A girl looking for love and thought she found Mr. right but it turns out everything is wrong


8. Fourth Date

“How did the date go?”

“Good she had lots of fun”

“You’re not telling us something”

“No” James walks away and says “Good luck Skip”

“Skip what is your plan with Arly”

“Well I’m going to take her to the zoo when we get to Dallas”

“Nice everyone likes the zoo”

3 Days Later (In Dallas)

“Who is taking me out today?”

“Me” Skip said

“Great where are we going?”

“To the zoo”

“Great let me go change”

“I will be waiting”

“Let’s go”

“You look cute”

“That’s what I was going for cute and comfy”

At the Zoo

“Where to Skip”

“The invertebrates”

“Lead the way”

Normally I don’t care what I see at the zoo, I love the zoo. Seeing the spiders and bees creeped me out so I clung on to Daniel the entire time, like a safety blanket.

“You OK Arly?”

“Yep, spiders creep me out and I hate bees”

“Do you want to go somewhere else?”

“No we have to see the entire zoo I will not leave”

“Well aren’t you brave”

“You make me feel safe”

I gave him a kiss on the cheek

“Ready to see the Reptiles and Amphibians?”

“Yes anything to get away from the bees”

“Haha what happened to being brave”

“I was and now that we are leaving I don’t need to be anymore”

“Haha baby”

“Shut up”

Skip leans in and kisses me not on the cheek on the lips I was a bit taken back, I kissed him back though.

“WOW that was unexpected”

“That’s me full of surprises”

“I know”

“What did you like most about the invertebrates?”

“Leaving! What about you?”

“HAHA. Mine was kissing you”

“Well aren’t you smooth”

“I try”

“Lead the way out of here”

“Ready to the reptiles and amphibians”

“As ready as I’ll ever be”

We walked around till we got to the end of the section.

“That was so much better then bees and spiders”

 “It was I liked the king cobra”

“I liked the tuatara”

“Of course you did”

“It was so cute”

“Ready for the mammals”


“Well you are excited about this one”

“Monkeys are my favourite animals”


We walked slowly through till the end

“I would ask what your favourite animal was but you already told me monkey, what kind though?”

“Spectacled Langur. What was your favourite animal?”

“I like the Ocelot”

“I’m ready to go see the birds”

“Then let’s go”

There weren’t that many birds so it went fast but being with Daniel was so much fun.

“Ok Arly favourite bird?”

“By far the Ostrich. You?”

“Same. Are you ready to go to back?”

“I guess”

At Home

Dear Diary:

Daniel kissed me, if I thought I was confused before I’m even more confused now. I know for sure that they are taking me on dates, do they all like me? Do they expect me to choose? I love them all in different ways I can’t choose.

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