Faye Alexander has moved to Bloomfeild with her mother, hoping this will be the finale time they move. She meets Addison Rose, an animal lover with a healing heart, Isabelle Garmer, a popular girl who is thought to have a heart of stone, Rani Lakes, a quite girl with heart the size of a watermelon, and finally Yasimine Keller, a girl with a thousand crushes and a heart that needs love. When these girls find out they're apart of an ancient order of girls, will they be able to stop the darkness thats coming?


5. Yasmine Keller

So the furniture came and we fixed everything in the house and it was really hot. I go outside to see if Rani was out but she isn't, instead I see a tallish girl with brown hair with a red streak running through it and the same color eyes as me. “Hey.” I say “Hey your the newbie right?” “Yeah I'm Faye” “I'm Yasmine” “Aren't you the girl that crushes every boy?” “How'd you know?” “Rumors.” She laughs and we sit down and she starts talking about five thousand different boys.

I think we became friends. Sorta. "Faye, supper!" I turn and see my mom, her hair tied back in a bandanna. "Okay mom!" I turn towards Yasmine and she smiles. I realize she has braces. "Bye Yas." She blows me a kiss as I run inside. Mom lifts up the ladle to reveal noodles. "Ramon noodles for supper." I smile. Chicken, my favorite. 

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