Forever and always

He looked down at me "such a beautiful body -that will never be yours!" I spat. I yanked my arms as hard as I could,the belts he tied my arms up with were tied perfect .no use the only way I would be getting my arms free was if he untied them or if I broke them…didn't look like I was getting out of here soon. "
What are you thinking babygirl?"he asked with a smirk plastered on his face? I gave him a glare so hard that it hurt. "If only looks could kill ." He said with a chuckle .


1. before it happened

"Listen Marie, I don't care about the rain just get her to practice!" I said with and annoyed tone. "But she won't put on her out fit-Make her!" I cut Marie off "but I've already tried to she won't listen to me, here you tell her to do it!" Marie said."Candice, get your out fit on or I'm coming over there right now and I will bust your ass little girl!-ok ok I will it was just a joke!" And with that she hung up the phone.

I sighed and unlocked my door, I had a pink mansion with 3 floors. I wouldn't say rich but I have money.i went to my kitchen and typed down my lunch and put it in the slot for my chef to look at.If your wondering yes I had a chef and a butler and a house keeper.I took my elevator to the second floor,now I know what you're thinking, an elevator in a mansion! So not true well it is and I have an escalator too.

Now lets get to know me shall we? Ok, I have beach blue eyes blonde hair and a very good body. Now don't take it as of I'm bragging on my self it's just I've been told by let's just say a lot of people.inside my kitchen there was a crystal clear glass table with fancy chairs, a built in stove a newest model of the refrigerator, I had a game room down stairs with all the games you have ever know to mankind and the living room also on the same floor separated the downstairs staircase and the kitchen every stair case I had was spiral glass.

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