A girl looking for love and thought she found Mr. right but it turns out everything is wrong


7. Third Date

“Beau tell us about the date” James bugged him

“There’s nothing to tell” Beau said sounding a little disappointed

“Come on Beau stop being a cunt and tell us what happened” Daniel teased

“NOTHING SPECIAL HAPPENED, guys she doesn’t know that these are supposed to be dates so she isn’t acting like we are on a date” Beau yelled

“Ya when we went out she acted like it was just a normal day hanging out with me” Luke said sadly

“Guys we have to promise we won’t act upset or any differently when Arly chooses” Jai said

“Boys we are treating her like she is something to win that’s not fair to her” James said

“Jai and James are right we can’t let this come between us and she can’t choose if she doesn’t know what’s going on we are going to have to tell her”

“We can do that later agreed”

“Agreed” They all said

“James you are taking her on the next date”

“Sure I have the perfect date planned”

The Next Day

“Arly hurry and get ready we are going to Disney World”


“Yes really come on we are gonna have the best day”

“How much of a tourist do I look like?”

“Haha a big one now come on lets go”

At Disney World

When we got there James already had a plan.

“First we are going on Space Mountain then Splash Mountain after that the Seven Dwarfs Mine trail hen before we eat we will go on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad”

“Lets go”

James was having so much fun and so was I, I love being with James he always knows how to have fun then at the same him he is so caring.

 After the four rollercoasters we went to go eat. While we were walking we saw the one and only Mickey Mouse my life truly couldn’t get any better then this.

After Lunch we went on Mission: SPACE then Dinosaur and on our way we saw Ariel who is my fav princess and Jasmine and Belle.

James and I went on all of the rides that were either thrill rides and rides with big drops we even went to the water park.

“James this day was amazing thank you so much”

“It’s not over yet, we are going to see the night show Glow With The Show”

“James this is wonderful” I gave him a kiss on the cheek

After the show ended we headed to the hotel the boys were all waiting but they knew not to ask me any questions.

“Night boys” I did an air kiss

Dear Diary:

James is amazing he is exactly like me and always knows what to say there is never and awkward moment between us. Beau and Luke are amazing too I don’t know what to do any more, its like they want me to choose between them and even if I wanted to I don’t know if I could they are all perfect. HELP ME.

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