Have scientists taken cross breeding too far? So far that it is effecting our survival? Plants and bugs have adapted, but we haven't. Staying alive isn't as easy as it used to be.
Survive. It's not an option, it's an order.


1. Prologue


   The bus bumps up and down, making a pleasant ride almost impossible. My head was now hitting the bus ceiling for the 50th time. "Hey Jasper, my man!" Ugh. Michael Thamper. He somehow thinks that we're friends. Rolling my eyes I turn my head towards the moron. Why couldn't people just leave me alone?  I didn't think I was the most exciting person to talk to. It's not that I'm anti-social, it's just that sometimes I just don't feel like communicating. "What is it?" I asked a fake smile stuck to my face. Ugh! Why do I do that!? Why do I make it seem like I am interested?!

   Michael grins. "Dude, I could see your green hair from the back of the bus!" He answered laughing obnoxiously. I wanted to ram two pencils into his ears. So what I got my hair dyed green!? Great, now it looks like I have anger issues. Smiling, I reply. "I got it dyed last weekend. It's my favorite color." Michael was interrupted be my getting up. My stop was here. I quickly scrambled off the bus and onto the little island of grass surrounding my stop sign. Sighing with relief I walk to my house. 

   I wasn't in too much of a hurry to get anywhere so I just kinda walked, then stopped. Walked, then stopped. I always liked to look into my surroundings. I always act like I'm being watched, makes my life seem interesting. Doesn't everyone secretly wish that they were in some story where their life was on line because of some amazing adventure? Maybe I'm the only fourteen year-old that thinks this way. I never was one interested in taking "selfies" are just make out. I guess I'm different. Isn't different nothing to be ashamed of?

   Now that I'm taking in the surroundings of my neighborhood everything doesn't seem... right. The whole street seems disturbed. As if a certain presence is making everyone go on lock down. My street was always lively, never enough children running in sprinklers are adults lounging out or tending to their yard. Was something going on that I didn't know? 

   Speaking of being different, I didn't own a phone. So I couldn't check the news to see what was going on. I look up at the blue abyss known as the sky. Shading my eyes from the blinding light owned by the sun. It didn't look like any sign of a storm coming. The wind was steady, not roof tearing.

   As I get closer to my house I noticed something I wish I hadn't. Doors were off their hinges, shards of glass strewn across lawns from broken windows. Was this robbery? I thought to myself started to feel a little queasy. I bite my knuckle, a nervous habit that I have yet hate. Getting towards my house more I realize that the ride was no longer gray but a dark crimson red. Maybe you could see a few gray spots here and there but most of it was painted red.

   Stepping back a few steps, my heart is hammering in my chest. Threatening to jump out of my throat. What was going on!? This obviously wasn't some lock down. I drop my book bag onto the lake of blood and race to my house. My brown eyes filled with worry. What was happening? Is everything ok? My feet pound on the pavement, keeping a steady yet fast rhythm. I soon slow down, then stop. 

   I gaze up at my home. The mailbox was torn off and halfway through the front window. Drops of blood were going up the walkway and up to the door. Well, there no longer was a door. It was on the far end of the yard. Claw marks decorated it. I shudder. I wasn't going to figure anything out by just standing here. I shakily walk towards my porch. I enter the wrecked house. The dining room table was split in half, broken chair pieces strewn across the room. Hand prints of blood were wiped across the walls. 

   I steadily turn around and walk around the room, looking for any explanation to anything. What was going on? Where were my parents? "Mom? Dad? Jade?" I call out my mother, father, and younger sister. The only answer I got was a screaming from the basement. All of the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Out of anywhere in this house it just had to be the basement. I haven't been down there in forever.

   I run out of the dining room and into the hallway that leads to my basement. The bookcase that was in the living room was on the ground, books strewn across the floor. Whatever was here made a mess that would out match a hurricane. The yellow walls of the hallway then became decorated with red. I felt my stomach start to rise until I slipped on something, banging my head on the ground. Hard. Groaning I rub my head and look at what I slipped on. Before me lay my mother's body. Torn into unimaginable pieces.

   It took me awhile to process this. But when it finally sank it I threw the body to a nearby wall. I was screaming,shaking my head back and forth. What happened to my mother!? Her legs were chewed up to nubs. It looked like the way a dog chews on a Barbie's leg. Both of her arms were torn off, bones sticking out of the torn stumps. Tissue was leaking out of her wounds. Her head had also been torn off. A stray of veins stuck out of her neck, still spouting blood. I back up, sickened. The screaming rang through my ears again, my legs picked up speed as I ran down the hallway. 

   This was all happening too fast for me. I didn't have any time to just sit, think about it, and cry for my loss of my mother. Why would this be happening!? Was the world ending? So many questions swam in my head, not one receiving an answer.

   Running down the basement steps I find my eleven year old sister, Jade, pinned against the wall. Pinning her to the wall was... this... monster. It was as large as a grizzly bear on it's hind legs. It looked like a big pile of light pink play dough. Except it had strength. The thing had two black tongues wrapped around my sister's arms. The only thing separating my sister and this beast was a metal pipe she gripped tightly in front of her, bending every time the monster leaned in closer. My sister was in a horrible state, cuts and bruises running up along her arms and legs. One of her eyes were missing, leaving a stream of blood down her face. Tears pricked the corner of her left eye. She knew that she was facing death right in the eyes.

   Jade, noticing me, shouts. "JASPER,RUN!" She was crying now. Her strength weakening by every wasted second. I hate myself for this, but I just stood there. Looking stupid. My sister was about to die right before my eyes and I was just standing there. The beast, noticing me too, turned it's thick neck towards me and grinned, showing me it's rows of deadly teeth. It looked like it was going to come for me.

   My sister knew that only one of us was going to survive this, she let go. She let go of the pipe that separated her from death. "JADE!" I cried out. But it was too late. The monster snapped it's head towards my sister and grabbed her head with both hand lifting her off the air.

   Tears pricked the corner of her left eye, her eye that was gone continued to gush out my new hated color. Red. She looked at me, sorrow filling her eyes. All hope was lost in her posture. Before the monster could do anything she whispered " I love you, Jasper." 

   My eyes were growing wide, I started to walk backwards a bit. Agh, I was such a coward. The monster grinned and gripped her head tighter earning a scream from my little sister. "STOP IT!" I shout, still walking back. The monster payed no attention towards me. He picked his lips and tore her head right of her neck. My sister's face stayed in a permanent screaming expression. Her body falls to the ground, making a SMACK sound as it hits the hard floor. The monster raises her head high above its head and unhinges it's jaws so that it could swallow it whole.

   Paralyzed, I stood there. My mouth opened, my eyes wider than plates. I had just watch my little sister get eaten. I just watched. My self scolding thought were interrupted as the things turned it's head towards me again. But this time, with no distractions. It took an overly confident step towards me, gnashing it's teeth together. Showing off. Out of panic I grab the closest thing next to me. An antique spear. My mom loved this thing, if I used this... oh yeah. She's dead.

   The spear was golden with designs running up along it, stopping at the razor sharp tip. It didn't feel too comfortable in my hands but I got into battle position anyway. The monster wouldn't come near me, no I ran towards it getting sway away in the process. My body was thrown again an array of shelves. My hands were caught in fish books while my feet were caught in rope. Seeing that I obviously wasn't in attack mode anymore the monster ran towards me. I got my spear, ignoring the fish books stuck to my hands, and ended up in the same position as my sister.

   The monster tried to grab my hands with it's tongues. His row of teeth in front of my face, taunting me. Telling me that at any moment I was going to be torn to shreds. His ugly face, inches away from mine. I don't know what kicked inside of me but whatever it was was a blessing. I grabbed a nearby glass jar and smashed it against the beasts head. It howled in agony as the glass splintered its head.  A few even cutting my cheek, although I still carry on to fight. I grip the spear again, this time without being put in a dangerous position. 

   Glaring daggers at the thing that had just killed my sister and mother, I run. No, not away from it towards it. It opened its mouth wide, as if expecting me to just crawl in there. Still running, I raise the spear over my head and scream my head off bringing the spear down. Seems like the mouth was the perfect target, because that's just where the spear hit. It broke through the back of its throat and to the outside of its neck. My hands still anchored on the spear, I bring it out. The monster screeched, backed up, and fell down. Dead. But, the whole thing turned gray and it started to crack apart. "What the heck!?" I whisper to myself backing up. What happened? I was now staring at a cracked up gray blob. 

Remembering the fish hooks stuck to my hand, all of the pain that I haven't noticed before just punched me in the face. Widening my eyes in pain, I clutch my hand. Slightly cursing under my breath I remember that I don't live too far from the hospital, but then again... there could be more out there. But there was also my mother and sister to worry about... forgot it. I might as well care about my own life then lives that have already gone. No time to grieve now. Then again, I had no idea where my dad was...

                                                                                        • ° •

   Walking down the empty streets of OceanSprings I carefully check my surroundings. I actually saw a few dead "headers" laying down. Gray and cracked. Although, sadly I've seen a lot more dead bodies. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you. I call those monsters "headers" yeah, yeah. I know. It's not creative, but it just shows their love for heads.

   Seeing the hospital just a little distance away, something lands in front of me. It was this... bird. It just didn't have feathers. It was covered in muscles. Just by looking at it I could tell that it wasn't going to be any more nicer than my last encounter. I just didn't have anymore energy, just not enough. Instead of fighting, I ran. Yes, I did still have my spear but I just couldn't fight. It didn't pay any attention to me though... because it was already munching on a dead body trapped in its mouth.

   Finally walking through the hospital doors, I was expecting the smell of floor polish and cleaning supplies. But, no. I got hit in the face with the overwhelming smell of blood. Sinking to the floor, I cry. My shoulders were shaking and I was trembling. Everyone was gone.


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