A girl looking for love and thought she found Mr. right but it turns out everything is wrong


11. Who To Pick?

Arly’s P.O.V

It was at that moment I realized that I shouldn’t care what Carter says I have 5 of the most amazing friends here (I also love Mel and Paige but there not here right now.)

“Guy’s I’m really sorry for the way I acted, you did nothing wrong and I took all of my anger out on you.”

“We understand, just remember we will always be here for you no matter what.”

“Thanks Daniel, I have to finish what I was about to tell you before I got that’s text so if you will all sit down this is very important.”

“We are ready Arly” Jai said

“Guy’s it really wasn’t right that you were treating like a prize you should’ve told me what happened, I really shouldn’t have to choose because I will choose one of you and the other 4 will be upset and the last thing I would want to do is ruin your friendship after you guys have been friends for so long. It’s also not fair to you guys if I don’t choose because I do know who I like and you deserve to know so you aren’t waiting forever. You need to promise me that whatever happens we will ALL stay friends”

“Promise” All the boys said

“You are all super amazing people and I had fun on all of the dates. Luke you were the first person to take me on a date and I kind of loved the fact that I didn’t know because I didn’t have to stress over anything and it was so nice to spend the evening with you and sing my heart out. Beau that tour was hilarious I had so much fun touring Orlando with you couldn’t have asked for a better time we made so many jokes and took some amazing pictures and we really made our time worthwhile. James Disney was amazing and I’m so glad I got to spend it with you, I will never forget that day and how we went on every ride there. Skip the zoo was insane but I felt so safe being with you and I loved looking at all the different animals after all who doesn’t love the zoo. I loved every single part about that day you made me feel so special. Finally Jai im sorry for the way that the date started you didn’t deserve that and I know that I seemed very disinterested but you gave me such an amazing day with such amazing memories and those rides were fucking insane. There can only be one guy I choose though and it kills me that I can only choose one of you and I don’t have 5 of me and as much as I don’t want to choose I know I have to.”

Luke’s P.O.V

I can’t believe Arly is really going to choose one of us and as much as I hope that she picks me I will be happy for her know matter who she chooses. She deserves to be happy and im glad that one of us can make her happy.

Beau’s P.O.V

I mean I did promise not only to Arly but to the rest of the boys that this wouldn’t come between us, but I mean it’s hard not to be upset if she doesn’t choose me I can’t control who she likes and I love my brothers and James and Skip more than enough to let a girl come between us.

James’ P.O.V

Arly means a lot to me and all of the boys and I would hate to have my heart broken by her, we all promised that we would be ok with it though and no matter how upset I am I can’t show it. I really care about Arly and only want her to be happy.

Daniel’s P.O.V

Arly and I had a great time on our date, she makes me so happy. I hope that im the one she picks, she means so much to me. She deserves to be happy and if shes not happy with me I’ll understand.

Jai’s P.O.V

I’m really nervous about who Arly will pick, I mean are date wasn’t exactly perfect she wasn’t really happy to be going out with me after she figured out what we were doing. When we got to the date though she had a blast and I can see myself dating her in the future. Whoever she picks I hope it doesn’t ruin our band and our friendship.


Who do you guys think Arly will choose? Comment below I want to hear your opinions.

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