Just a little poem about being eloquent. Take it how you like. :)


1. Eloquent

Of course he was bothered by it

Others had told him that if he were to find a suitable mate

He was going to have to work on his communication skills 

He would would need to be more eloquent 


He always liked his shorter companion that he traveled with 

He always appreciated the company 

If he was eloquent he would tell the companion his feelings 

But of corse he couldn't say that, so instead he held the doors open


He could tell he intimidated his friend, even if he didn't mean to

He really wanted the other not to look at him with such terror 

If he was more eloquent he would have said something nice 

But of course, he couldn't say that, so instead he gave smiles 


His younger friend was scared of storms, any that made the sky black 

So when a day like this came, the other came to his side

If he was more eloquent he would say comforting things  and hold the other close

But of course, he couldn't do that, so instead he mumbled 'I love you' 


It wasn't eloquent, it wasn't pretty, and it wasn't poetry 

But when the other heard it, it didn't need to be.  

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