A girl looking for love and thought she found Mr. right but it turns out everything is wrong


1. Finding Carter

My life was good; I had parents who loved me and a brother (not much good I can say about him.) School wasn't always the best just like any school we had those "popular kids" or as i like to call the easy ones. Unless you were friends with them they wouldn't talk to you and you wouldn't talk to them, it was just easier that way. I got ready to go to school; it was Monday who really wants to go to school on Monday?

I straightened my hair the night before as usual; i never like my hair natural because it’s so frizzy that i end up looking like a lion. I finished getting ready then my mom drove me to school. When i got to school i painfully walked up all 4 flights of stairs to get to my locker, i get to my locker and put my lunch and gym clothes in and grab a piece of cinnamon gum, then i go to the third floor to meet up with my friends. I wouldn’t call my self popular but i had a good amount of friends, we met in the same spot every morning it was nice knowing that these girls would always be there for me. Like anyone i had my 4 closest friends Paige, Melanie, Carly and Lane. We did everything together; we were so close i thought we would be friends forever or at least till college. I had 2 periods then i had lunch i met Paige at her locker then she came with me to mine we have done this routine for the past 3 years of high school.
"P will you come with me to shoppers? I have to pick up a pre paid MasterCard my mom said i can’t use her credit card anymore."
"Sure but you have to come with me to Tim's"
"Great we can get my lunch then go"
It was about a 5 min walk to get to Shoppers i got what i needed then we went to times.
"Let me guess you are going to get an everything bagel with butter, a chocolate glazed doughnut and chocolate milk"
"Ha-ha A you know me so well"
We went back to school ate then suffered through the final 2 classes of the day, i did basically the same thing till Friday.

I got dressed and did the same routine till the end of school today i decided to go get a tea then off to Melanie’s house, Mel doesn't go to school with me but lives a good 20 min and i like walking so i got my tea then headed to Mel's house.

To: Mel
Hey loser when will you be home I’m on my way to your house right now?????????

From: Mel
Be there in 10 you have the house key right?

That’s how close Mel and I are I have a key to her house.

To: Mel
Ya i do i will see you soon.

I got to her house, got a drink then went to see her cat; he was really fat so i called him fatzo.
When she got home we headed to the park, we loved going on the swings and finding cute guys. I was determined to get a boyfriend I don’t know why I think I just liked the fact that someone would actually like me.
There weren’t a lot of cute guys there except for this one guy. Normally I’m really shy but I went to talk to him anyway I need to have courage and he’s cute enough that I will risk humility. My friend was close by if things took a turn for the worst we had a secret code planned just in case of extreme emergency.
“Hi” I said
He looked at me like I was crazy
Shit I thought to myself as I was about to give Mel the signal he replied
“Hey I’m Carter what’s your name”
“Arly, I noticed you practicing soccer by yourself and I was wondering if you wanted some company?”
“Sure, do you play?”
“Ya it’s the only sport I like”

We got really into playing that I forgot about Mel WHOOPS luckily she texted her boyfriend so I was safe. I beat him three times, he took my number then I was off back to tell Mel and Aidan everything.

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