Faye Alexander has moved to Bloomfeild with her mother, hoping this will be the finale time they move. She meets Addison Rose, an animal lover with a healing heart, Isabelle Garmer, a popular girl who is thought to have a heart of stone, Rani Lakes, a quite girl with heart the size of a watermelon, and finally Yasimine Keller, a girl with a thousand crushes and a heart that needs love. When these girls find out they're apart of an ancient order of girls, will they be able to stop the darkness thats coming?


2. Addison Rose

  I enter Bloomfeild middle school. The day moves by, me sorta in a daze, until lunch. I enter one of the class rooms with the number 982 on the door, Ms. Loveblooms room. I walk in, holding my tray. I see a girl with reddish chestnut hair. "Oh sorry! Um..." She turns, her eyes wide. They're the same color as mine. Shes holding something that looks like a long rat. "What is that thing?" I say, I'm utterly curious. She smiles and I notice the hot pink streak that runs through her hair. "It's called a ferret. His name is Oliver, wanna hold him?" I nod. He smells a little weird, but he's adorable.  "Isn't it against the rules to bring an animal to school?" I ask. She smiles sheepishly. "Yeah. I just can't bear to leave him alone." She nuzzles him. "What are you doing hiding in Ms. Lovebloom's room?" She shrugs. "It's where I go to feed him. Ms. Lovebloom doesn't mind. She loves him. Now on the other hand, why are you here?" She smiles sweetly. I shrug. "I don't like the lunch room. Plus I'd rather be alone." I sit at a desk. Addison sits beside me. She takes out a metal jar and takes out some ravioli, cheese filled. I eat at y hamburger, it's gross. "How can you eat that?" She asks. I shrug. "I don't like it. Are you a vegetarian." She nods. "I don't like eating animals." I smile. Looks like I made a new friend.

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