A girl looking for love and thought she found Mr. right but it turns out everything is wrong


9. Fifth Date

I lay in bed just think about well everything.

They are treating me like a prize I get why they are doing this but its not fair to me, to be put in a decision where I have to choose who I like. I don’t know who I like right now especially after Daniel kissed me. Daniel kissed me like what…

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my door

“Come in”


“Hey Jai its your turn to take me on my date, Where are we going?”

“To the Zero Gravity Amusement park”

“Im going to change I will meet you in the car”

I get to the car and Jai can tell that something is wrong.

“Arly are you ok?”

“Ya im fine”

“No your not” He gaves me a comforting hug

“Tell me whats wrong Arly”

“You guys are whats wrong treating me as a prize to be won. Ya I know that you each were taking me on a date and then would have to choose which guy I liked more. WTF Jai that’s not fair to me you guys are using me.”

“It’s not like that Arly we each just wanted an equal shot with you we were never going to force you to choose.”

“Even if I did choose someone what would it do to you guys?”

“Nothing we have promised each other that this wont come between us. If you don’t want to go on this date you don’t have to”

“I do want to. Thank you Jai”

We arrive at the park its not the biggest place but its perfect for me and luke.

We started off with the skycoaster then went to the skyscraper followed by nothing but net after that we did blast off and finished off with the bungee.

“Holy shit Jai that was insane”

“I know right”

I kissed him on the lips he kissed back passionately.

“Nothing could make this day better”

“Lets head home in exhausted”


We got home and I went straight to bed I didn’t even have the engery to write in my diary when I woke up it was only 10:00 I was so confused I had know idea what to do, I knew one person that would know exactly what to do.

Jai’s P.O.V

“Guys Arly knows what we were doing”

“How did she figure out?”

“It wasn’t that difficult we always hang out together as a group and then suddenly we all hang out with arly seperatly”

“True. Is she ok?”

“Ya shes fine but we cant make her choose one of us right away she will do it when shes ready”

“When will that be?”

“I don’t know but she was really upset about this she just needs her space now and I think we should all give it to her”

Arly’s P.O.V

I quickly dialed Melaine’s number she always knows what to do.


“Mel I need your help”

“Arly whats wrong?”

I explained the whole situation to her and told her about each of the dates.

“Arly this is your disission I cant choose who you should date”

“Should I even date one of them im not something to win”

“I see where you are coming from and I also see where they are coming from I think that choosing is a good idea.”

“Ok and I think I know who im going to choose”



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