Who's Baby?!?//Sarry Fanfiction//

Shiyou had Harry's and her baby. She had amnesia and forgot all about the baby and Harry. What will happen when they meet again? Will there be a fight? A misunderstanding? Read to find out!


1. Hospital

Shiyou's P.O.V.

"Push push!". I pushed until I had fainted with a scream of a baby girl trailing off. I woke up in the waiting area of the hospital. All of the sudden I just remembered, my BABY! I went up to nurse and said,"where's my baby!" I said freaking out. And the doctor said,"with Harry" she said confused. I rushed out the hospital and hurried into my car.

When I got into the road I rushed to Harry's house. All of the sudden, I felt my car rolling and realized I had gotten into to a car accident. And once again blacked out without remembering what had happen.

Woke up in a hospital seeing a blue eye boy next to me. I asked,"who are you?". And he rushed out with tears in his eyes.

Niall's P.O.V.

I went up to the doctor and said,"she don't remember me!" With tears rushing down my face."Well Niall, she has....amnesia.".


Hope you guys enjoyed!

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