A girl looking for love and thought she found Mr. right but it turns out everything is wrong


2. Wrong VS. Right

3 weeks later

Carter and I were in love, he was amazing everything was going great.

To: Arly

“Hey babe want to go out tonight?”

From: Arly

“Sure, where?”

To: Arly

“It’s a surprise. I will pick you up at 6”

From: Arly

“See you then <3”

I got ready then waited for Carter; I couldn’t wait for our date he always did the most romantic things. I heard the knock on the door and rushed to it I couldn’t wait to see him. I opened the door and he gave me a kiss.

“Ready babe”

“Let’s go!”

He took me to the park for a picnic. We sat ate and talked then we started cuddling and watched the stars. The only thing wrong was that there was a bunch of boys playing soccer which killed the mood a little bit.

Carter pulled me in close and started kissing me, he was getting a little to handsy if you ask me.

“What are you doing?”


“I told you I wasn’t ready”

“I only want a fling I thought you understood that.”

“You never said that I just thought you liked moving fast!”

As if this moment couldn’t get any worse one of the guys playing soccer heard us yelling and came over to us.

“Is everything alright guys? I heard a lot of yelling.”

“Yes everything is fine man go back to your game”

As Carter is saying that he’s trying to grab me and touch me again. I break lose and run up to the guy who was talking to us.

“Please keep him away from me.” I yelled

“Babe don’t be like that, I know you like it.”

“Dude she said she didn’t want you near her so how about you back the fuck off!”

The argument was getting really intense, I wasn’t sure what carter was gonna do. I was getting really worried for the guy who was helping me.

“Go over to my friends who I was playing soccer with you will be fine there”

“Thank you” I ran over to them, they looked really confused

“What’s going on over there?” one of them said.

“My boyfriend was trying to have sex with me and I told him to stop and he freaked out. Now he’s getting really angry and I’m worried that he is going to hurt your friend.”

“He can take it, he’s a strong guy.” This one guy said who looked exactly like the one who was with Carter.

“I’m Arly by the way”

“I’m Beau this is Daniel, James and Luke the one with your boyfriend, well now ex boyfriend I guess is Jai he is Luke’s twin.”

“Thank you guys for helping me”

“No problem but its more Jai then any of us.”

Jai started walking back this way it didn’t seem like he was hurt and I’m praying that Carter didn’t try to start a fight.

“He won’t be bothering you anymore.”

I was so happy I ran up and hugged him he smelt like the Abercrombie cologne.

“Thank you so much for all your help. I’m Arly”

“It was no problem. I’m Jai.”

The boys walked me home just to make sure that Carter wasn’t around.

“Do you guys want to come in? It’s the least I could do.”

“No, we have to go we have a big day tomorrow, here take our numbers in case Carter comes back.”

“Thank you again Jai you really helped me I don’t know what I would’ve done if you guys weren’t there.”

I gave them my phone and then they all added there numbers after they were done I sent them all a group text and was talking to all of them all night.

From: Jai

“I’m really happy you’re safe. Goodnight <3”

To: Jai

“Thank you so much. Goodnight and have fun tomorrow <3”

Thank god it’s the weekend I don’t know what I would do if I had school tomorrow. Just want to sleep in and forget about Carter.


Hey guys my name is Arly i hope you like the story so far please comment any feedback i would love to hear ways that i can improve.

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