A girl looking for love and thought she found Mr. right but it turns out everything is wrong


12. Happy Birthday Part 1

Arly’s P.O.V.

“I choose”

“Wait” screams Beau

“What Beau this has to happen stop stalling”

“Arly what is gonna happen when you choose one of us?”

“Well you guys promised each other that it wouldn’t ruin your friendship and I promised you guys that we wouldn’t start dating till the tour is over”

“Ok continue”

“Is everyone sure that they want this, no matter what happens?”

“Yes we are sure”

“I….I……I choose….. James” the looks on the boys faces were devastating to look at (all except James) I couldn’t stand to look at their faces I quickly ran to my room.

I know that they all noticed and I was half waiting for someone to come up to see if I’m ok but no one ever did. What’s the rest of the tour going to be like, if anything gets worse between the boys and I, I’m gonna have to leave.

The Next Day

I walked down stairs not knowing what to expect. I was too upset to care about them I kind of stopped caring about everything. I’m not regretting my decision I’m just regretting telling them. I really like James and could see a future with him. All of the boys are amazing in their own ways James just understands me.

“Hi Arly” James says, all of the other boys were silent

“Hi guys”

Still silence, I made up my mind I went upstairs to pack my things. I hurt the boys and I can’t be on tour with them knowing that.

*Knock Knock*

“Come in” I yelled I was expecting James

“Hey Arly we really need to talk” I turned to see Daniels face

“Daniel I’m leaving there is nothing to talk about I can’t be on tour with you guys knowing the pain I have caused all of you”

“Arly listen to me, yes we are hurt now but it will heal over time you can’t leave you play a big part not just in the tour but in our lives.”

“Daniel I believe you but it hurts to much I can’t look at your faces everyday knowing that I’ve broken your hearts. My mom wants me home any way because my birthday is in 2 weeks”

“You never told us your birthday was in 2 weeks”

“I didn’t want it to be a big deal. Please go so I can finish packing”

He walked out not even arguing I think he’s given up on me.

2 weeks later

I’ve hardly spoken to James or any of the boys, I can’t believe I ran away from my problems like I always do. I run away or I just push people away.

“Arly honey come get the phone your grandma wants to wish you happy birthday”

It’s my birthday and I’m not even happy. Mel, Paige and Lane had planned a huge party for me one I didn’t even really want.

I finished talking to my grandma and started getting ready for my party.

All my friends were there probably the best 19th birthday party ever, I wish I could enjoy it.

It was like a real party booze, live music, and all my friends. The party I’ve been dreaming of for years.

Lane was at the mic giving a beautiful speech, she wished me happy birthday then handed the mic back to the band. Lane was bringing out the cake and they had the perfect song to go with it, the song just made me even more upset. The song was real girls eat cake, no one really knew what happened between me and the boys so I can’t blame lane for not knowing not to play the song. I was turned around but Paige turned me to face the stage so that I could see my birthday cake come out. My giant cake wasn’t the only surprise, it wasn’t just any band on the stage it was the Janoskians…

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