Half Bloods (One Direction)

Five boys that have never met each other are all brought together at a place called Camp-Half Blood. They all find out they have Greek Gods for a parent and that their lives are constantly in danger.


4. Authors Not Again Sorry

~~Authors Note
Sorry I haven't updated but I have a reason. I have been getting hurt left and right! First my pick now I have 2nd degree burns on both my legs so I can't do much!! And even worse my WIFI thought it would be fun to not let anyone connect so I am really sorry I am writing the next chapter right now! This story is also on Wattpad, Quotev, and archive of our own.

Wattpad: Colorsgirl19
Quotev: It's Shelsey Not Chelsea
ArchiveOfOurOwn: Oh_My_Carrots19
Thanks for reading!!!

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