Write Off

Welcome contestants to the first movella off Write Off (Pun of Face Off XD) so each week the 'Judges' (Ferretsrock982, Loki's Queen, and Peppermint_people88) Will give u a prompt. Write a Movella of at least five chapters and tell us the title in the comments and we shall all read it. The sad part is one of you will be eliminated and one will win. And when we get to the last three, well compete and hopfully win for a grand prize! So get writing!


4. Contestanst/Winner

A/N: Hey guys, it's Ferretsrock982. So none of the other judges answered so, I'll have to chose the winner myself. Also sorry if I missed your entry. I tried to count them up but... I may have been wrong 

Hello again. So the contestants are...

Mxfia Peridot Everthorne: Superficial Fears  

Unappriciated▲Gambino: This is Us

Txmblr Queen: Rea(s)ons


  So the winner is....

               This is Us! By Unappriciated▲Gambino! I honestly loved the message an thought the writing was fantastic. Mxfia Peridot Everthorn, I love you story but I would have liked it more if ou had elaborated a little on what it was Skye was fearing. And Txmblr Queen, I thought your writting was okay, it's just a little off topic, even though I know you had already written it.

 So congrats Unappriciated▲Gambino!

  <3 Ferretsrock982 


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