I sit up and go.


  Hey it's Ferretsrock982. Enjoy 

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