Half Bloods (One Direction)

Five boys that have never met each other are all brought together at a place called Camp-Half Blood. They all find out they have Greek Gods for a parent and that their lives are constantly in danger.


2. Chapter 1

~~Authors POV
Louis was walking down the street from school with his friend Nick.
They walked quietly down the loud streets of New York.
They kept walking until they see Louis' Apartment Building.
Louis said bye and walked up the stairs to his apartment.
He got there and said hi to his Mom and sisters.
His step dad walked in and Louis went up to him and said hi.
His dad stared at him.
They never had the best relationship.
Louis thinks it's because he's his step-dad.
After the most awkward hello ever Louis went to watch TV in the family room..
He was watching SpongeBob Squarepants when a commercial for X-factor UK came  on.
---I don't know what this commercial would be like but here is what I think----
"Do you have a talent? Is that talent singing? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you should audition!! Audition to what? You say! Why audition for X-factor UK!!! If you have the talent prove it to others!! Come compete against the best!! (Say this part super fast)  You are not guaranteed to make it! If you do don't complain about others or the judges! So audition now!" Fades away dramatically!!!
---End Of Commercial----
Louis stared at the screen laughing at how bad it was!!
His mom walked in sometime during the commercial and said " You should really try and go for a spot in that! You are very talented!"
Louis looked at her like she was crazy and said he was going to do his homework.
Louis was working on math when he got a call from Nick.
Louis answered and the call went like this
What you doing??

Shut up!!!
kjfkidiksikddfrikei9eierurefkidof9!!! (My Dog typed this part! He is soo talented!)
Dude what just happened??!!
Fizzy walked in and attacked me!!
I said shut up!! Why did you even call!!!??
I called to ask if you wanted to do something! Please say yes!! Please!!!!
Sure let me go tell my mom then I will met you outside cause I know you are out there!!
Okay! Bye!!!!!!!!!
Louis walked out his room.
He walked down the hall to the living room.
He saw his mom in the living room.
His mom looked up and smiled he smiled back and asked "Can I go out with Nick?"
She sighed but nodded he smiled wide and thanked her.
He walked outside and met Nick.
They went on their walk from there.
A/N Sorry this chapter sucks I was just focused on school my other story and more stuff!!!


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