Faye Alexander has moved to Bloomfeild with her mother, hoping this will be the finale time they move. She meets Addison Rose, an animal lover with a healing heart, Isabelle Garmer, a popular girl who is thought to have a heart of stone, Rani Lakes, a quite girl with heart the size of a watermelon, and finally Yasimine Keller, a girl with a thousand crushes and a heart that needs love. When these girls find out they're apart of an ancient order of girls, will they be able to stop the darkness thats coming?


3. Isabelle Garmer

  I left lunch and walked down the hallway. I bump into a girl. "Hey watch it!" She looks down on me. Her hair is kinda bushy and brown with a teal stripe, put up in a pony tail with a bow. Her eyes also look like mine, freaky. She has a blouse on and jean shorts. Her skin is a tan. "Well? Are you just gonna sit there and stare at me? Tell me!" I blink. "Sorry..." "Isabelle, Isabelle Garmer. Now watch where you're going!" She looks a little sad but walks away. Well that was a bitter meeting. I dust off my t-shirt. "Are you okay?" I look up and see Addison. "Yeah. At least you didn't take the spill, Ollie could have gotten hurt." Addison smiles. "Yeah, I still don't know how he gets through the day. Addie and I walk to our next class. "Wait Addie, I have to go to the bathroom." "Okay but be quick." I run in and hear crying. "I'm so sorry." I hear. I open the stall and see Isabelle. "What the?" She looks up and glares. "What do you want?" I shrug. "Why are you crying?" She looks at me with the eyes we both share. "Because I have to hurt people." I look at her, puzzled. "Why?" She blinks. "So my friends don't get mad." I look at her face again. She isn't stone cold. "Well your friends shouldn't tell you how you should act." She smiles and takes out a compact mirror. "AHH! My mascara!" I laugh and leave her to tend to her make up.

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