A girl looking for love and thought she found Mr. right but it turns out everything is wrong


6. Second Date

When we got to the hotel the boys were waiting to greet us, again acting weird…

“How was it?”
“What did you guys do?”
“Where did you go?”
“We want details”
“Spill the beans”

“Good, Luke made me, we went to a restaurant. There’s nothing to it, just plain and simple. Calm your shit boys. We were just hanging out.”

Luke looked a little disappointed, did he want it to be something more? I hope I didn’t fuck things up for us I just don’t know my feelings toward any of them they are all great in their own ways.

“Are you alright Luke?”

“Ya I’m fine I’m pretty tired I’m gonna go to my room”

Luke went to his room while the boys kept bombarding me with questions. I didn’t care about them I wanted to make sure Luke was ok so I went to his room. I crawled into bed with Luke.

“Luke what’s wrong?”


“I’ve been living with you for almost a week and I can already tell that you’re lying. What’s wrong?”

“I can’t talk about it the boys will kill me”

“Do you want me to leave?”

“No stay with me”

In The Morning

If you thought there was a lot of questions about me and Luke going to dinner there were even more with us sleeping in the same bed.

“Guys would you all just stop with the questions before I go crazy!”

“Sorry we just want to know”

“I know just cool it please. What’s the plan for today?”

“Beau is taking you on a tour of Orlando”

“Fun I’m gonna go get dressed”

“Let’s go Beau. It rhymes!”

Beau and I had so much fun we were laughing and talking the entire time it felt like it was just me and him not a care in the world. I wish we could do that every day life is just easier when Beau is there.

Sadly though when we came home there were all of those questions again.

“It was fun. Are we done now?”

“Yes you are free to go”

“Good go bug Beau if you want to know how it went”

Another day another journal entry

Dear Diary:

I had such a fun time with Beau I love hanging out with him. I can already tell that being on this tour was the right choice. This is definitely going to be the best time I’ve had well ever. Beau is so cute and those eyes just suck you in. I can’t stop thinking about him. Why is this so complicated I wish I could date all the boys, I might not even date any though. I wish I could go into the future to see what happens.


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