A girl looking for love and thought she found Mr. right but it turns out everything is wrong


3. New Friends

The Next Day

The boys were texting me all day, they were so funny and they always made me laugh. They invited me to hang out with them later that day, of course I said yes. I couldn’t wait to hang out with them; I can’t imagine all of the fun things we could do together.

They picked me up at my house at around 2:00, I chose the perfect outfit.

I heard the knock on my door and I have never been so happy.

“Hey” Beau greeted me with a hug so did all the boys, Daniels hugs are the best.

“Hey gorgeous” Jai said and gave me a kiss on the cheek, he gave me butterflies.

“Jai stop being such a cunt” Luke said

I have never heard boys swear so much.

The boys took me to Luna Park; I had the best day of my life. We spent the day laughing and goofing around while enjoying the amusement park.

We had to leave at 5 because the boys had to go somewhere they refused to tell me where, it got me really curious that they were just gonna disappear. They dropped me off at my house said their goodbyes then left, what could they possibly be hiding from me?

I was texting Beau that night.

To Beau:

Why did you guys have to go so suddenly?

From Beau:

We can’t tell you yet, you will know soon enough

To Beau:

Come on, tell me cuz you love me

From Beau:

Sorry babe, are you free tomorrow?

To Beau:

Sure who is gonna hang out with us?

From Beau:

Me, you, Luke and Jai

To Beau:

Great well you know my house so come whenever. See you tomorrow <3

From Beau:

Night Love <3

I was so happy that I had met the boys they took my mind off of life and more importantly Carter, I never wanted to see that asshole again. I came up with a nickname for him Cunter. I was very proud of it J

The Next Day

Beau was at my house pretty early, luckily I was ready early and I was just watching tv.

“Hey lovely” Beau greeted me

“Hey hottie” I replied we were all really playful with each other which was bad sometimes cuz I didn’t know if any of them actually liked me.

We got in the car and drove around till we got to the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

“What concert are you taking me to?”

“You’ll see” Luke said with a smirk on his face.

This made me super curious I looked around for signs and every time I found one, they would block me from seeing it.

“We have to go do something, find a good spot in there and we will see you soon”

“What the fuck guys you are just going to leave me stranded here. FUCK YOU”

They all gave me a kiss then bolted away leaving me to get lost, I found a good spot right at the front but the place was crowding fast and I have no idea how the boys will find me. The opening act was amazing and there was still no site of the boys.

Beau’s P.O.V

“I can’t wait to see Arly’s face” Beau said

“She is gonna freak” Luke replied

“So what’s the plan boy?” James asked

Arly’s P.O.V

The opening act finished and right before the main performance there was an announcement. "Arly we need you on stage right now”

I was a little bit creeped out what the fuck was going on was all I could think. I made my way up to the stage and all of a sudden the boys were surrounding me.

“What is going on?”

“This is our concert, this is why we kept leaving in such a hurry” Skip said

“Surprise” Yelled Beau, Jai and Luke

This day couldn’t get any better. 

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