Faye Alexander has moved to Bloomfeild with her mother, hoping this will be the finale time they move. She meets Addison Rose, an animal lover with a healing heart, Isabelle Garmer, a popular girl who is thought to have a heart of stone, Rani Lakes, a quite girl with heart the size of a watermelon, and finally Yasimine Keller, a girl with a thousand crushes and a heart that needs love. When these girls find out they're apart of an ancient order of girls, will they be able to stop the darkness thats coming?


6. A sleepover and the butterfly window

  I decided to hold a sleepover. I told Addison, Isabelle, Rani, and Yasmine to be at my house on Friday night. And it's Friday! Addison is here first. "Hi Faye." She hugs me. Her hairs in a braid and she has on a T-shirt with a kitten on it. "So is anybody else coming?" I nod. "Isabelle Garmer, Rani Lakes, and Yasmine Keller." She gets this sour look. "Did you just say Yasmine Keller?" I nod. "Ugh, she can't make up her mind about a guy to like. It's sooooooo annoying." She rolls her eyes. And Yasmine  is here next. "Ugh, Addison Rose. You here with your annoying ferrets?" She wrinkles her nose. "No. Now please, leave me alone." They glare at each other. "Umm..." I pull at a string on my clothes. Addison breaths. "Yasmine, for Faye's sake, I think we should put our differences aside and try to be civilized." Yas nods and I lead them to my attic  bedroom. Addie has a fake smile plastered across her face. "Okay, here's my room. Pick a space to set up your sleeping bags. But then I realize, they're mesmerized by my butterfly window. Addie walks up to it and touches the glass. The window became tinted pink. She jumps back in surprise. "Did you get hurt?!" I ask, nervous. "No, it just tingled." Yasmine steps forward. "I wanna try." She touches the now clear glass, tinting it red, like her hair streak. "Addison's right, it did tingle." I didn't wanna touch it. I hear the door bell ring. "BRB. Don't kill each other." I jump down the steep stairs. Rani is standing on the door step. "Hi Rani." I hug her. "Hi Faye. Is anyone else here?" I nod. "Yasmine Keller and Addison Rose. Isabelle Garmer should be here soon." She looks shocked. "You invited the bully!? She is horribly mean!" I shake my head. "She's just misunderstood, give her a chance." Rani shrugs and I see Izzy behind her. "Hi Iz." She smiles at me and then sees Rani, she became very uncomfortable. "Um... hi Rani." Rani gave her an uneasy look. "Okay, come on up stairs.

  When we get up there, Addie is teaching Yasmine a hand game. "Addie? Yasmine?" Izzy asked. "Hello Isabelle." Yasmine said. Addie waved, smiling. "Thats a beautiful window." Rani whispers. She walks up to the window and touches the glass, now tinted a light blue. "Gee wiz!" She yelps. "Gee wiz? Really?" Izzy says. I nudge her. Rani looks scared. "I mean... sorry." Izzy hangs her head. Rani shrugs. "I wanna touch it." Izzy runs up and the glass turns teal. "Oh my!" she smiles. Now I wanna see. I step forward and press my hand to the glass. It glows a light purple and all the colors it has before. It then turns the pattern of our eyes. I put my hand on the glass and it goes right through! "What do we do?" Izzy asks. "I vote find out whats on the other side!" Addie says excitedly. "I vote no." Rani says. Addie and me walk up. "Might as well." We grab each others hands. Izzy grabs Addie's hand. Rani tentatively takes Izzy's. Yasmine finally takes Rani's. "On three." I say. "One." I say. "Two." Addie follows, smiling. "Three!" We say together. And we step into the cool galaxy like color.

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