Camera boy

Most people knew harry styles as the boy who's really quiet and takes pictures of anything that catches his eyes.

Other people knew him as a big dork who locks himself in his room and never comes out.

He wouldn't talk to anyone, not even his mum. She once thought that he was mute once but he shook his head when she asked him.

Nobody knew why he turned quiet and Nobody dared to ask.

That is until one girl came into the picture.

And who knew that there was so much more behind the story.
© copyright of eat.sleep.fart 2015. All rights reserved.


9. 8



chapter 8


"Buddy get up, come on I have to get to work soon your mom made breakfast come on Haz." Harry sighed and sat up on his bed. He looked at his clock beside his bed seeing that it was only 3:47 A.M. "Come on buddy lets not be late for school okay?" Harry put on his glasses and looked back at his dad. "Daddy your eyes are red again."  "Rob? What are you doing its 3:48 in the morning."


Harry jumped out of bed gasping and automatically feeling all the tension in his chest. Catching his breath he sat there on his bed in silence only hearing his breath and the air conditioner turning on. He got out of bed and opened his door slowly. He went in the hallway and noticed Katrina sitting on the stairs. He looked behind him to see what time it was. It was 4 in the morning.


He started walking to her quietly trying not to wake his mother 2 hours before she had to go to work. He sat next to her and cleared his throat. She just stared off into the distance not even welcoming his company. They sat like that for what felt like hours, but really it was only 3 minutes. "My mom called me giving me some news." He looked at her eyes and saw the tears welling up. "She told me that Calum is dead." He didn't hear any emotion from her voice.

"He was driving to Sydney last night to go visit his Mum, but only 5 hours into the drive a drunk driver went on the wrong part of the road and crashed into him. He had internal bleeding so he died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital." Tears now strolling down her face, her nose getting a deeper shade of red just like her eyes. "His mum is getting the news right now." Harry didn't know what to say, but even if he did he wouldn't say it.


"I'm going to go to my room, night Harry." She stood up her knees wobbling a bit and went to her room. Harry still sat there letting everything process through his head. He got up and went back to his room. Its been an hour and hes still awake. Not like he can really go asleep anyways because in the next room he can hear a sad beautifully broken girl sobbing her eyes out.


He knows what It feels like to be sobbing his eyes out and wishing someone was there just holding him, nobody had to say something he just wanted somebody there. Hes not gonna let Kat feel that way. He got back out of bed and went to his door closing it as he walked out into the hallway. He opened her door and poked his head inside. She silenced her sobs when she herd the door open hoping it wasn't Anne.


He went up to her bed and went inside the covers. She rolled on her side to look at him. Tears rolling down her cheeks onto the soft silky blanket, he didn't know what else to do beside just look at her. She started crying again, she semi hugged him because of the position they were in. He froze not knowing what to do, eventually he hugged her back.

After crying her eyes out, she eventually fell asleep. Harry was still awake looking at her perfect cheekbones and how puffy her eyes get when she cries. All he could do was think back to the time where he was in this position before. A time he doesn't like to talk about.

Eventually Harry fell asleep in the same bed as the girl who is dreaming about nothing. In the morning he would find himself guilty for not saying anything to her, not comforting her enough. But even if he wanted to what would be the point. He knows why he doesn't talk, it's not because he's mute or nervous, but he knows.

In Kats case in the morning she would wake up like everything was normal, but then remembering what happened last night. She would want to thank Harry for being there and would want him to say something wise and bold. Sadly it wouldn't happen because no matter how much she wanted that, it would never happen.


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